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Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Croeso i MNL - Welcome to MNL

Tonight the Devils play their final game at the BBT when the Coventry Blaze visit Cardiff Bay.

Its a SELL OUT so the old BBT will have a good send off

Score predictions/comments to

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Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 by which time our celtic cousins will have beaten the English.

Texters starting to report in

Warmup in progress

Russky has Devs winning in regulation

I am told Tyson Marsh is in the warmup

Pat says 3-2 to Devils

With the BBT closing it will be interesting whether the scenario I put forward 18 months ago to the owners and Council will come to fruitition

Told Tyson Marsh not icing tonight, neither is Trevor Hendrikx

Rob Batch thinks Devils will get back to winning ways by stuffing Blaze 5-1

Warmup completed with a bit of on ice disagreement, last Blaze to leave fired a puck at a group of Devils who returned fire

Russky at the BBT tonim hoping to leve the NL hosting box to attend some games

Nevermind the rioja is flowing

Hazel feeling sad leaving the BBT but excir=ted for the future, she predicts a 6-4 win for the DEVILS

Atmosphere building at the BBT

Its now official - more people have follwed MNL this season that ever before and we have at least 10 games to go

Gone very quiet from BBT

Big intro tonight

Teams now on ice

Anthem time

Trevor Hendrikx onfirmed as scratch

Gleason Fournier of course suspended

Puck dropped

Blaze icing

Dean Smith is the referee tonight

Andrew Lord shot saved by Brian Stewart

Blaze icing again

@ 0:51

At this rate Blaze will ice the puck 120 times in the game

Tomas Kurka shoots wide

Joey Haddad goes close

Amazing atmosphere at the BBT

Pietrus charges Devils net, Joey Haddad floors him, referee Smith takes a nasty fall trying to avoid them

Blaze go close after good work by Jim Jorgensen

Boble a bit late on Ben Bowns but Josh Batch scares him off

Big hit by Zach Hervato on Bruton

Blaze playeer leaves the ice after being stuck by puckCarl Lauzon

Gametime 4:47

Drew Fisher shoves ref

Devils Offside

Good save by Ben Bowns

Lots of Blaze pressure but no real SoG

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for roughing



SHG from Joey Martin his 26th of the season

Assist Andrew Lord

@ 7:40

Zach Hervato penalty was @ 7:03

Now Joey Haddad goes close for a 2nd shg

Gametime 9:12

Devils Fs

Tomas Kurka shoots wide, adjust those sights Tomas

Blaze struggling to get out of their zone

Clan 1 Giants 1

Brian Stewart saves from Jake Morissette

Devils icing

Steelers 2 Stars 0

Jon J says its all Devils at the moment

Gametime 12:56

Big hit by Joey Haddad on James Isaacs

Blaze penalty Isaccs 2 minutes for holding the stick @13:23

Andrew Hotham & Kevin Noble have words

Big shot by Carl Hudson saved by Brian Stewart

Blaze Full Strength

Isaacs has a rare Blaze SoG

Josh Batch coughs up a bad giveaway but recovers quickly

By making an heroic block

Big hit by Andrew Lord on Michael Quesnele

Ben Bowns saves from Jim Jorgensen

Now Brian Stewart saves from Guillaume Doucet

Come on U DEVILS give us another goal

Steelers 3 Stars 0 after 1 period

Gametime 19:23

Brian Stewart save from Andrew Hotham

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 0

Clan 1 Giants 2 after 1 period

Josh's period report reads - Blaze have offered very little. Devils looking good but not clinicval enough. He feels Devils are trying to force the play rather than wait for a better play. Only standout Devil for him was Chris Culligan

No SoG info so far although I believe Blaze had 8 sog

Ice ready

Both teams return to the ice

2nd period underway

Tomas Kurka denied by Brian Stewart

Guillaume Doucet takes hit from Boris Valabik

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 7 Blaze 8


devils with all the play so far this period

Andrew Lord redirects wide

Brian Stewart covers

Big pressure and loads of shots from the Devils

Ashley Tait has a sot - high

Blaze Offside

Andrew Hotham shoots wide

After game auction of banners & shirts interesting

Big save Ben Bowns

Ryan Russell goes close

Great shift from Joey Haddad

Blaze icing @ 27:18

Devils camped in Blaze zone

Blaze penalty Carl Lauzon 2 minutes for hooking @ 27:38

Brian Stewart dislodges net - WHAT A SURPRISE

Come on U DEVILS - give us a goal - please

Tomas Kurka sot saved

Josh says Devils are forcing too much on PP

Blaze Full Strength

Jon says Stewart very busy, Bownsy glances up from his newspaper occaisionally

Ross Venus has a shot to raise the seige

A couple of good saves by Ben Bowns

Joey Haddad & Michael Quesnele having words

After a cheap slash on Joey after whistle

Blaze penalty Isaacs 2 minutes for slashing @ 33:38

Its was Walker not Isaacs

Carl Hudson shoots wide

Ross Venus misses an attempted hit along boards - he felt that

Blaze penalty Michael Quesnele 2 minutes for cross-checking

As walker returns

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Interference the call not x-check

Ben Bowns save

Michael Quesnele penalty was at 16:00

Devils Offside

Final 2 minutes

Blaze goal

After Mark Richardson got 2 minutes for hooking

A PPG for Blaze scored by Chris Bruton assists Brett Robinson & Carl Lauzon

@ 38:29

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Blaze 1

Selling off the retired numbers banners bring back memories especially for Brian Dickson

I must go and see if I can find the cherry blossom tree we planed in his memory in Coopers Field. If you have been to see it recently let me know

I have a stack of memorabilia from the "Golden Era" - medals, watches, signed team photos, signed stick blades etc etc that Barbara says I must find a home for.

People have suggested auctioning them or sell on E-Bay. But I am totally opposed to that as I am on these frequent shirt auctions

Auctions extract money from dedicated fans who already spend a fortune following the Devils at home and away

Jon says that sitting behind the Devils goal you see what a class player we have in Chris Culligan

If the Devils do pull their finger out the Steelers will join us at the top of the league table tonight

Clan 2 Giants 3 after 2 periods: Steelers 6 Stars 0 after 45 minutes

SoG for d period DEVILS 8 Blaze 5 making it 15-13 after 2 periods

Ice ready

Josh says - Devils in control of the game but not taking advantage oof their dominance. Culligan playing well. We need to slow the PP right down because at the moment we are firing the puck around and not making use of the extra man. Come on boys lets get one last win at the BBT

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Lets have a fial period in the old Devils tradition

There is no need to leave anything behind at the BBT

Andrew Hotham & Jordon Pietrus assessed 2 minutes for roughing

Pietrus tried to run Bownsy and Hotham jumped in

@ 40:38

Brian Stewart knocks his net off again

Tomas Kurka shot saved

Then Joey Martin has shot saved

Big save by Ben Bowns

Blaze penalty giving Devils 4 on 3

Jim Jorgensen @ 42:07

Guillaume Doucet shoots wide

Ryan Russell shot saved

Tomas Kurka has shot saved

Then Ben Bowns has to make a save

Very open loose game at the moment

Brian Stewart saves from Zach Hervato

Poor PP from Devils tonight

Blaze Full Strength

Blaze icing @ 45:16

Ben Bowns now having to earn his keep 2 saves in quick succession

Blaze penalty Jim Jorgensen 2 minutes for cross-checking

Blaze hit post

Blaze Offside

That latest penalty for Jim Jorgensen was an error - delayed text for his earlier penalty

Kevin Noble gets hit - doctor on ice

Puck to the face

Just before that Pietrus got 2 minutes for slashing @ 49:36

Devils you have to get a PPG now

Blaze Goal

I am totally confused as I am now total Pietrus scored

Assists Bruton & Brett Robinson

Blaze were back to FS goal timed at 51:44

Ben Bowns having to make a lot of saves following errors by D corps

Devils look shattered

Steelers win 7-0

Very quiet from BBT

Come on U DEVILS get that goal

Blaze penalty Michael Quesnele 2 minutes for delay of game @ 57:24


Game restarts

Kevin Noble back on the ice

Ben Bowns pulled

Final score DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

Our thanks to John, Jon J , Josh, Adrian and Phil Egan for their reporting

Josh says bad loss at home only Chris Culligan impressed him

Blaze MoM - Brian Stewart


Thats all from me, join us on Friday when the Devils travel to Nottingham to take on the Panthers in league action