Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Manchester Phoenix

Welcome to MNL for the first course of Devils v Phoenix

OJ here in the MNL studio, people tell me I should get out more

Not had a good result at Cheltenham so far just one winner yesterday.

Almost got a nice winner today as Ski Sunday just missed out for the boys in red finishing second - he is owned by a syndicate of Scarlets players & supporters

Remember to e-mail me your predictions for tonights game before face off at 7:30

I suppose we could say that the Devils loyal suffering fans expect or even demand a much improved effort from the team this evening.

Time for tea before the action starts

Its very quiet no news from the texters and no predictions

Where are those predictions? I can also do with some top drawer tips for Cheltenham so that I can recover my position

I suppose a tenner on the Devils winning the play-offs would do it as the odds of that must be in three digits.

Maybe not as William Hill was stung by the Devils doing the double in 1890 when unbelieveable odds were laid by some ardent Devils fans, and they had the decency to stand drinks for the whole team, those were the days.

Still no texts or predictions

For Keith a win is whats needed the scoreline is immaterial, you can't argue with that

I am beginning to panic as there is still no news from my texters

Chris has finally made contact and his words were "Rink is empty"

Sharlene is also at the Tent so it can't be empty

Michael Hicks is in charge tonight

Phoenix are out on the ice

Devils are out on the ice

Uncoifirmed reports that the team owner has given the whole team (+ Coach) a right roasting.

From what was relayed to me last weekend it was well deserved

About to start, we will soon see if it has had any effect

Latulippe, Hill & Voth start

We are off

Maciver & Jarvis on D duty

2nd line of Elich, Prpich & Silverthorn

Murphy save @ 1:12

Phoenix player goes down hurt @ 1:56 but is soon up again

Towe, Davies & Adams appear as 3rd line

Devils shot deflected high @ 2:56 after some good play

Devils penalty @ 3:15 Jarvis - interference

Pheonix offside @ 4:24

MNL is not about spelling

Devils keeping everything simple

Devils kill penalty

Devils offside @ 5:55

Devils hit the pipes

7 minutes gone, slow pace but Devils creating the most chances

600 - 700 in Tent no atmosphere

Phoenix offside @ 8:18

Phoenix offside @ 8:18

If there is no atmosphere then a few big hits are called for

Aubry called upon to make his first save of the game @ 8:43

Aubry save was off a Tony Hand shot

Latulippe shot goes high

Murphy giving up loads of rebounds

Tpwe shoots but Murphy saves @ 11:14

Murphy save @ 11:51

That save followed good play by Voth & Elich

Devils hit pipes @ 12:15

Devils offside @ 12:49

Another Murphy save @ 13:02

A brilliant save by Murphy from Elich @ 13:35

Puck out of play @ 13:55

Phoenix icing @ 14:10


Devils 1st goal scored @ 15:07 by Jarvis assist Hill

Devils hit pipes then a Murphy save @ 16:02

Aubry save @ 17:01

Its very quiet out there tonight at least Keith is happy with that Devils goal

Another Aubry save @ 17:24

Aubry save @ 17:57

Handbags between Jarvis & Clouthier

Penalties @ 17:57 Jarvis (D) & Clouthier (P) roughing minors

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Phoenix 0

SoG in 1st period Devils 16 Phoenix 11

Got my coffee and cake and ready for the 2nd period

Both teams back on the ice

We start the 2nd period with both teams at full strength

Phoenix icing @ 20:08

Murphy save @ 20:49

15 or so travelling Phoenix fans present in the Blue Tent

Puck out of play @ 22:21

Good end to end hockey

Phoenix offside @ 23:24

Devils unable to take advantage of the rebounds coughed up by Murphy

Devils are playing well

Elich hits pipes and puck goes out of play @ 24:42

Shannon must be glad he was in Canada last week or he would have had a roasting as well since probably he would have been out on the town with the players, still he might have changed since my days

Devils all over Phoenix but only have a single goal to show for it

Stone goes marginally wide with a great slapshot

27 minutes gone, puck is barely leaving Phoenix zone

But we know what happenned in the 3rd period against the Capitals on Sunday

Phoenix relief with icing @ 28:15

Cloutheier floors Silverthorn

Murphy save @ 29:02

Now Voth hits pipes

Phoenix penalty @ 29:39 Smith - holding

Lets get this pp into gear Devils

Aubry save @ 30:24 after Phoenix breakaway

Devils powerplay ineffective

Phoenix kill penalty

Murphy save @ 31:42

Devils icing @ 32:55

35 minutes gone, end to end no stoppages

If I did any painting I could tell you whether this is as exciting as watching paint dry

Murphy foils Latulippe breakaway

37 minutes gone, Devils chasing that 2nd goal

Phoenix icing @ 37:23

Ben Davies having a good game as usual

Final 2 minutes

Murphy save @ 38:43

Final minute of 2nd period

Phoenix look really quic but Devils defence are containing them

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Phoenix 0

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Phoenix 0

Both teams back on the ice

We are off

Devils icing @ 40:11

Dunn floors Prpich

Phoenix icing @ 40:55

Phoenix icing again @ 41:35

Phoenix penalty @ 41:43 Dunn - roughing

Murphy save @ 42:21

Murphy save @ 43:03


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 43:22 by Silverthorn, assists Hill & Maciver ppg

Puck out of play @ 43:54

Phoenix icing @ 44:02

If the score doesn't show 2-0 in the header re-fresh

Phoenix Smith floors team-mate Bruce

Phoenix penalty @ 45:25 Mulherin - hi sticks

Hugh sticks called @ 46:27 - no penalty

Devils hit pipes

Hi stiks even

Devils hit pipes again

Murphy save @ 47:25

Pheonix penalty @ 48:10 Dunn - slashing

Lets get another ppg u Devils

Murphy makes save after save, he's having a great game

Phoenix fluff breakaway by shooting high


Devils 3rd goal scored @ 50:28

Devils goal being disputed, don't know why

Goal stands

Devils 3rd goal scored by Prpich

Phoenix penalty @ 50:28 Hand 10 minute misconduct

Murphy save @ 51:10

Hand was moaning about Devils 3rd goal so he is cooling his heels in the naughty boys room

Hand went towards dressing room and then re-appears on the Phoenix bench, now removed

With less than 10 minutes left he can have an early shower

Aubry save @ 51:57

Murphy save @ 52:29

Elich floors Dunn

Clouthier trying to goon it up, Devils having none of it

55 minutes gone Phoenix getting frustrated - we know the feeling

56 minutes gone

Its all Phoenix now

Phoenix goal @ 56:54

Phoenix 1st goal scored by Clouthuer, assists Fulghum & Burnett

Phoenix icing @ 57:30

Murphy save @ 57:52

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Murphy pulled

Final score DEVILS 3 Phoenix 1

Phoenix MoM - SMITH

Devils MoM - PRPICH

Thanks to Chris and Sharlene our MNL texters

Thats all from me, join me at MNL for the second course of burning the Phoenix tomorrow night OJ signing out