Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Belfast Giants

CROESO - WELCOME to MNL as the Devils take on the Giants again at their new home the IAW

Another top performance will ensure the Devils will maintain their charge to the EIHL League title

We are still hoping to bring you coverage of the game but like last night it will not be MNL's usual comprehensive serivice

Score predictions & comments as always to

If you are going to the game and by some miracle have a mobile signal send us updates please to 07527 625206

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30

Still hoping for texters on Vodaphone network

Our gratitude to Graham who has volunteered his services

I am told warmup is underway at IAW

NO goal yet in 5pm fo's Storm v Clan, Steelers v Blaze

Waiting for team news

Storm 2 Clan 1: Steelers 3 Blaze 1 after 1 period

Russky says Devils in O/T

Zamboni doing its bit

Slow on prediction front

Nothing from texters yet

Derrick Walser not icing

Also Radja is a scratch

Matt Nickerson back for Giants

No surprise Chris Culligan is a scratch - Leigh Salters ices

It looks as if there will be a delay to FO

Graham says RED ARMY is getting noisy as ice is still being prepared

Ice looks wet I am told

Intro video starts

Hazel says 6-4 Devils

Brian Parker says Devils by 2 goals

Teams now on ice

Devils being introduced

Network signal at IAW not as good as last night

Anthem do puck dropped

Big hit by Lloyd

Now 4-2 at Sheffield

Good block by Trevor Hendrikx

Devils using their 4th line

Devils icing

Joey Haddad backhand goes wide

Gametim5 5:04

Long shot by Adam Keefe

Gametime 5:15

Very scrappy at the moment

Tomas Kurka shot deflected high

devils under pressure

Devils penalty Gleason Fournier holding the stick

Stefan Hogarth is the referee


Devils clear zone

Devils clear zone

40 secs of PP left

Full Strength Devils

Giants score Kris Beech

Goal scored @ 9:00

Darryl Lloyd 1 on 0 fans on shot

Save Stephen Murphy

Devils need to up their game Giants have started much stronger

Gametime 13:15

Devils finally exerting some pressure

Ben Bowns holds on after long shot

Giants score after yet another turnover

Mike Forney the scorer


Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for boarding


Devils clear zone

Ben Bowns save

Stephen Murphy saves from Zach Hervato

Devils Full Strength

Stephen Murphy covers

Gametime 18:33

Ben Bowns save

Fracas at buzzer

Penalties called @ 20:00

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 2

Graham says its all Giants so far

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 5 Giants 11

Giants penalty @ 20:00- Craig Peacock 2 minutes for roughing

Its now Steelers 4 Blaze 3 @ 42:36

Come on BLAZE

Storm 3 Clan 3 after 40 mins

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Teams back on ice

2nd period start delayed - wet ice

Puck finally dropped

Devils on PP

giants clear zone

Guillaume Doucet just wide

Giants Full Strength

Blaze pushing hard for equaliser st the House of Rust

Devils icing 4th line

Ben Bowns holds puck


Russky says Devils looked sluggish in 1st, they need to step it up

Steelers make it 5-3

Ben Bowns saves from Kris Beech

Stephen Murphy covers puck


Zach Hervato with his 12th of the season

Lets have another one

Fight - Trevor Hendrikx v Matt Nickerson

Both got 5 minutes for fighting

Crowd woken up

Giants Penalty Mark Garside 2 minutes for hooking

Lets have a PPG you DEVILS

Devils icing

40secs of PP left


Jake Morissette with 21st

Giants penalty

Rutherford creates mayhem

Mitch Ganzak penalty 2 minutes for interference

Rutherfors & Joey Martin penalised

Kris Beech now penalised

There are FIVE Giants penalties in the sinbin

Its 5 on 3 for Devils


Jake Morissette again (22nd)

Cannot bring you the penalties Texts very confusing

Devils still on PP now 5 on 4

Giants FS

Tomas Kurka shot stick save Stephen Murphy

Steelers 6 Blaze 3 Final score

Mike Forney had a a ten minute misconduct

Stephen Murphy save

Its a shooting gallery at Giants end

Gametime 37:02

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for slashing

@ 37:18


Devils clear zone

Devils clear zone again

Giants PPG

Chris Higgins scores with backhand

Will bring you assists in 2nd interval

Stephen Murphy saves from Leigh Salters

Final minute

end of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Recapping on goals Devils 1st Zach Hervato assists Leigh Salters & Josh Batch

Devils 2nd - Jake Morissette assists Andrew Hotham & Ryan Russell

Devils 3rd - Jake Morissette assist Carl Hudson

Giants 1st scored by Kris Beech assists Mike Forney & Jim Vandermeer; 2nd goal scored by Mike Forney assist Chris Higgins: 3rd goal scored by Chris Higgins unassisted

SoG for 2nd DEVILS 7 Giants 5 making it 12-16 after 2 periods

Ice is ready awaiting teams

Lets hope texts do not dry up like last night

Teams back on ice

3rd underway

Stephen Murphy glove save

Mike Forney misconduct penalty over

Ben Bowns save

Gametime 41:44

Devils icing

Giants penalty Vandermeer2 minutes for hooking

Come U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for roughing

Good save Stephen Murphy

Very tense at IAW

Giants now on PP

Devils Full Strength

Giants net dislodged

Devils bench penalty

Too many men

Big discussion ensues

Giants on PP 1 minute killed

Devils clear zone

Devils Full Strength

Gametime 51:05

Devils Offside


Good save Ben Bowns @ 54:08

Giants Offside

Gametime 55:55

Chris Higgins thrown out for making contact with linesman

He got 10+10 hence Game

Joey Martin hasn't appeared for sometime

Giants icing

Three minutes left

Gametime 58:33

FO in neutral zone as we approach final minute

40 secs left

Face off in the Devils zone

10 secs left

End of regulation DEVILS 3 Giants 3

O/T next

O/T starts

Face off in the Devils zone

Stephen Murphy saves from Zach Hervato


Tomas Kurka scores with a rink length breakaway

DEVILS still in title race

Thanks to Graham for his texts

Goal was at 62:22 i believe

Giants MoM Kris Beech


Join me on Wednesday night when the Devils travel to take on yes you guess ir BELFAST GIANTS


Yes BRIAN DEVILS DID WIN BY ONE - its enough lets have THREE one goal wins to wrap up the league season