Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils


Welcome to MNL as the Devils return to league action at Kirkcady where they take on the Fife Flyers

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Join me (OJ) from around 7pm as the Devils seek that all important league points

Texters on their way from edinburgh to Kirkcady, traffic is horrendous so fingers crossed that they get there in time

Pete (KettDevil) hass made it to the rink

JohWildthing & Gerald also at rink

2 minutes of warmup remains

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Jeff Lee not icing for Flyers

I believe Trevor Hendrikx is the scratch for Devils

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RED ARMY numbers 12 in a freezing ice rink

Neil Wilson is the referee

Gillian our regular Flyers texter has joined us again on MNL

Craig is also sending me some inside info

Jeff Lee was a healthy scratch

Both teams on ice

National Anthems being sung

All of you at home should sing along with the 12 brave RED ARMY members

RED ARMY has grown to 15 says KettDevil

Rob D says Devils will come through a hard faught game with a 5-4 win

Any stovies I want to know

Flyers fans have told Gerald they are hoping for an O/T loss so they can bag a point

Game starts

Zach Hervato fires a shot and then is penalised for accidental high stick 2 + 2 @ 1:19

Justin Fox gone to dressingroom for treatment


Chris Jones goes close on a breaaway

One minor penalty killed

Good PK so far

Gametime 3:45

Andrew Lord & Joey Martin playing keepie puck and run down clock

Devils Full Strength

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet @6:16

holding the call


JohnWildthing has the feeling that referee Wilson is going to call penalties on Devils all night

Saccheti fires wide

Good save by Ben Bowns from Ryan Dingle

Devils Full Strength

Good game so far, both teams look up for it

Gametime 8:20

Craig says small RED ARMY making plenty of noise

Chris Culligan puts in a good shot David Brown saves

Shooting gallery now as Tomas Kurka has a go

Flyers penalty Danny Stewart 2 minutes for hooking @ 11:51


Carl Hudson breaks stick with slap shot

Lacklustre PP from Devils

Flyers clear zone with ease

David Brown saves from Guillaume Doucet @ 13:36

Flyers Full Strength

Russky says Devils in O/T

Hervatos (Paulo & Lore) tune in from Ottawa

Zach Hervato shoots wide

Carl Hudson goes coast to coast - David Brown scrambles to cover puck @ 16:01


Flyers gift a shot to Andrew Lord @ 18:06

Matt Delahey denied by Ben Bowns after Gleason Fournier error

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for slashing @ 18:17


End of 1st period Flyers 0 DEVILS 0

18 secs of PK left for Devils

KettDevil's period report - Good period, Devils on top in a fast paced game, Fluers will surely improve their shooting

Mark Richardson had a chat with referee at end of period

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A cheeking email says why can't we have un-interupred coverage like the BBC



I am sponsored by her indoors who has just brought me coffee and a sarnie

The Hervato clan live 5 minutes from my brother in law, 5 minutes over there is like living nextdoor in Cardiff

Enough of my nonsense - teams are back


Puck dropped

Devils Full Strength

Low key start to 2nd period

Gametime 21:29

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

First goal will be huge

Flyers look dangerous

Jake Morissette Offside

Massive hit by Leigh Salters on Jamie Wilson

Thats woken up the crowd

Jamie Wilson makes his way gingerly to bench

Ryan Dingle breakaway comes to nothing

Flyers Offside @ 24:28

David Brown glove save from Tomas Kurka

Gametime 25:12


Ryan Russell with his 5th of the season

@ 25:27

Assists Tomas Kurka & Joey Haddad

Flyers protesting saying Devils had too many men

SoG for 1st period Flyers 10 DEVILS 9

Tomas Kurka just wide after brilliant work by Joey Haddad

All Devils at the moment

Gametime 29:48

Chris Culligan tangles with a Flyer - referee not interested

Flyers fans giving referee Wilson stick

Carl Hudson feeds Zach Hervato shot blocked @ 29:30

Devils showboating, get 3 goals up before you go fancy

Flyers penalty Danny Stewart 2 minutes for slashing @ 30:37

Leigh Salters & Guillaume Doucet go close

Getting chippy with Leigh Salters in the centre of it

Good PP but nothing to show for it

Flyers full strength

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Flyers Goal

@ 33:48 - Justin Fox

assist Nico Saccheti

Zach Hervato shoots high @ 34:13

Devils icing @ 35:30

Flyers now on top

Come U DEVILS big effort, you will be back in your own beds soon

Leigh Salters shoots into side netting @ 37:00

Flyers Offside

Final 2 minutes of period

Ben Bowns is standing on his head yet again

KettDevils wisdom - This is where you win the league, Thursday night miles from home. so easy to fold against a team that is up for it. Devils must go for it

Siege of BEN BOWNS relieved by buzzer

End of 2nd period Flyers 1 DEVILS 1

KettDevil says - devils are hanging in there .... like a boxer on the ropes swaying one way then the other but DEVILS are still in there fighting

SoG for 2nd period Flyers 10 DEVILS 10 making it 20-19 after 2 periods

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I have to plug RAT otherwise Gerald & JohnWildthing will not update me from Kirkcady

Big effort now DEVILS last 20 miles

JohnWildthing is trying to sugar up to me know sending me SoG - too late John old news

We dont lose a period - that is our plan for the rest of the season

Teams back on the ice

3rd period underway

Joey Martin foiled on 1 on 1 @40:23


Flyers penalty @ 40:42 delay of game

Bench minor

Flyers clear zone

40 secs left on PP

Flyers Full Strength

Michael Dorr sat the bench monor

Ben Bowns save @ 44:12

Flyers are still creating the better chances

Ben Bowns having a stormer

Gametime 45:29

Flyers Offside

Both teams a bit cagey

Flyers goal

@ 47:01

A wicked bounce led to that goal by Ryan Dingle


Flyers icing

Come on U DEVILS

Assist now given to Michael Dorr

Andrew Lord leading the charge David Brown saves @47:35

Gametime 49:20

Flyers have gone to a single forechecker giving Devils plenty of space

Andrew Hotham goes close

Ryan Russell redirection just wide @ 50:24

Flyers holding on to their lead

Gametime 51:52

Come on U DEVILS

Devils camped in Flyers zone

David Brown covers @ 53:18

6 minutes left Devils still camped in Flyers end

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 55:35


Ben Bowns saves from Justin Fox

30 secs killed

1 minute killed

Devils Full Strength

Lets get that equaliser U DEVILS

Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns pulled

Final minute

Flyers ENG for Justin Fox

@ 59:24

Ben Bowns pulled again

Final score Flyers 3 DEVILS 1

Gerald says very poor performance from Devils

KettDevils says we ran into a Flyers team full of confidence, Ben Bowns was superb

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Well deserved say all the texters

Big thank you to Flyers fan Gillian for helping us out again

Big thanks to our maestro trio KettDevil, Gerald & JohnWildthing

Flyers MoM - Ryan Dingle

Join us at MNL on Saturday for what will hopefully be the DEVILS last game at the BBT when Coventry Blaze come to Cardiff Bay