Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 5 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for what hopefully might not be our last game of the season

To do that the DEVILS have to win by 3 goals in Dundee to book their place for the Championships weekend at Nottingham

As usual in these 2 leg games the scoreline will show the aggregate score, which means that we start with Stars 4 DEVILS 2

A bus load of fanatic RED ARMY members is en route to Dundee along with a few others who have made their way independently.

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm with your rabbit foot at the ready

Predictions and comments as always welcomed to

Warmup underway at Dundee

Trevor Hendrikx in warmup

Trying to determine who isnt

Pritch predicts a 5-2 win for Devils

Allen W goes for a 6-2 win for the lads

No Leigh Salters

Russky - Hoping for a Lazarean Recovery- hoping for a 3 goal Devils victory

Its Steelers 2 Blazer 1 after 1 period making it 6-5 in favour of Blaze

Everyone else is in warmup so final scratch will be made then

I hope its Tyson Marsh, he cannot be game fit for play offs after so many weeks/months off

Two Scottish referees are down to ref this game Cowan & Wilson

Why have Darnell & Hicks not had any games this weekend?

Rob Batch with his fingers & toes crossed is going for a 4-1 Devils victory

Warmup completed

I hope you all have uour lucky rabbits foot at hand

The foot of the chocolate Easter Bunny would suffice

Don't eat it until we are home and dry

Our texters tonight are KettDevil and JohnWildthing

Trying to contact Stars fan Spaceman who regularly contributes to MNL

Good turnout by RED ARMY 100+ with more coming in

Graham would give up his last ROLO for a DeVILS 3 goal victory

Hazel has every confidence in the boys to secure a 5-2 victory

Drew W goes for 4-2 in regulation and a DEVILS O/T victory

Adam tells me Darnell & Hicks are on European duty immitating hockey referees

Lights are dimmed at Dundee

Teams on the ice

Still 6-5 to Blaze at mid point in 2nd period

Tribute to Matt Suderman - very moving

Trevor Hendrikx is certainly playing

Tied at 6-6 between Steelers & Blaze

Guillaume Doucet missing for Devils

Puck dropped

Andrew Hotham had early shot @ 0:59

Zach Hervato & Chris Culligan throwing checks

Devils penalty Josh Batch @ 2:09


Joey Martin has SH chance @ 2:49

Devils are fired up make no mistake

Dickerson shot eay save Ben Bowns

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Gametime 3:58

Devils Full Strength

Save Ben Bowns

Carl Hudson almost gets a clear shot away

Joey Martin shot saved by Koenig @ 5:20

You do not lose a period tonight U DEVILS

DEVILS on top says KettDevil


well handbags @ 6:17 Zach Hervato & Dolan both get 2 minutes for roughing

Also Andrew Hotham & a Star player also get roughing minorsDundee

Officials now having meeting

It appears that Chris Jones & Wetmore also sin bined

Roughing all around

Mark Richardson blocks a 2 on 1 @ 7:30

Joey Haddad goes close @ 7:50

Joey Haddad shoots staight at Koenig

Full Strength

Stars McCluskey 2 minutes for tripping @ 8:48

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Jake Morissette has 2 shots on PP

Carl Hudson tries to force one home @9:53

A lot of pressure on Koenig


A Carl Hudson shot tipped in

Don't concede a goal after you score U DEVILS

Goal awarded to Tomas Kurka

Assist for Andrew Lord

Devils penalty Ryan Russell 2 minutes for hooking @ 11:02


Lidhammer hits post @ 11:54

Bit of Stars pressure

Devils clear zone

Devils Full Strength


Stars penalty Clarkson 2 minutes for holding @ 13:36

Come on U DEVILS

Carl Hudson goes close @ 14:00

Give us a PPG U DEVILS

Gleason Fournier goes coast to coast Koenig saves @ 14:33

Lots of Devils pressure

Good PP by Devils

Chant for SUDERMAN crowd on their feet to a man

Stars Full Strength

Joey Martin had a great chance in middle of tribute to Suderman

Faryna misses a sitter @ 15:58

Lets have another goal U DEVILS - we are greedy

Gametime 17:25

Tyson Marsh shoots

KettDEvil says its been a tremendous first period. Night & Dayfrom yesterday

Joey Martin putting on a show

Final minute

Bit of a Stars pressure to end period

Jake Morissette has chance as buzzer goes

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 1 making it 4-3 on aggregate

KettDevil's period report - Well that was a breath of fresh air, All action period with DEVILS throwing everything at Stars and looking far better than yesterday. Reffing is bizarre but 2 more periods of the same and we have a chance here

Phil E sent a late prediction 6-2 to Devils and a hattrick for Gleason Fournier

What is in those easter eggs thesedays Phil

0-0 at Braehead after 25 minutes which means Flyers lead 2-1

Still tied 6-6 at Sheffield (3-1 to Steelers on the night) after 47 mins

Pritch says - Good 1st period fromn Devils much better than last night. Another couple of goals would be nice

Three periods of 1-0 to DEVILS would do nicely

Been that the DEVILS are playing 7 D who is playing as a forward

BLAZE score now 7-6 to Blaze 9 minutes left

Teams back

Josh Batch as taken shifts up front

2nd period starts

Win this period U DEVILS

Carl Hudson has early shot @ 20:30

great save Ben Bowns from Wetmore

Lively start to this period

5 minutes left at Sheffield Blaze in front

Josh Batch playing on the left wing

Quietened down after a hectic opening to period

Save Ben Bowns

Dickenson the danger says KettDevil

Gametime 24:15

Chris Jones goes inches high @25:07

Trevor Hendrikx goes close @ 25:22

Final 2 minutes at Steelers Blaze leading 7-6


Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for interference @ 26:11


KettDevil says its penalty bingo with these refs

30 secs left at Sheffield

Devils penalty bench minor too many men @ 26:59

Stars have 5 on 3 for 1:12


Devils clear zone

Chaumont shoots over ; 27:47

Devils back to 4 skaters


45 secs left of PP

Its like the ALAMO out there

Rorkes Drift even

Devils Full Strength

Steelers tie up game at 7-7 with 12 secs left

Now O/T at Sheffield

Ben Bowns saves from Dolan @29:43

gametime 31:05

Sheffield are out of the play offs!!!!!!

Apologies BLAZE HAVE WON 8-6

Apologies I missred the text I had, it was Blaze who scored 12 secs from the end

Next goal is HUGE come on U DEVILS

Stars goal @ 33:52


Bad bounce off lino wrong footed Devils D

COME ON U DEVILS get that goal back

Everyone picking up on my bloomer on Sheffield game

Assists for Leinweber & Dickenson

Lots of Stars pressure

Andrew Hotham hits post

Tomas Kurka shot @ 35:58

Clan & Flyers tied at 2-2 after 2 periods

Trevor Hendrikx tries his luck @ 37:18

Devils look dispirited - Stars goal was a wicked blow

Stars penalty Wetmore 2 minutes for tripping @ 37:43

Lets have that PPG U DEVILS


Andrew Lord with a PPG

@ 38:15 - a beauty says Peter (KettDevil)

Assists for Carl Hudson & Gleason Fournier

Last minute

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

End of 2nd period Stars 1 DEVILS 2 making it 5-4 after 2(5) periods

KevvDevil says - This is still on a knife edge. Devils giving absolutely everything but Stars are still massively dangerous. Ridiculously tense there

No information on SoG i am sorry

Flyers now leading 3-2 on aggregate - 13 minutes left to play

Come on U DEVILS U can do it

Win this period by 2 goals and we have made it

Ice ready awaiting teams

Now tied at 3-3 between Flyers & Clan

The door is half open lets go through it U DEVILS

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Early chances for Jake Morissette & Joey Haddad


WE want a goal U DEVILS - please

Gamwtime 43:03

Quieter start to this period

Stars here to defend

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for interference @43:14


Devils clear zone @ 44:03

Devils Full Strength

Carl Hudson who is having a stormer almost sneaks one in @45:55

Brave block by Faryna


Gametime 47:55

Maassive scramble around Stars goal, Stars finally clear @ 49:32

Koenig makes two saves from Jake Morissette @ 50:56

Stars penalty Gray 2 minutes for delay of game @ 51:39

Its O/T at Braehead


Carl Hudson I believe


@ 51:58

Assist for Andrew Lord

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for roughing @ 52:32



Mayhem at Dundee


What a save by Ben Bowns

Devils Full Strength

Lets get that winner U DEVILS

5 minutes left

Awaiting confirmation

We definately scored Tomas Kurka we think

Assists Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

Gametime 57:14

Joey Martin has a chance @ 57:37

Final 2 minutes

Time out - Stars

Empty net as Koenig lifted

Andrew Lord misses empty net

50 secs left

28 secs

Final DEVILS WIN 6-5 on aggregate 4-1 on night

KettDevil says if anyone criticises this tean He will refer them to this game. Total heart & decication BRILLIANT

Glynne emailed me said Devils passing sucks

By my reckoning DEVILS play Blaze in semi final

Highest ranking team left plays the lowest rank team left

Our thanks to JohnWildthing and especially to KettDevil who gave his usual briliant service

Stars MoM - Justin Faryna


KettDevil says Carl Hudson, Andrew Lord & Tomas Kurka were in with a shout for that MoM

Thats all from me , jopin us at MNL on Saturday for the semi-final