Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 1 Fife Flyers

Good evening!

Second home game of the season and we'll be hoping to make up for last nights loss to the Panthers!

Again, as we're relying on one texter in IAW who has a few bars of reception at some points, it might take a little while to get details on things, but we'll get there eventually!

Just a couple of predictions in so far, and both are for 3-1 victories... Hopefully!

There's a delay to faceoff tonight, but not entirely sure what the reason is at the moment...

Another prediction in, this time Devils to win 6-1... That'd be good :)

Any further predictions? Or just want to shout at my ramblings, then is the way to do it :E

Face off delayed due to the late arrival of Fife Flyers to Ice Arena Wales...

Not sure when the new faceoff might be yet

Face off about 6:15 *we hope*

Another prediction for a Devils victory... 4-2 this time :)

Flyers missing Schaber and Paquet tonight...

And one more prediction for a Devils 3-1 Flyers victory :D

Intro time! Almost go time :D

Flyers on the ice, almost time for the Devils to emerge!

Devils on the ice :D

Anthem time in IAW

Lord is the healthy scratch again tonight

Puck dropped and we're off!

And my bad, it's Kyle Follmer and Phillipe Paquet missing for the Flyers, Schaber is in the lineup!

1st min played, turnover from the Devils and a big save from Bowns!

Save for Shane Owen @ 1:52

3mins played and it's Flyers looking the better team at the moment, far more chances!

Good shot from Patrick Bordeleau saved by Owen. And then puck out of play @ 3:39, faceoff in the Flyers zone

Fournier close, then a big save from Bowns @ 4:28

Flyers looking really good going forwards!

5mins played, end to end but Flyers edging it I think

Devils offside at 6:11

End to end now, lots of turnovers from the Devils so far

Puck out of play @ 7:03 following a shot from Sebastien Thinel

Not sure what it is, but the Devils look really out of sorts at the moment :S

8mins played and it's just... not happening, the fans are quiet and the team are gifting turnover after turnover

Big save from Owen at about 9mins, play continues

Flyers icing @ 9:12

Richardson goes close, and now a Flyers penalty coming!

Flyers penalty at 9:42, Sisca 2mins for hooking!

Devils PP gets the crowd going a bit more, a few more chances

Big save from Bowns at 10:45 after a shorthanded Flyers chance!

Maybe the PP needs a bit more work haha

Play whistled down at 11:13 following a hand pass, or at least a puck handling call. No penalty or anything though

Sisca comes back, and another Flyers penalty is called!

Flyers penalty called at 11:44, Dingle 2mins for cross checking

Big save from Shane Owen @ 12:33, 1:11 of PP to go

Scott Hotham goes close

Sebastien Thinel clears off the line, then....


Scott Hotham from Joey Haddad @ 13:44 PPG

Devils penalty coming

Luke Piggott gets 2mins for hooking at 15:02

34 seconds of powerplay left as Flyers called for high sticks, but no penalty

Penalty killed, Devils back to full strength

Shane Owen makes the save @ 17:47

Final minute of the first! Still 1-0

Doucet very close!

30seconds left

End of the first, we lead 1-0 :D

Well Devils lead, but they really didn't look very good in the opening 15mins or so :/

The period break entertainment of zorb football is significantly better than the spectacle provided by the Devils in the first...

Amendment to the first goal, details are now...

Goal #1 - Scott Hotham from Joey Haddad & Patrick Asselin @ 13:44 PPG

Devils back on the ice

And here come the Flyers

Some sort of delay to the 2nd starting, not sure why though!

Here we go with the second period... Hopefully we can extend that lead a little!

Devils called for icing at 20:22

Penalty for the Flyers coming after an Owens save @ 20:47, Penalty goes to Turon who gets 2mins for hooking

Big shot from Jake Morissette but Flyers PK working well so far

Andrew Hotham goes close, maybe 1min of PP left

Doucet goes close, but puck creeps over the crossbar

Flyers kill the penalty, but Devils keep the pressure up, lots and lots of chances!

Shane Owen finally makes a save at 23:05

Flyers very close, and then Devils get a penalty :/

Devils penalty at 23:31, Patrick Bordeleau 2mins for interference

Puck out of play after a save from Owens @ 23:50

Devils penalty kill working well here, 1min killed

Devils kill the penalty pretty easily


Goal #2! Patrick Bordeleau from Josh Batch and Layne Ulmer @ 25:51

Gah! Patrick Asselin & Joey Martin very close!

Sean Bentivoglio goes close!


Goal #3 - Joey Haddad from Scott Hotham & Josh Batch @28:04

Flyers offside, Finucci pressing hard

30mins played, end to end again!

Devils looking much better in this period!

Batch absolutely floors Jordan Fox haha!

Devils called for icing at 31:02

Batch nails Carlo Finucci and Devils get the puck back, Finucci looks a little shocked :D

Massive save from Shane Owen @ 32:20

Devils seem to be upping the tempo even more, the passing infront of net is significantly better

Devils camped in the Flyers zone at the moment

Patrick Bordeleau absolutely floors someone, we're not sure who but it was a glorious hit haha!

Brine ans Asselin playing very well together!


Flyers call a timeout after that goal

Goal #4! Patrick Asselin from Mark Louis and David Brine @ 34:38 and it was amazing!

Shane Owen save at 35:03

Save from Bowns following a shot from Chase Schaber

Devils penalty @ 36:05, Andrew Hotham 2mins for slashing

Myers blocks a shot with his shin and looks in considerable pain :S

Patrick Bordeleau very very close, before a shot from Gleason Fournier goes out of play @ 37:13

Myers has left the ice and gone straight to the dressing room...

Big save from Bowns on the line, and then Scott Hothan clears from the line! Our texter thought it was almost certainly a goal!

Final minute of the second period, Ulmer goes close!

Flyers seem to have woken up a bit, Bowns having to make a few saves

Devils penalty called at 39:30, Haddad 2mins for hooking

End of the 2nd and we lead 4-0, woop woop!

So the main plaudits are coming for Batch who got the team fired up, and Bordeleau who is playing really well tonight!

Shots on goal read...31-12 in our favour!

Puck dropped and we're off, Devils on the PK as Haddad is still in the box

1:30 of penalty kill for the Devils opening this period

Big save from Bowns following a shot from Sisca

Myers has returned to the bench, and was on the ice for the PK. Penalty killed!

Andrew Hotham hits the pipes!

Patrick Bordeleau flys into Chris Wands

Devils called for icing at 43:04

Turon goes very close!

Devils icing at 44:15

Our solitary texter thinks that Bordeleau may have just realised that he can play in this league, he's not expected to just go out there and fight

Doucet goes close, but Owen makes the save

Flyers penalty called at 45:34, Ric Jackman 2mins for hooking

Play stopped at 45:56 as Patrick Bordeleau is sat in the Flyers crease


Goal #5 Joey Martin From Andrew Hotham at 46:39 - PPG

Flyers called for icing at 47:40

Penalties called for both teams...

Devils penalty - Luke Piggott 2mins for slashing

Flyers penalty, Russ Moyer 2mins for interference

Both penalties were called @ 47:48

Flyers score :(

Flyers goal #1 - Dingle from Finucci @ 49:03

Bowns save at 49:27

Piggot and Moyer back on the ice

50mins played

Flyers have woken up a bit here, putting a lot more pressure on the Devils

52mins played :)

Fox takes a puck to the face at 52:59 during a mad rush around the Flyers net

Patrick Bordeleau gets an additional assist on our 5th goal :D

Devils penalty coming - Layne Ulmer 2mins for tripping @ 53:08

Flyers very close!

And then Devils go close!

Flyers creating lots of chances

56mins played, texter thinks the Flyers PP might be taking advice from Adams it's pretty bad :E

Doucet so so close! 57mins played!

Owen makes the save at 57:16

The Haddad, Bentivoglio and Ulmer line is looking real good tonight

Final 2mins of the 3rd period

Into the final minute...

Massive hit from Patrick Bordeleau on Isaacs!


Goal #6 - Jake Morissette from Patrick Asselin & Mark Louis @59:54

And that's it, Devils win 6-1 :D

Flyers man of the match goes to Ryan Dingle

Devils man of the match goes to... Patrick Bordeleau

Well deserved :D

That's all from me, thanks for joining in :)

Chris out.