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Cardiff Devils 2 - 6 Coventry Blaze

WELCOME - COESO to MNL's coverage of the Plays Offs Semi Final between Coventry Blaze and our vey own CARDIFF DEVILS

The DEVILS take on the Blaze for the 13th time this season with a 10-2 record that means nothing in what will undoubtedly be a hard fought encounter.

The Blaze will be hell bent to retain their Play OFF Championship crown after their unexpected triumph last season.

If you are going to the game we will be glad to hear from you on the MNL line 07527 625206

As always score predictions/comments welcomed at

Join me (OJ) from around 12:30 when our teeth will have been sharpened for all that nail biting

Warmup underway at NIC

Its looks like everyone warming up for DEVILS

Zach Hervato very keen he was out for warmup minutes before any of his team mates

Russky calls it a win for Devils

Texters all in position at NIC- on duty this afternoon are Josh, Jon J, Tohn (Tadcu) and out lucky mascot texters KettDevil.Period summaries from Phil Bean

Warmup finished

Large RED ARMY presence at NIC with many sat in neighbouring blocks

Zach Hervato & David Clements having a stand off at end of warmup - wanting to be the last off the ice

Referee finally gets David Clements & Zach Hervato to leave ice

Probably a slight delay to face off as Zamboni still chasing its tail

No predictions everyone must be at Nottiongham

Trying to find out who are the scratches

Its 8am in Eastern Canada so some of the players familes must be up by now - or Saturday morning lie ins

Jon J thinks Zach Hervato & Trevor Hendrikx might be the scratched players

It will be a brave decision by coach Lord whoever sits out

Dean Smith is one of the refs

Blaze take to the ice

Checking Devils lineup as they appear

SallyJam1 calls it 3-1 Devils

Rob Batch says 4-1 Devils

Phil says 5-3 Devils

apparently no Chris Culligan or Guillaume Doucet for Devils

Jon J is checking kline up


Scratches confirmed as Culligan & Doucet

I assume Josh Batch will play as a forward

Anthems done

Puck dropped

2nd ref is Toby Craig

Joey Haddad has early chance at 20 secs

Ben Bowns saves from Jim Jorgensen

Andrew Hotham fortces a save from Brian Stewart

Josh Batch on the left wing

Hervato family watching on Premier & following MNL

Goal Blaze

@ 2:28 scramble in front of goal puck found its win into goal

Scored by Chris Bruton assist Jim Jorgensen

Come on U DEVILS we cannot have these slow starts

Mark Richardson goes close @ 4:02

Joey Haddad Jake Morissette & Ryan Russell causing problems

Blaze icing @ 6:21

another Blaze icing @ 6:32

Tomas Kurka fans at far post

Ben Bowns covers from Pietrus

Ben Bowns saves from Drew Fisher

Remarkably low key so far,

Gametime 7:44

Brian Stewart covers after Gleason Fournier shot @8:18

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for roughing @ 9:25


Blaze PP Goal

@ 10:06 Brett Robinson assist Carl Lauzon

Blaze goal

Cale Tanaka

Devils time out

On Blaze 3rd goal assists for Jim Jorgensen & Russ Cowley

KettDevil says DEVILS have not turned up yet

KettDevil says only player who has got started is Joey Haddad

Face off in the Devils zone


Joey Martin goes close

Josh's comment says it all - AWFUL

Devils have finally woken up @ 12:57

Get that next goal U DEVILS - NOW

Blaze icing @ 13:06

We need to pull 1 if not 2 of those goals back double quick

Blaze icing again

We need to pull 1 if not 2 of those goals back double quick

Blaze happy to sit back says KettDevil

Joey Haddad has another shot on goal

Blaze Goal

Michael Quesnele @ 16:44

KetDevil says DEVILS D is a shambles

Bruton asssists Cale Tanaka & Brett Robinson

A bit of a fight between Gleason Fournier & Cowley - wrestling really

Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for roughing

Cowley gets nothing

I am embarressed and I am in Cardiff - how the RED ARMY feels is heartbreaking


Josh says its a NIGHTMARE

There is something amiss in DEVILS dressingroom which needs major surgery in the off season

Devils Full Strength

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Blaze 4

KettDevil says that is our worst period of the season and that after some dire performances lately

Jon J says Blaze were excellent but did somehow get all the bounces in their favour

Josth says - He was not expecting that to happen. Looks like the same team he saw in the IAW against the Stars last week

How can you not be up for a Championship semi-final

Phil Bean's period report - Very poor first 10 minutes of the opening period from Devils, Coventry turned up, they seemed to want it a lot more that we did. devils did start to put a bit of pressure back on Blaze but then got penalised. Lets hope we do a lot more in 2nd

Personally a player coach is hampered in situations like this especially if they personally are not doing the business.

Hate going back to the old days but if the Devils had a stinker then Taffy, Heather a & I would not enter the dressingroom as Heaves or JL lost it.

One ot two blow outs can be expected in a long season but we are now on the fingers of the second hand. And thats since the start of 2016

teams back

Here we go

I have just backed "You're Fired" at 20/1 in Lincoln

Initial burst of enthusiasm from Devils

Ashley Tait misses a sitter @ 22:22 - THANK GODNESS

Tanaka & Hendrikx tangle

No call @ 23:08

Come on U DEVILS

Leigh Salters hits post @ 24:26

Jordan Pietrus down injured

Blaze penalty - Michael Quesnele

@ 24:26

Miracle recovery by Pietrus

2 minutes for interference the call on Michael Quesnele

Lets have a goal U DEVILS - PLEASE

Joey Haddad shot saved by Brian Stewart @ 25:31

KettDevil says DEVILS look marginally better this period

Very poor PP so far says Jon J

Blaze Full Strength

Andrew Hotham with a rare shot as PP drew to a close

Good save Ben Bowns @27:12

chris Bruton blocks a shot at point blank and goes straight to dressingroom.

Blaze Goal

Josh Godfrey @ 28:56

Ben Bowns made initial save but nobody cleared the puck

Assist Cale Tanaka

KettDevil says its embarrassing he wants someone to show something, some passion wouldn't go amiss

More pressure on BOWNS @ 31:17

Chris Brutopn returns to Blaze bench


Tanaka turtled after slashing Andrew Hotham so Hotham won't hit him

apologies the fight vwas Hotham & Robinson

Tanaka had chickened out

I think both got 2 minutes for slashing + 2 minutes for roughing

Blaze icing @ 33:39

Robinson barely threw a punch but Andrew Hotham got a few in

Miracle needed to save Devils

Blaze penalty Boris Valabik 2 minutes for hooking @ 35:16

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 7 Blaze 12

DEVILS 2nd to everything

They will be first to the off season

Andrew Hotham & Brett Robinson back

Blaze Full Strength

Gametime 38:33

Brian Stewart save from Andrew Lord

Josh says Devils wouldn't win if we had a 5 on 3 for the remainder of the game - we are that bad

Jon says the DEVILS performance is similar to that teams put in in the 3rd place game

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Blaze 5

Off to watch the Lincoln

Phil Bean says - He doesn't know what to say, Devils playing as if they do not know each other and he doesnt think we could score if Stewart got pulled. We al well out of our depth today

Teams back on ice

My horse ion Lincoln ran just like the Devils, should great potential coming in the final bit of race then faded badly

3rd starts

Blaze icing

John (Tadcu) says that Devils saved their worse performance of the season for today

Lets get a goal U DEVILS

Andrew Lord very animated on the bench - too little too late I am sorry

Carl Hudson has shot saved @ 42:41

A bulk supply of P45s are called for

Penalty Blaze Russ Cowley 2 minutes for hooking ' 44:02

Ben Bowns pulled!!!


Lots of DEVILS Pressure - its goals we want not pressure

So G for 2nd period DEVILS 7 Blaze 9 making it 14-21 after 2 periods

Devils Full Strength

Still no Ben Bowns

Leigh Salters misses from a yard out @ 46:43

Ben Bowns back in net

Taxi for Stewart might work

Joey Haddad misses 1 on 1 scramble afterwards @ 48:12

MNL is so popular we have trolls

Ben Bowns save

DEvils MoM will be a tough choice KettDevil thinks are are only 2 runners Joey Haddad & Mark Richardson

Michael Quesnele shoots over @ 50:55

Blaze have been on top all through the game

Devils lucky to come second

Trevor Hendrikx levels Ashley Tait @ 51:48

A rare highlight of the game for Jon J

Gametime 52:30

Blaze Goal scored by Bruton

@ 52:39

Trevor Hendrikx levels James Isaacs

Chris Bruton hattrick that was

Tomas Kurka shoots over @ 53:39

Zach Hervato shoots straight at Brian Stewart @ 54:33

Anne Wilson who ever you are go and troll somewhere else

I thinks shes a cross dresser if you know her/him

Shot after shot fails to get through Blaze D

A late flurry from Devils too little too late

What a pathetic performance to end the season

Ben Bowns fumbles weak shot @ 57:53 -luckily it goes inches wide



Gleason Fournier scores with a shot from point ' 58:21

Brian Stewart will probably have a tantrum as usual

Assist Joey Martin

Simon I agree with you tomorrows 3rd place game is one to miss


Joey Haddad with a much deserved goal @ 59:20

Assist Tyson Marsh

Final score DEVILS 2 Blaze 6

Our thanks to Jon J, Josh, John-Tadcu, Phil Bean & KettDevil

Thank you one and all have a nice summer



Thats all from me (OJ) I will sign off for the season - whether MNL will cover the 3rd place game I am doubtful