Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Good Day to you all. Join me (Russky) from 5:15pm as we bring you all the build up and game coverage once the puck drops. In view of the poor to non-existant mobile reception at the IAW, I will be bringing you updates straight from the webcast.

Please feel free to send your predictions and comments to

Enjoy your afternoon, catch you all later.

Welcome back to what is sure to be one of the most exciting and nerve jangling evening of hockey.

The equation is simple. A Devils win + a Steelers loss in regulation = The Championship belongs to Cardiff.

Any other result, even an overtime loss for the Steelers means that they will win the Championship. a thought too cruel to even bear thinking about.

But let us not dwell on that unpalatable scenario.

Still awaiting our first prediction to occupy our email inbox.

The other game of uttermost importance tonight faces off in Kirkcaldy when we will be hoping that Fife will do us a massive favour.

Coventry and Manchester are facing off at the Sky dome, Braehead at Murrayfield to face Edinburgh - both effectively 'dead rubbers'

Tonight we are relying not on our usual texters but on John-Paul Donovan, Aled Lloyd and Gareth Huish who no doubt will be providing their excellent knowledge insight and powers of description to not only the webcast viewers but also the MNL audience as well.

They make the Premier sports team and a certain D Simms look like amateurs, in comparison.

the webcast is on and i am tuned in.

Rob Batch is the first predctor with a 4-2 Devils win.

The 3 wise men (Aled JP and Gazza) as i call them are currently broadcasting and discussing and pontificating on tonights likely events.

Rob Batch also tells me that he is perched on the edge of his seat with his beveridge of choice easily to hand.

Coventry are 1-0 up on Storm, Carl Lauzon scoring the game's opening goal.

I watched the post game interview the guys at icetime tv did with Lordo last night and i was struck with how relaxed, upbeat and positive he was despite the pressure and stress he must be experiencing.

very quiet on the predictions front

Braehead are 1-0 up on Caps after just two minutes.

its getting close to face off now and I am so apprehensive

Mike Hicks is scheduled to be the man with the orange armbands tonight.

it would seem a delayed face off at the IAW.

Pat wants a win to finisht the regular season on a high note, whatever happens tonight.

Cornwall Taffy has emailed from France with his prediction of a 3-1 win for the Devils.

Lights are down the intro starts

D R Williams has emailed from Devon, to express his thanks to the Inferno and MNL for the coverage. Our Pleasure.

Intro video just been shown.

Nottingham on the ice already, just waiting the Devils to emerge onto the ice.

Here they come!

circling their own D zone before lining up on the blue line for Todd's introduction.

Anthems and intros done.

face off panthers zone

devils cycling in panthers zone.

both teams 'sparring at the moment'

experiencing some techinical problem receiving webcast

nothing of any note to report

webcast keeps buffering.

link lost to webcast. still buffering.

profuse apologies folks. Intermittant connection to webcast,. score still 0-0


Guillaume Doucet

OJ now helping out as well

Just to confirm what RUSS said WEBCAST playing up

Face off in the Panthers zone

Good save by Panthers nettie as Devils look for 2nd goal

Wiikman saves from Guillaume Doucet

Panthers Penalty

No Zach Hervato tonight

Ryan Russell & Jake Morissette got assists on Devils goal @ 12:17

Panthers penalty was Quick 2 minutes for delay of game @ 15:58

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 0

Its regrettable that we cannot bring you our usual MNL coverage. The IAW has no network coverage of note

Period report - Devils creating chances tonight and have certainly upped their game

Leigh Salters playing well after missing a few games

Steelers now winning 2-0 at Fife

Sad way to end the season for MNL after breaking our alltime record last night when no fewer than 2,378 unique viewers tuned into MNL

ah well that's that hope done and dusted.(Russky)

Guillaume Doucet scored his goal by going high on Wiikman, his fellow Devils should take note

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Panthers 8

Ice ready waiting for teams

ive got the webcast back but don't know how long for (russky)

Teams back on ice

perhaps we can hope fife can do what Southampton did earlier today and come back from 2-0 down

Capitals holding Clan to 2-2 so far

Face off in the Panthers zone

Leigh Salters shoots high

Panthers clear zone

I fear we will have to abandon coverage tonight, as the webcast is not reliable enough to make further coverage this evening sustainable.

Profuse apologies to all our followers.

Now 2-1

Devils playing 4 line hockey

Gametime 30:30

Leigh Salters scored PPG @ 28:01 assists Haddad & Russell

Panthers goal @ 29:12 scored by Waugh, assist Kolnik

Very open game with chances to both teams

Hit by Andrew Lord on Jannsen

working from icetime tv live feed coverage on youtube

Salters steps in as Lord harrassed by Jannsen

Gametime 34:22

Big save Ben Bowns

After Panthers 2 on 1

Bownsy has been immense this season

Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns saves from Myers

Devils 3 on 1 Guillaume Doucet hits crossbar

Tyson Marsh clears zone

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Delayed penalty Panthers



Joey Haddad with 16th

Joey Haddad & Chris Culligan playing well together

Panthers penalty David Clarke

I think we play either Dundee or Coventry in the play off 1/4s

2 minutes for tripping


Andrew Lord deflects a Gleason Fournier shot

Andrew Lord 12th of the season

they seem to have relaxed somewhat, perhaps they are aware of the score in Fife.

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Panthers 1

Devils 3rd goal @ 37:40 scored by Leigh Salters assists Joey Martin & Gleason Fournier

DEvils 4th goal aPPG scored by Gleason Fournier assists Ryan Russell & Andrew Lord

Latest scores: Blaze 6 Storm 1; Edinburgh 3 Braehead 3; and booo hisss Fife 0 Steelers 2

Still debate on whether Devils 4th was scored by Fournier or Lord

Russ will now carry on as I go and count my winnings from Ffos Las

Happy Counting OJ!!!

Thanks to OJ for stepping into the breach so to speak. I now have the you tube feed of icetime tv.

SOGs are now level after two periods. 13-13 on each netminder.

John Paul Donovan is doing his best Jeremy Paxman impression in interviewing Franny.

SOGs are now level after two periods 13-13 on each netminder

latest scores Fife 1 Steelers 2 GO Flyers!!!! another two please!!!!!

Blaze 6 Storm 2; Caps 3 Clan 5;

we are underway in the third

Panthers pressuring the devils d zone

salters breakaway thwarted

Lord battling away on the boards

Bowns saves from Kolnik

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils icing

Devils working hard to clear their own D zone

Face off in the Devils zone

Haddad fires a shot,

game time 48:09

Kolnik proving himself to be a pain in the Devil's backside.

Fournier and morrisette test Wilkman

pad save from Bownsy

too many turnovers by the Devils have cost them dear recently

49:40 remains in period

Bowns saves

Face off in the Devils zone

Panthers score, Farmer on the back door

9:14 left

Devils angry an interference not called leading up to panthers goal

wraparound failed by devils

Lord misses a great chance

Devils now woken up

Panthers goal

crowd trying to push devils into another gear!

Martin shoots too high

Face off in the Panthers zone

Lord and kurka battling on the boards

sheffield 3 Fife 1

thats in fife by the way.

looks like that loss in kirkcaldy a few weeks back is proving costly!

Haddad working the puck

Face off in the Panthers zone

its a little nervy again

in this 1 goal game

Face off in the Panthers zone

Wilkman saves

willkman lifted

30 seconds left

Panthers offside

Face off centre ice

Red Army reverberating around the iAW

Game over Devils win

8 mins remain in Fife Steelers still 3-1

Great coverage by Icetimetv, despite some technological gremlins

well done to JP Aled and Gareth for their coverage.

presentation to Joey martin BY Gerald of RAT and MNL texter

Tyson Marsh MOM for Devils

Final Caps 3 Clan 6

Panthers MOM Kolnilk

Brent Walton is taking a bow on the ice in front of the fans.

rumoured to be retiring.

Bownsy accompanied by Walton jr doing the 'Bownsy Wave' to all sides of the Arena.

Well thats about it from me this evening tinged with disappointment as Sheffield are looking to become League champions as they are currently winning in Fife.

No doubt we will have coverage next weekend of the play off 1/4 finals Until then Goodnight all Nos Da Pawb.