Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as the IAW final opens and the Devils take on the Giants in their first game at their new home OJ here in the hosting hot seat

Due to lack of connectivity at the IAW were are unsure how much coverage we will be able to bring you.

The poor or lack of network coverage at IAW has made it extremely difficult for us to bring you our normal MNL

I haven training homing pidgeaons all week along with rooks borrowed from Game of Thrones

Score predictions welcomed as usual to along with comments

If you are going to IAW why not text us at 07527 625206 with an insight to IAW and updates

Join me from around 6;30 by which time we will have beaten the English in their back garden

Nothing but a win tonight says Matthew M

It will the blind leading the blind tonight as I do not expect much information to come out of the IAW

I am quessing warmup is underway

At least its Cheltenham next week

With over 3,000 at the IAW I don't expectmany predictions tonight

After being told only O2 network has a signal at IAW apparently those on Vodaphone can also get a signal - we shall see

Brian Parker says Devils by 3 goals

I wonder what the record was at WNIR for consecutive sell outs.

The other team I follow (Utica Coments in AHL) recrded their 42 consecutive sell out last night. It didn't help much as they lost 3-1 to the Rochester Americans

Sorry for the waffle but no contact with IAW yet

Russky says a Devils win and the Panthers turn over the Steelers

Told that there are massive queues outside IAW but moving along at walking pace

New banners are up at IAW

Warmup done & dusted

Ice being prepared

Jay who was in queue is now in IAW

He says its INCREDIBLE with a good Vodaphone signal in Bar

Any of you want to predict who scores the first goal at IAW

Russky says Joey Martin willscore 1st goal at IAW

It will be intersting to see how loud the RED ARMY will be tonight

Waiting for the team to come onto the ice

Good contingent from Belfast

Leigh Salters not icing

Nigel & Jon have managed to get thru with texters by borrowing mobiles

Crowd filling up quickly

RED ARMY warming up

Cornwall taffy says 3-1 Devils

Told Face Off is delayed

7:15 FO I believe

Pritch thiunks Devils will win 3-2 with Russell scoring 1st goal with others coming from Haddad & AN Other - he had Leigh Salters scoring who is not playing

Capital 2 Stars 6 after 2 periods

Officials on the ice

New video being shown

Lights dimmed

RED ARMY clapping along with video

Teams take to the ice

Ceremonial face off

Devils intros


Its game time

Puck dropped

Stefan Hogarth is referee

Devils whistled down for high sticks

Doucet created half a chance

Guillaume Doucet now forechecks hard

Giants Offside

Chris Jones & Luke Piggott get ice time

No clear chances for any team

Ryan Russell shoots wide

Devils clears zone as Giants have chances

Joey Haddad hit on Vandermeer

Andrew Hotham ends up in Devils net

Devils using 4th line

Gametime 6:08

Stephen Murphy saves from Tomas Kurka

Giants penalty Mitch Ganzak 2 minutes for cross-checking

Stephen Murphy saves from Joey Haddad

Didn't get time of Giants penalty

Face off in the Giants zone

Big save Ben Bowns

Offside Devils

Giants Full Strength

Stephen Murphy save

Stephen Murphy gloves puck

Gleason Fournier skating well on big ice

Gametime 11:30

Ben Bowns save

Ben Bowns glove save

Devils icing

Stephen Murphy pad save

Gleason Fournier is everywhere on the ice

Ben Bowns great save @ 13:32

Devils are coughing up the puck too much for me

Giants are thankfully slow in taking chances

Stephen Murphy save from Joey Martin

Another Stephen Murphy save from Tomas Kurka

Devils Offside

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for hooking


Devils clear zone

Big Giants pressure

Final minute

Giants High Stick FO in neutral zone

Gleason Fournier clears zone

Devils Full Strength

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 0

Panthers 0 Steelers 1; Clan 3 Storm 0 both after 1 period

Capitals 2 Stars 10 - result

Teams back on ice

Too much surface water for 2nd to start

TWO fantastic netminder performances in 1st

2nd period starts

Giants Offside

Gametime 22:33

Ben Bowns covers

Glove save Ben Bowns

Andrew Lord blocks shot

Puck out of play

Gametime 23:57

Brilliant save by Stephen Murphy

It was from Joey Martin who had been set up by Tomas Kurka

Giants penalty @ 27:30

Mike Forney it was with 2 minutes for hooking

Checking whether Devils have scored

No goal

Giants Full Strength

Zach Hervato shot saved

Ben Bowns covers @ 30:35



His 28th of the season

debate about goal - GIVEN

Fracas with referee at Giants Bench

A player thrown out I believe

Craig Peacock thrown out for 10 + 10

automatic Game

Peacock struck referee Hogarth apparently

Ben Bowns save @ 28:56

Stephen Murphy covers

Hotham ends up in Giants net for a 2nd time


Joey Martin (29th) assist Andrew Lord

@ 34:37

Giants Penalty

Mitch Ganzak 2 minutes for roughing

Devils Offside

Giants Full Strength

Giants goal - James Desmarais

Gametime 38:44

Stephen Murphy covers

Stephen Murphy covers from Guillaume Doucet

End of 2nd period

Devils called on a delayed penalty as buzzer goes

Panthers 2 Steelers 3 after 43 mins

Its was Andrew Hotham who got a minor penalty @ 40:00

Ice is ready

I hope that our coverage does the game justice, network coverage is very bad

Big thank you to Jon & Nigel for their updates

Teams back on ice


Waiting for icxe to dry

Come on U DEVILS one big effort needed

Puck dropped for 3rd period


Devils penalty Gleason Fournier 2 minutes for interference

Giants have 5 on 3


Devils clear zone

Ben Bowns covers

Problems with clock

37 secs of 5 on 3 remains

Devils clear zone twice

Devils back to 4 skaters

20 secs to kill

Devils Full Strength

Gleason Fournier collides with Chris Culligan

Chris Culligan goes off for treatment

Blood being cleaned

Devils Offside

Giants penalty Mark Garside 2 minutes for slashing

Face off in the Giants zone


Guillaume Doucet scores his 34th of the season

Giants Offside

Gametime 47;33

Giants Offside

SoG after 2 periods - DEVILS 24 Giants 18

Stephen Murphy blocks

Goal Giants - Mike Forney

Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Lord @ 52:03

Devils icing

gametime 54:14

Both teams playing hard

Steelers win 4-2

devils penned in their zone

Giants penalty Kris Beech


Stephen Murphy save


PPG for Andrew Hotham (14th)

@ 56:10

Come on U DEVILS

Its end to end as Giants chase game

Ben Bowns big save

Ben Bowns down injured

Ben Bowns having treatment

Hes up and playing on

Giants pull Stephen Murphy

Ben Bowns covers

Gametime 57:58

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing

Giants net still empty


ENG for Tomas Kurka

30 secs left

Devils penalty Chris Jones @ 59:58

Final score DEVILS 5 Giants 2

We got through it in the end don't know how we did it

Thanks to Nigel & Jon for updates

Mike Forney is Giants MoM


Russ is hosting tomorrow if we have any texters, tonights texters not available tomorrow