Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL's 2016/7 season opener as the Devils take on the Blaze in a pre season friendly in Coventry

With a 4pm face off join me OJ from around 3:30

just trying to confirm our texters

Texters KettDevil, Damian Devil, Tony T and newbie Ben in position

Andrew Lord not dressed as is Andrew Hotham, Callum Burglass plays

warmup almost completed

Its 25 degrees and we are inside warching ice hockey

DamianDiafol says Andrew Lord was in warmup

Devils also missing Guillaume Doucet & Gleason Fournier

No Russell Cowley or Brett Robinson for Blaze

Brian Stewart reappearence for Blaze much appreciated by RED ARMY

Game long banter guaranteed

Blaze enter the ice through a big inflateable Dragons head

No sign of Rod stewart supporting his son Liam

RED ARMY of 150 souls at Coventry

Tom Darnell is the referee

PA died RED ARMY applauded

Teams on the ice

whats the betting - game will be stopped for misting

Anthem time

Tom Murdy starts for Devils

RED ARMY most certainly havn't lost their voice in the off season

Puck dropped

Gl;ove save Brian Stewart

Devils go close

Pressure on Tom Murdy @ 1:24

Masssive hit by Andrew Lord

Burglass on with Louis

Devils icing

Brian Stewart save from Mark Louis @ 3:15

Good save by Tom Murdy fter Mark Louis error

Good fast start to game

Game time 4:26

Devils penalty David Brine minor for netminder interference @4:41


Blaze penalty @ 4:59 interference


Mark Richardson assist Joey Martin

@ 5:36

PA is terrible apparently

Sean Bentivoglio does not shoot on an empty net!!!

Both teams Full strength

For those of you interested in lineups I shall give you the lines so far

Joey Haddad Offside @7:22

Joey Haddad livening up the game with some big hits

Puck out of play

Devils started with David Brine Andrew Lord Matt Myers

Then Joey Martin Jake Morissette Patrick Asselin

úrd line Sean Bentivoglio Layne Ulmer Joey Haddad

Blaze pegged in their zone a lot of the time

Mark Richardson Sets up a chance @ 10:23

Luke Piggott lays big hit on Ashley Tait

Layne Ulmer shot saved

Sean Bentivoglio impresses Tony t with hios speed

Blaze pegged in their zone a lot of the time

Joey Haddad fires wide as Devils break with pace

Good spell by Devils says DamianDiafol

Lets have anothe goal U DEVILS to go with my Pimms

Blaze icing

Only joking its the red stuff for me

devils keeping Blaze out of their zone giving Tom Murdy a comfortable game

Gametime 13:40

Ref blows for icing when clearly Sean Bentivoglio got there first

He is too quick for you Tom

Brian Stewart getting annoyed @ 14:13 - whats new

Josh Batch lays a hit

Brian Stewart saves, coughs up puck but ref whistles when it is still loose

Brian Stewart now knocks net off its moorings

Blaze penalty Josh Godfrey 2 + 10 for hit from behind @15:40

Jake Morissette was the victim

Bit of handbags follows

Puck out of play Face off in the Blaze zone

Layne Ulmer shot deflected wide ' 16:04

Decent PP from Devils

Brian Stewart saves from Joey Martin @ 16:57

Sean Bentivoglio hits post

Blaze Full Strength

Brian Stewart covers

All Devils at the moment

David Brine has latest shot @ 18;14

Joey Haddad misses on a breakaway chance @ 18:58

Devils penalty Mark Louis 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 19:06Coventry

Kill DEVILS Kill

David Brine SH breakaway foiled by Brian Stewart @ 19:17

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

Lovely hockey says KettDevil - Blaze stuggling to live with DEVILS pace

Ben says all DEVILS that period

Apologioes for miss spelling Callum Buglass surname.

As followers of MNL will know spelling is not my thing when hosting, I am more intent to bring you updates as soon as possible- have to edit/coprrect my ramblings will cause delay

Teams back on the ice

Blaze webcaast is down - now free on YouTube Go to Blaze website link is there

2nd period starts with Blaze on PP for 1:07


Decent PK by Devils

Chris Culligan playing on D

Devils Full Strength

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze icing

Scrappy opening to period

Blaze doing better this period

Tom Murdy doing well

Goal light went on Referee waves it way

Blaze icing

Devils Penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for roughing @24:42


Good glove save by Tom Murdy

Good PkDevils Full Strength

Brian Stewart covers

Josh Godfrey back after his 2 + 10

Tom Murdy after Buglass error behind net

Gamertime 29:59

Liam Stewart clears a Brian Stewart cough up

Gametime 32:47

Andrew Lord 2 minutes for interference on netminder @33:28


Blaze Goal

Robin Bergman PPG @34:12

Assist Shawn Boutin

All Blaze at the moment

Gametime 36:11

Tom Murdy covers


@ 37:29

Patrick Asselin assist for Jake Morissette

Beatutful set up by Mo

Final minute

Sean Bentivoglio misses from the slot

Big block by Chris Jones

End of 2nd Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Ice ready

Officials back on ice

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 10 Devils 8

Teams back

lets put a marker down in this period

3rd period starts

Good save Tom Murdy

Gametime 42:22

Blaze penalty Matt Marquardt & Devils Matt Myers

Both sit minors for roughing @ 43:06

Blaze penalty was cross-checking

Blaze penalty Brian Stewart 2 minutes for holding @ 44;26

4 on 3 for Devils

Devils FS now 5 on 4

40 secs of PP left

Blaze Full Strength

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Brian Stewart save

Gametime 47:41

Joey Martin goes close with a fancy move


Brian Stewart covers

Patrick Asselin & Joey Martin are toying with the Blaze

Gametime 50:35

Great counter attack from Chris Jones & Luke Piggott

Glove save Brian Stewart @53:01

Devils penalty @53:42 2 minutes for cross-checking


5 minutes left

Great save Tom Murdy

Devils Full Strength

Devils penalty 2 minutes for high sticks for Scott Hotham @ 56:37


1 minute killed

Blaze Goal

@ 57:54

Darcy Zajac the scorer assist Robin Bergman


Matt Myers hits cross bar

Final minute


Andrew Lord the scorer

Time out Blaze

Assist for Scott Hotham

@ 59:49

Brian Stewart lifted

Final score Blaze 2 DEVILS 3

Our thanks to texters Ben, KettDevilk, Tony T and Damian Diafol


Blaze MoM - Liam Stewart

Thats all from me, the next MNL will be the game against the Storm on 10 sep

Night Everyone - NOS DA - AMSER Te