Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 6 Coventry Blaze

2 hours to go until the final preseason game for both Cardiff Devils and the Coventry Blaze!

This is really going to be a trial version of MNL, unfortunately Ice Arena Wales has almost no phone signal and no WiFi, so I have no idea how the coverage might work! But still, we'll try...

So anyway, if there's anyone out there who has preedictions or anything else before the game, either give us a shout on Twitter - @TheInfernoCoUk, or by email - :)

Well, all the predictions in so far have the Devils to win 3-2! I'll settle for that :)

Warm up time! Devils and Blaze on the ice, woop woop!

Afraid i'm not sure how the Huskies got on Matt, i'll try and find out though!

Looks like the Phantoms won Matt -

5min delay to faceoff at IAW, not sure why at this point in time though...

Blaze on the ice, but more importantly...

Devils on the ice! Yeeeeah! Give me a hell yeah! :D

Intros ongoing at the moment, not sure who we're missing from the lineup at the moment

Andrew, yes there is a livestream tonight! Go check out :)

Anthems done and we're off! Go go go! :D

Bowns in net for the Devils, Stewart in nets for the Blaze

Big save from Bowns, then puck straight up to Stewart...


Goal #1 @ 2:08 Patrick Asselin from ??? Hard to get details here :(

Ok, so goal confirmation...

Patrick Asselin from Andrew Lord & Matt Myers

Stewart save @ ??? Not getting any time details at all here :(

It's end to end stuff at the rink, unfortunately we have no idea how far into this period we are. Guessing 10mins ish

Blaze score :(

So the Coventry goal was timed at 08:18 and was from Bjorn Bombis

So we've got coverage, but trying to get time details or anything definitely confirmed is turning into a nightmare...

Face off in the Devils zone, but who knows at what time, maybe 10mins now?

So Blaze goal was Bjorn Bombis from Marc Cantin @ 08:18

Andrew Hotham and Guillaume Doucet missing from the lineup tonight with minor injuries, not worth the risk in preseason!

Big save from Ben Bowns @ 13:45

Now it's Stewarts turn to make a save!

Penalty coming for the Blaze!

Blaze 2 minutes for cross-checking for Shawn Boutin

And another penalty coming for Blaze, 5on3 time!

Blaze David Clements 2 minutes for slashing @ ???

And the Devils call a timeout on that call

Blaze back to 4 skaters...

Blaze kill both penalties and we're back to 5on5

Final minute of the 1st period!

Devils penalty coming for Matt Myers, 2mins for tripping, roughly 10 seconds left (ish)

End of the first period, it's 1-1 :)

Time for the second period! Here come the teams...

Puck dropped here we go! Blaze start on the powerplay for about 1:40 I guess

Devils back to full strength, good penalty kill there :)

There was a big hit from Liam Stewart on Chris Jones previously, now we've got a Devils penalty coming for Mark Louis

Yeah Mark Louis 2mins for cross-checking at a time... And Blaze score :(

Damnit, confirmed as 2+2 for Mark Louis, roughing and cross checking....

So Devils are still on the powerplay despite scoring their 2nd goal...

Penalty kill even, it's Blaze on the powerplay!

Devils back to full strength finally!

Blaze penalty for Shawn Boutin, 2mins for boarding at a time we don't know

And now another penalty for the Blaze, not sure for who though :/ It's 5on3 for the Devils...

2nd penalty for the Blaze is Jim Jorgensen 2mins for holding the stick


Amazing goal from Jake Morissette :D Powerplay goal at 26:27 (I think?)

Blaze are now back to full strength as Jim Jorgensen returns

Blaze score a 3rd :(

Blaze 3rd goal from Russell Cowley at an unknown time and with unknown assists :(

Looks like Brian Stewart has gone off after that 3rd goal and Blaze have put Renny Marr in nets...


Devils 3rd goal Andrew Lord from Scott Hotham but we don't know at what time or who 2nd assist is :(

Penalties for Devils Matt Myers and Blaze Jordan Pietrus both 2mins for roughing somewhere close to 30mins...

It's end to end at the moment, but i'm just not sure what the time is in the 2nd period :(

Myers and Pietrus return to the ice, so maybe we're close to 35mins...

It's hard to describe just general play with very limited details i'm afraid :(


Devils 4th goal Joey Martin from Andrew Lord at 16:21 (we think)

Looks like that 4th goal might have been Joey Martin from Andrew Lord & Sean Bentivoglio

Blaze score a 4th :(

I *think* it was Jordan Pietrus with the Blaze 4th goal, but that's pretty much a guess and we've no idea whatsoever at the time...


Goal #5 - Sean Bentivoglio :D

And that's it, Cardiff 5-4 Coventry at the end of the 2nd...

Apologies for the lack of any details whatsoever tonight, it's proving to be a little bit more of a nightmare than I imagined it would be! This should change though when the season starts and we have access to the timesheets, at least then we can get actual details such as times and asists sorted!

ok, so time for the 3rd period! Teams are on the ice and it's almost puck drop time...

And here we go! Cardiff 5-4 Coventry at the start of the 3rd...

Big save from Ben Bowns there!

Penalties coming for both teams I think

Or not, just a 2mins penalty for the Devils Chris Jones...

Penalty killed and it's still Devils 5-4 Blaze

Blaze score an equaliser

I think the Blaze 5th goal has come from Ashley Tait but who knows what the assists are or what time it was scored!


Looks like it's Patrick Asselin with the Devils 6th goal :D

Looks like it was Patrick Asselin from Josh Batch for that 6th goal :)

And now Sean Bentivoglio has taken a penalty for who knows what at who knows what time...

2nd assist on the Devils 6th goal goes to Mark Richardson \o/

Penalty killed and Sean Bentivoglio is back, and immediately goes close!

And now Blaze score a 6th goal :( This time it's from Zajac and we're tied again!

So apparently that goal was at 53:35 and we're now into the final 5mins (i think!)

Stewart makes a big save at some point, guess we're at something like 55 or 56mins played

Big save from Ben Bowns at some point!

Matt Myers with lots of chances, but Marr somehow makes the save

Looks like we *might* be into the final 2mins

Patrick Asselin goes very close, this guy is looking better and better! Think we might be in the final minute now...

And that's it, regulation time is done and we're tied at 6-6 so it's into 3v3 overtime!

5mins of 3v3 overtime... Devils start with Joey Martin, Jake Morissette and Mark Richardson

Marr makes the save and Blaze have a penalty coming...

So it's 4on3 powerplay rather than 3on2...


Layne Ulmer gets the winning goal for the Devils! :D

So the Devils win the game on a powerplay in overtime :)

Blaze man of the match goes to Darcy Zajac

Devils man of the match goes to... Patrick Asselin - Well deserved!

That's all from me tonight, apologies for the lack of details but we sort of got there in the end!