Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 6 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning all Hockey fans. Not sure how this game is going to go, will it be no holds barred full on, or both teams saving themselves for the Challenge Cup Final in less than 48 hours.

Join me from 6:45pm for all the usual build up and Matchnightlive shenanigans and once the puck drops, matchnight text commentary.

Please send your predictions and/or comments to and I will include them in the text commentary.

Until then, I hope you have a good day, whatever you may be doing.

As there is no webcast of the game. this is the only place you will find minute by minute updates on the game, once the puck drops.

we might get alot of hits in that case then, and i will have to be on my best behaviour! No pressure then!!!!

Catch you all from 6:45pm

Hello folks. Hope you have a good day!

Well its a big game tonight. At least a point tonight will go someway to keep the Devils top of the League at the end of the weekend, with Sheffield only playing once this weekend and thats away at Fife!! No easy place to get a win.

The Devils and the Panthers have played each other 7 times this season with the Devils leading the series 5-2 to date.

We have two debut texters on duty tonight: Huw, a Devils supporter and in the interest of balance (for once); Cheryl a Panthers supporter will be texting updates as well. We also will have a end of period synopses from Andrew who will be giving us an overview of the game on a general level.

So far we have had two predictions, Phil Egan opts for a 2-1 regulation win for the Devils as does Elliot Bate.

Mark Gough has a wager of the price of a lunch riding on this game but feels he willl be the one dining for free after a Devils win tonght

Huw has reported in and states that Hervato is a scratch for the Devils as he didnt feature in the warm up.

OJ is being a trifle optimistic methinks with a 12-0 win for the Devils

2-1 is proving a popular prediction as Danny Langhorn has also gone for that scoreline

Apologies to Phil egan as I misread his prediction. he says 4-2 with Salters battering Janssen. well we will see!

Rob Batch predicts a 3-0 Devils win. Apology accepted Rob, as he thought it was OJ hosting.

According to the EIHL website, Dean Smith is due to referee this game.

Still waiting on Cheryl to report in.

Another prediction: David Morris goes for a 4-1 Devils win.

Richard Best reckons on 7-3 Devils win.

Roger in Penarth opts for a 9 goal thriller with the Devils edging it 5-4.

Kevan and Sue Batch have sent their prediction of 4-1 whist partaking of a chinese meal.

to the Devils obviously. Huw estimates about 50 Devils supporters present at the NIC.

Emma Lane reckons on a 6-2 Devils win

must be running late at NIC. Teams only just taking to the ice

Anthems now being sung

we are underway

Early attack from Panthers forces a save from Bowns

Panthers pressuring Bowns into another save

Devils slow to get an attack going.

Panthers goal scored by Myers unassisted


More Devils fans have appeared and are making themselves heard in the Library that is the NIC

Confirmed Dean Smith has the orange armbands with Paul Staniforth and Chris Wells are the the Linos.

Devils are too loose with the puck, getting turnedover several times already

Panthers Pen

Kolnik sits 2 minutes for interference @ 6:58

Lord misses a chance at point blank range

Come on Devils give us a PPG

Another save from Bowns

Panthers FS

Devils pen Jones 2 minutes for hooking @ 9:29


Devils FS

Devils pen Salters 2 minutes for tripping @12:03


Panthers goal PPG Myers @ 12:42

Assisted by Schultz and Clarke.

Hudson shot saved

Culigan has a shot saved too

Shot saved from Russell on tight angle

sorry folks scoreboard playing up,

Panthers pen too many men at 16:55

3 mins left in period

Fournier has shot saved.


Joey Martins scores at 18:25 assists to Morrisette and Hotham

and thats a wrap on the 1st period. 2-1

Andrew Longney's end of period synopsis: Devils had chances but sloppy giveaway for the first and dodgy call on Salters for second. Devils battling well but giving panthers too much time on the puck. Still in the game and doing ok. Panthers haven't done that much but it would be Myers with the goals.Martin with a great goal.

SOGs 9 on Bowns 12 on Wilkman

Huw said that the Panthers look more threatening offensively.

cant be long before the teams are back out.

teams back for the 2nd period and we are underway!

Panthers start well again!!!

they have several chances and keeping Bownsy Busy!

Devils Pen Haddad 2 minutes for slashing @ 22:47

Panthers SH chance saved.

Panthers goal PPG

scored by Evan Mosey @24:03 assist Schultz

Panthers fluff a 2 on 1 chance too

Fournier has another shot saved

Taking stupid pens have cost the Devils dear tonight!


Janssen v Salters

Janssen on points.

5 mins each at 26:55

Bownsy made to work hard tonight, another good save.

Panthers goal

Devils TIME OUT at 27:53 after Panthers 4th goal

Macdonald scored assists Kolnik and Mosey @ 27:53

Panthers pen @ 30:32

Mosey 2 minutes for slashing

C'mon Devils give us a PPG

Devils shot blocked

Panthers penalty shot.

after hotham trips myers

Myers hits post with Penalty shot.

pheww that was too close for comfort!

Panthers FS

C'mon Devils give us a goal!!!

another panthers shot hits the post.

Salters and Janssen back on the ice

5:41 remains in 2nd

Devils keep turning the puck over. leading to Panthers shots.

Yet another Bowns save

Bowns gives up a rebound and panthers score


Waugh assist Lawrence

Panthers pen

Bohmbach 2 minutes for hooking @ 39:03

both teams have odd man rushes at the end of the 2nd

end of 2nd bad bad period for the Devils, some of it by their own design.

Andrew Longney's 2nd period synopsis : Should not have come. Devils out worked, outplayed, Panthers totally dominated period.

SOGs 2nd period: 9 on Bowns 7 on Wilkman

3rd period is going to be one of Damage limitation.

Hopefully Lordo can pick the boys up and get them to give it a good go in the third and play for the shirt and restore some pride tonight.

Teams back on the ice.

we are underway in 3rd, Devils still on PP

we want a PPG, Come on Devils.

Panthers FS

Devils started 3rd better, had a shot saved.

Hudson shoots high

Panthers in the Devils net but not the puck thank goodness!

Bownsy pressed into more saves, if it wasnt for him between the pipes it would be a cricket score.

Panthers score on a 2 on 1 at 45:08

Mosey unassisted.

Franny and Dean Smith are having a chat.

game stopped as ice is cleared of blood in front of Devils bench

the Blood was from an earlier incident.

Devils shot saved.

Panthers running down the clock now.

Devils fans are singing 'at least it isnt sunday!'

We need another favour from Fife I think!!!!!

Fournier has another shot saved after a breakaway.

Panthers lift Wilkman to give Dan Green some ice time.

my internet just chose the most inappropriate time to update. hence no posts.

nothing missed.

yet another turnover but Bowns saves the Devils blushes once again.

Batch blocks another shot that resulted from another turnover.

Morrisette denied by bobbling puck

Kurka who has had a quiet game, shoots high and wide

Panthers cover the puck after a goalmouth scramble.

3:10 remaining in this game. Hope it passes quickly.

Bowns saves again. there's a surprise.

He has save the Devils tonight from a real embarrasment.

Devils are blocking shots left right and centre. this has got to be our worst performance in a long while this season.

Game over a bad bad game. Hope the boys can put it behind them and use it as motivation for sunday.

Thanks to our excellent texters tonight on Debut, Huw and Cheryl!! Thank you both.

Devils MOM is Joey Martin, should have been Bownsy, as he kept the score below double figures.

Thanks also to Andrew Longney who gave us our end of period Summaries.

Panthers MOM Evan Mosey.

Thats it from me for tonight, OJ will be hosting for the Challenge Cup Final on sunday, mainly for our overseas visitors, who wont have the luxury of live tv coverage from the BBC.

Dave Simms apparrently has said that whoever loses tonight will win on sunday, I hope he is right.

Goodnight all Nos Da Pawb.