Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Braehead Clan

Evening! We'll be properly live here in about 1 hour with (hopefully) some news for both teams!

In that time, if you've got a prediction or just want to shout at me about something then use :)

And just a warning, coverage from IAW is an absolute battle due to the complete lack of signal the majority of people have, so it might be that we have the major details but it takes a while to get all the smaller details! I shall try my best again though :)

30mins to go and we have some team news! Looks like it's Culligan out of the Devils lineup again :(

Warmup underway at IAW

Ref for tonight is Jan Schmejkal who I have never heard of before...

Both teams lost their opening games, so tonight is just a little bit important for each of them!

But obviously we're hoping for a Devils victory :D

15mins to go, looks like Culligan is the only name we're missing from our roster, will try and find out about the Clan roster now...

Clan missing #57 Lee Esders and #89 Callum Boyd, but i'm not sure they're not on 2-way contracts, Esders is certainly playing out of retirement

Obviously it's the big match up between Lord and Hendrikx tonight, lots of rumours about a falling out there, mainly because Hendrikx wanted to return but we feel that we've upgraded where needed so...

Intro time!

It's a new 30 year anniversary logo for tonight, followed up by another video, getting excited now haha

Teams on the ice! Almost go time :D

Looks like a big crowd in IAW tonight! :D

Team announced and there's huge cheers for the captain Jake Morissette and Borderleau

Anthem time!

Anthem time!

Anthem time!

The puck is dropped and we're off! Opening night in Cardiff, goooooooooooo Devils!

Fight! Lord v Hendrikx...

Looks like Hendrikx might have just edged it, but the ref let things build up straight away

Looks like Bordeleau might step in next time, he was ready to go

So, penalties coming...

Lord gets 5mins for fighting

Hendrikx gets 2+5+10 (I think) as he also gets the instigator penalty


(Also confirmed that Hendrikx gets 2+5+10 hahahahahahaha)

Goal #1 - Joey Martin, unsure on assists :) Timed @ 1:31

Big couple of saves from Bowns there

Bordeleau is looking to absolutely nail someone I think haha

Ok, so goal goes to Joey Martin, assists to Guillaume Doucet and Sean Bentivoglio @ 1:31 - PPG :D

5mins played and obviously we lead 1-0 because Hendrikx is a massive baby haha :D

Lots of pressure form the Devils which eventually leads to Bordeleau having a good chance :)

Oh and the fights were timed at 0:52 (we think)


Goal #2 timed at 12:50 :D Layne Ulmer with the goal!

Goal #2! Layne Ulmer from Mark Richardson @ 12:50 \o/

Penalty against the Clan coming!

Gah, our 2nd goal was timed at 7:10, not 12:50

Clan penalty goes to Scott Pitt who gets 2mins for holding @ 8:33

Scott Hotham very close!

Puck out of play following a Devils shot

Big save from Michal Zajkowski @ 10:04

Clan return to 5 skaters (Hendrikx still sitting out)

Wow, Morissette very close! What a pass from Asselin!

13mins played, end to end! Ulmer finds Doucet and it's another close shot!

Clan called for icing at 13:46

Lord goes close, some good defending from the Clan there

15mins played!

Clan called off side *again* @ 15:27

Good block from Michal Zajkowski and the puck goes out of play @ 15:43

Amazing save from Michal Zajkowski there, great shot from Layne Ulmer @ 16:06

Hendrikx doing some warmup exercises in the penalty box after sitting down for the last 15mins or so

18mins played, Lord has ended up in the Clan bench after Rosehill got involved

Puck out of play at 18:34 and Hendrikx finally gets back on the ice, wonder if he's even more annoyed now than he was before the fight haha

Clan offside @ 18:45 and Rosehill is still chatting to our bench trying to wind them up...

Hendrikx was of course booed back onto the ice :)

Big hit from Cory Cowick on Joey Martin... The Devils appear to have lost Gleason Fournier from the bench as well, so we're down a D man!

And that's it, end of the first we lead 2-0 :D

At the end of that period, Kyle Wharton tried to check Layne Ulmer and came off significantly worse haha

Not a bad first period there haha! Hendrikx fights our coach, gets 17mins of penalties and we score 2 goals :D

Shots on goal for the 1st period were 10-6 in our favour :)

Players back on the ice for the 2nd and it's almost go time \o/

Puck dropped and we're off, gooooooooooo Devils!

Big save from Michal Zajkowski @ 20:55

Martin goes very close, and then the Clan get a penalty!

Clan penalty at 21:16, Matt Keith 2mins for Holding

Joey Haddad goes very close!

Clan back to full strength

Clan score :(

Clan goal @ 23:51 - Alex Leavitt from Jeff Ulmer and Jay Rosehill

Clan offside @ 24:24 and Leavitt has a moan despite it being as clear as day!

Looks like a penalty has been called!

Clan Alex Leavitt gets a 2min penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct @ 24:24


Devils 3rd goal @ 25:54 - Matt Myers from Patrick Asselin and Jake Morissette :D

Devils offside at 27:43

Devils penalty called at 27:51 - Myers 2mins for interference

Good save from Bowns with about 1min of powerplay left

Save from Michal Zajkowski @ 29:39 - Bordeleau and Rosehill have a few handbags but no call

Devils back to full strength and Myers goes extremely close!

30mins played

Penalty for the Clan timed at 31:26

Penalty goes to Callum Boyd who gets 2mins for kneeing

Penalty for the Devils coming :(

Devils penalty goes to Guillaume Doucet who gets 2mins for hooking

4on4 hockey for 54 seconds after that Devils penalty timed at 32:32

Good play from Pitt there who does his best to battle Richardson for the puck

Clan back to full strength, and it's 1min of powerplay now for the Clan

Bordeleau is on our PK unit!

Clan go close through a shot from Alex Leavitt

Bowns makes the save at 34:28, 3 seconds of penalty kill left

Devils back to full strength

35mins played!

Michal Zajkowski making save after save in the Clan net!

Morissette with all the chances, but Bentivoglio and Asselin playing out of their skins!

Chris Jones nails Hendrikx at the boards and the crowd cheers, Hendrikx tries to repay the favour, Jones stands up to it and the chants of 'ee-ore' against Hendrikx starts

Clan hit the post! Pitt with that shot, Devils then called for icing at 37:44

38mins played

Michal Zajkowski saves at 38:34

Final minute of the 2nd period



Goal #4 - Jake Morissette from Patrick Asselin and Joey Martin @ 39:22

Devils get a penalty at 39:50, Bordeleau gets 2mins for kneeing "apparently" haha :D

End of the 2nd and we lead 4-1 :D

We *think* the shots on goal are 29-16 in the Devils favour

Looks like Fournier went off injured in the 1st period, we think it might be related to the injury he picked up in the preseason, but that's not confirmed

Both teams back out

Puck dropped and we're off! 1 more period to win :D

Devils take another penalty with Scott Hotham getting 2mins for hooking :S 3on5 for 1:44 :S

Clan get a penalty, Rosehill gets a mega penalty and looks like he's been ejected!

Ok, now he's back on the ice and sitting in the penalty box, what the...

Rosehill gets 2+10 @ 20:53, 2mins for cross-checking and 10min misconduct. 4on3 for 1min!

Big saves from Bowns!

Devils back to 4 as Bordeleau returns to the ice

Devils full strength and now we're on the powerplay for about 30 seconds

Rosehill penalty was actually interference, apologies for that! And now we're back to 5on5

44mins played, end to end with neither team having a clear chance

Small battle between Boyd and Louis, Boyd is playing considerably better than the Clans imports at the moment!

Devils offside at 45:21

Big save from Bowns there, Leavitt goes close again, he's the standout for Clan alongside Boyd I think

Bowns save at 46:28

Bordeleau floors Sullivan and the crowd warms up a bit :D


Morissette unassisted at 47:37 :D

And with that the Clan pull Michal Zajkowski and replace him with Gary Russell

2 goals and an assist for Morissette so far tonight, and his first goal was absolutely amazing!

Devils penalty coming

Bowns save @ 49:39 and Devils Mark Louis gets 2 min penalty for slashing

Russell save at 49:53

50mins played, and now it's about 50seconds left on the penalty kill :)

Devils back to full strength, but now there's another penalty coming!

Matt Haywood dives like a true Sheffield Steeler player and so we have a penalty :/ Scott Hotham 2mins for slashing @ 52:05

Boyd is throwing his weight around tonight, handbags with Batch behind the Devils net after that penalty call

Roughly 1min of penalty kill to go

The penalty for Scott Hotham was actually tripping, not slashing. My apologies

Penalty killed and Devils back to full strength :D

Joey Martin goes close, but the puck just misses Mark Louis

Haddad very close and that's 55mins played!

Finnerty is sending out his Brit players in place of the imports

Myers just wide with a backhand chance

56mins played!

57mins played, end to end at the moment still

No clear cut chances for either team at the moment, it's just end to end stuff :)

And we're into the final 2mins, come on Devils!

Clan called for icing @ 58:28

The 'Red Army' chant starts :D

We're into the final minute!

Big save from Bowns, Matt Haywood gets stuck between Mark Louis and Scott Hotham much to everyones enjoyment

Clan offside at 59:58 and that's it, DEVILS WIN!

Hendrikx refuses to shake Lords hand after the game, what an absolute clown

Maybe next time Bordeleau can slap him repeatedly

Clans man of the match goes to Callum Boyd

Devils man of the match goes to... Jake Morissette :D

And that's all from me :) At least that seemed to work a bit better than last week from the IAW! Chris out!