Match Night Live
Manchester Storm 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to tonights game against the Storm.

Lets hope its the night that sees the battle for the League title going into the last night of the league season

Score predictions/comments to

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm

Texters in position, they have been in the bar since 4:30

RED ARMY 100+ with more arriving every minute

Warmup in progress Tyson Marsh on the ice no Leigh Salters

Pat says we must win score irrelevant

Russky says Devils will win by 3 and panthers beat Steelers

Mark G says Devils by 3 and wants that all important win for Panthers

Rob Batch says a 5-1 win for devils will do nicely and that his bar is already open

RED ARMY in fancy dress - Batman, Spider-man, Batgirl, men in Black, Cheer leaders, Minion

RED ARMY have been joined in the visitors block by Hull fans

PA announcer has asked RED ARMY to be quiet so people can hear him - BLESS HIM

Russky can you text me to confirm you have had my message re Sundays game

Glass being repaired behind goal

Beer & pizza shortages forecasted for later

DEVILS on the ice

Welcome back TYSON MARSH - El Capitan

Storm never appeared Devils now gone off as they are still repairing the plexiglass

We have a Swedish referee and linesman tonight

Zamboni now back out on ice, repairs ongoing

Repairs completed

Big pile of ice/snow on rink being cleared

RED ARMY entertaining the fans I am told

At this rate the FO will be at the same time as the other 4 games

Steelers V Panthers due to face off at 7pm

Jon says RED ARMY getting bored

Ice is ready what we need now is the teams

Lights gone off, either the teams are coming out or they are shutting the rink

DEVILS take to the ice for a 2nd time (3rd if you include warmup)

Storm being introduced onto the ice individually

Another 20 minutes and we might get some hockey

Anthem time

I am bored now its 7 o'clock - FO 30 minutes late

Puck dropped finally

Storm have 14 skaters to DEVILS 17

Storm Offside

Joey Martin feeds Tomas Kurka who goes close

Devils Offside

Jake Morissette tries a backhand

Showing his great skill to make room for a shot

Joey Martin shoots high

Martin Kurka Lord line looking very dangerous

Tyson Marsh has his first shift for yonks

Ben Bowns glove save @3:33

Guillaume Doucet hits crossbar

He then hits netminder on the helmet with the follow up

No goals in other games so far

Storm icing @ 5:33

Tom Darnell in charge of Steelers v Panthers

DEVILS take a series of shots but somehow none went in

Storm having on as Devils create chance after chance

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for hooking @ 8:03


Goal Storm

PPG @ 8:23

Goal scored by Roehl assist Patrik Valcak

Big hit by Carl Hudson on Matthew Paton

Zach Hervato coast to coast attempt foiled

Matthew Paton get 2 minutes

2 minutes for slashing @ 11:55

Tomas Kurka shot saved

Jake Morissette offside with 32 secs of PP remaining

Storm Full Strength

Andrew Hotham goes close

Luke Piggott shot saved


Jake Morissette with his 23rd of the season


Announced that Chris Culligan scored texters say it was Mo

Texters need glasses it was Chris Culligan with his 6th of the season

Devils have 3 on 1 Jake Morissette shot saved

Joey Haddad Offside

Unassisted goal for Chris Culligan

Storm penalty Patrik Valcak 2 minutes for hooking

Tomas Kurka shoots high

Storm penalty was @ 17:07

Devils Offside

Still 0-0 at Sheffield

27 secs left on Devils PP


Andrew Hotham (15th)

PPG it was @ 18:51

Assists for Zach Hervato & Ryan Russell

Hotham bullet from blueline gave Devils their lead

End of 1st period Storm 1 DEVILS 2

Rob Batch says Panthers playing well at Sheffield


Jon says it was exciting end to end, Storm have goals in them but Devils have more firepower

He predicts a 7-3 DEVILS victory

Rachael's period report - Nervy at first, Devils getting more confident, they are looking good. Nice PP. Good quality shots brought 2 nice goals. Rachael says that it says the obvious - SHOOT, SHOOT

Still 0-0 at Sheffield @ 14:29

Steeler score @ 19:18 now 1-0

SoG for 1`st period Storm 5 DEVILS 14

RED ARMY has filled two whole blocks

I remember the first mass RED ARMY trip to Altrincham for the Final of the Autumn Cup when the Police would only allow one coach at a time to go to the rink from Knutsford Services

After sometime John Lawless and I managed to convince the Police Inspector that ice hockey fans were a different breed from football fans

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Guillaume Doucet hits post

Ben Bowns save

Tyson Marsh hasnt forgotten how to block shoots

Zane Kalemba saves from Tomas Kurka

Zane Kalemba saves from Joey Martin

Puck out @ 23:32


Jake Morissette scores his 23rd of the season

Assist Andrew Hotham

@ 24:35

Mathew Sisca hits pipe

Devils creating chances galore

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for hooking @ 26:56


Joey Martin tripped on breakaway - NO CALL

Devils Full Strength

Ben Bowns covers

Ben Bowns save from Mathew Sisca

Patrik Valcak saves from Tyson Marsh

Storm enalty - Derek Roehl 2 minutes for slashing @ 9:38

Storm clear zone



Andrew Lord @ 31:42

His 12th of the season

Assists Andrew Hotham & Ryan Russell

It was an even handed goal

Zane Kalemba covers

I am now told it was Jake Morissette who scored Devils 4th

Josh Batch & Patrik Valcak having words

Both sets of fans singing "We all hate the Steelers"

Fitzgerald gets MATCH for Check to the Head

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Steelers score - now 2-0

Ben Bowns saves

Joey Haddad shoots high @ 37:55

Face off in the Devils zone @ 39:05

Guillaume Doucet goes close

End of 2nd period Storm 1 DEVILS 4

Panthers score a PPG now 2-1 to Steelers

Jon says Devils well on top, excellent passing, creating many chances

Steelers score now 3-1

Rachael Devils started the period much more confident, lasted for most of the period but finished a big nervy.

SoG for 2nd period Storm 10 DEVILS 15 making it 15-29 after 2 periods

Steelers now inning 4-1

All you can hear on Premier is Simms shouting.

Panthers look spent

Teams return to the ice

I am told Joey Martin missed the last portion of the 2nd period

3rd period starts

Ryan Russell has chances in opening 30 secs

Puck out of play @ 40:57

Devils icing @ 41:43

Ben Bowns saves from Omar Pacha

Glove save from Carl Hudson

Andrew Hotham tries a wraparound whilst on his knees

Luke Piggott tries a long shot

Ben Bowns covers @ 47:10

Carl Hudson shoots wide

Game has become low ket @ 49:58

Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for slashing @ 50:10


Andrew Hotham playing keepsie on PK

Ben Bowns glove save @ 51:20

Solid PK from Devils

Devils Full Strength

Goal Storm @ 52:17

Vinny Scarsella the scorer assists Mathew Sisca & Luke Salazar

David Phillips gets 2 minutes for high sticks @ 52:44

Andrew Hotham shot hits Zach Hervato OUCH




Andrew Hotham @ 53:37 assist Jake Morissette

Will get 2nd assist PA said #76

Puck out of play

Now 4-2 at Sheffield

Storm too many men missed

Storm penalty @ 55:57 - Roehl 2 minutes for holding

Zane Kalemba covers

Joey Haddad shot saved

24 secs of PP left

Storm Full Strength

Final 2 minutes

Chris Culligan shot saved

Ben Bowns foils Storm breakaway

Final score Storm 2 DEVILS 5

Panthers score now 4-3 to Steelers

6 minutes left at Sheffield

Our thanks to texters Jon (Tadcu), Gerald and Rachael


Panthers on PP with 4:31 left

Storm MoM - Patrik Valcak

!;19 left at Sheffield

Panthers lift net minder

Panthers time out with 28 secs left

Steelers win 4-3

Thats all from me join Russ tomorrow night when the Devils complete their league schedule against Nottingham