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Manchester Storm 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good day to all MNL viewers. Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm for build up and full text commentary of tonights clash between the Storm and the Devils from Altrincham.

Please feel free to send your predictions to and I will do my best to post them during the build up pre-face off time. I will also be posting the latest scores from the other two games taking place this evening.

Until then I bid you all a good day.

Welcome Back! Its nearly time.

Its that moment the Devils fans have been waiting for! After 7 pre season games, The season starts - properly!!!

Going by the amount of predictions, you guys have been counting the months days hours and now minutes to the start of the Hockey Season.

so far Rob Batch goes for 6-2 Devils win, Pat goes for 3-1 to Devils,Mark in Caerphilly says 4-1 to Devils

Hazel in Southend has a 4-2 Devils win as does Neil Ford. Elliot says 5-2 to Devils Gaz G has it as 6-2 Devils win

and Brian Parker in Calgary has it as a Devils to win by 3 goals

Jason Manly reckons on 4-1 Devils win

KettDevil and Colin K are our texters this evening.

All apart from Culligan are warming up

Doucet was in the warm up

The officials tonight are Liam Sewell Paul Staniforth and Phil Sewell

Ben Maidment predicts a 6-3 Devils win

where as Matt Ingram has it as a 4-2 to the Devils

sorry Daniel Ingram with 4-2 and Matt goes for 6-3 to Devils

Warm up done and dusted

Laura and Rhys Jenkins predict it as 7-2 to Devils

KettDevil reports about 200 Devils fans in attendance.

Craig goes for a Devils OT win after 2-2 draw in regulation. Tom predicts 5-2 with Bordeleau to put his name on the score sheet

Devils are on the Ice for the Intros

To clarify that Liam Sewell is the Match Ref

Anthems now Sing it loud and Proud!!!

We are underway

Doucet fires over earlydoors

over the storm goal that is

Bordeleau on the line with Myers and Lord

No more predictions please.

Haddad battles to get a shot on goal

Bowns halts a Storm breakaway

Now Andrew Hotham goes close as Devils dominate early stages

Hope Devils can get some reward for their early advantage

Pacha sits out for 2 mins @ 3:59

Lets get that Power play moving!!!!

Bentivoglio goes close

Pacha pen was for tripping

Storm shg against run of play

Devils PP very scrappy

Bordeleau beats 3 players with some classy play

Storm goal scored by Dziurzynski assist Johnson

Devils not quite clicking yet

13:20 remaining in first

easy save for Bowns from Johnson

Devils pen Fournier2 minutes for hooking @10:33

KILL KILL KILL the Penalty

Brine goes close with a shorthanded effort


Josh Batch nails a Storm player with a peach of check

Devils FS

Devils are coughing up the puck too much

Devils are not seemingly firing on all cylinders.

they are trying to score the 'perfect' goal where as Storm are shooting on sight

Asselin and then Batch just fire the puck wide.

scrappy phase of play with passes going astray by both teams

3:28 left in the first

Bowns saves again

Storm Pen Harding 2 minutes for interference @ 16:53

Lets get that PP working

A Hotham tries 3 quick shots then gets flattened, no call from Sewell

guilty storm player was Valcak

Storm FS

That's a wrap on the first, Devils dominating but not quite clicking. The game becoming abit chippy towards the end of the first.

no goals yet in the other two games tonight: Panthers @ Braehead Giants @ Flyers

correction Braehead 1 Panthers 1

time for a cuppa methinks

The teams are back out for the 2nd Period

as are the officials

puck drops

and we are underway again

Bordeleau lays a big hit early on

Fournier lets rip with a long distance slapshot

with Doucet sniffing around for any rebounds

Devils dominate possession but Storm stand firm.

Bordeleau introduces himself to Storm's Varley


Doucet denied after Devils breakaway

Devils still not firing

Storm pen 2 mins for Swindlehurst for holding @25:17

Lots of Devils pressure ended with Hotham firing wide


Haddad breaks his stick on a slapshot

Storm FS

Devils need to go back to basics and stop the razzle dazzle stuff.

Latest score Fife 1 Belfast 2

Fournier almost gifts Storm their second goal

with a bad pass

Haddad and Ulmer both have chances in quick succession

game time 29:15


scored by Ulmer @ 29:57

goal actually credited to Haddad with assists from Ulmer and A Hotham

game gone quiet for a moment

Doucet is troubling the Storm D and fires another shot at 34:14

Scramble in Devils D zone but puck cleared


Bentivoglio not happy about something.

it was more heated words than actual handbags

Mark Louis goes forward but leaves a massive gap in Devils D and Storm almost score.

Lordo and Nielsen exchanging words

Devils Pen 2 minutes for holding for Asselin

KILL KILL KILL the penalty

Storm PPG by M Bissonette

Now where have I heard that name before????

3 mins left of 2nd Period.

game gone quiet again at 37:54

Kettdevil reckons we need a plan B as Plan A is not clicking

and that's it for the 2nd period. Texter states that the Devils are playing sloppy hockey and need to get back to basics

and its rather frustrating watching it

Latest scores: Braehead 1 Panthers 2; Fife 1 Belfast 2

The Devils need a storming third period to turn this around.

Chris Stone confirmed to me that there he will be hosting MNL coverage of tomorrow nights game at the IAW between the Devils and the Braehead Clan. It may not be as detailed as tonights coverage due to the continued mobile reception problem at the IAW but it will be informative and interesting I am sure.

C'mon Devils!!!!! Lets have one of your Legendary third period performances!!!!

surely the teams must be ready for the 3rd by now?

yep the teams are back.

and we are off and skating in the third

Asselin with an early chance

Devils are passing the puck better so far.

Devils exerting a lot of pressure.

game time 43:28

Richardson has a good shot and general play is better.

storm pen too many men

Devils PP in action


Devils cant set up their approach play

good shot from Doucet @45:17

Devils fans getting praised on Storms twitter feed for loudly supporting their team

Haddad has a shot saved at 45:25

Doucet and Haddad have been stand out players tonight for Devils

Storm FS


Haddad shoots and Fournier pounces on the rebound

Additional assist to Ulmer.

game time 47:51

Bordeleau flattens two Storm players with one check, What a player

Lordo has two quick shots. Devils asserting their authority on the game

game time 50:23

Ulmer fires the puck just over the Storm's pipes

game has gone end to end. Chance after chance. game time 52:43

Storm are visibly tiring but dangerous on the counter attack

c'mon Devils keep at it

Louis has a searing slapshot but Storm NM was equal to it

just over 5mins left.

Bownsy saves a storm shot 4:03 left

Bisonette scores again for storm

3:40 left

C'mon Devils, crash the Storm net and score!!!

Asselin and Martin both have chances

last 2 mins

Devils peppering the Storm goal but none getting past the NM

Bownsy pulled for the extra skater.

Devils time out

41 secs left

Storm NM kicks net off moorings

Storm ENG @59:55

game over

its a game to learn from.

Devils MOM Joey Haddad

Storm MOM Dziurzynski

Thanks to KettDevil and Colin K for their excellent text updates.

Be sure to join Chris tomorrow night as he hosts MNL coverage of Devils V Braehead at the IAW

Safe Journey home to all Devils fans and Nos Da Pawb