Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 4 - 8 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Belfast for the 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup Semi-Final with a 2 goal advantage over the Giants

As usual the scoreline will show the aggregate score

Trying to establish contact with our texters.

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for the 7pm face off.

Score predictions along with comments to

If you are going to the O for the game and can help us out with game updates please get in touch by text to 07527 625206

Warmup in progress

Texters Gerald, JohnWildthing and KettDevil are also warming up

Rob Batch predicts a 4-3 victory for Devils especially if Josh keeps scoring


Trevor Hendrikx is in warmup

Checking who is missing

In fact all are warming up

Still trying to determine who is the scratch

Warmup done & dusted

Very quiet on theprediction front tonight

Fans are either tense or enjoying their dinner too much

RED ARMY some 50 stong

Its the 1st leg of the other semi-final tonight as the Panthers take on the Steelers in their Tin Shed

2nd leg tomorrow at NIC

A big bottle of Lawless' smelling salts is whats need in the dressingroom so that the DEVILS come out all pumped up

Pritch goes for a 3-2 win for Devils with goals from Haddad, Russell & Salters

Face off delayed 15 minutes at O to allow fans queing up outside to get in

Hazel wishes the lads all the best and predicts a 11-7 aggregate score in favour of our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

I have to be honest I thought that with the webcasts at most rinks MNL would not be as popular. How wrong have I been

Tonight we will break the record for total viewers in a season with at least 11 more games to go

Last Sunday night we had 2,034 unique viewers

Another company of the RED ARMY has arrived making it 80+

Now told that Trevor Hendrikx is the scratch for Devils

Pete (KettDevil) was convinced he was in warmup

Matthew cM says 3-1 Devils on the night

Brian Parker says Devils will win by 2 goals, thereby winning by 4 on agggregate

Tony T calls it 3-3 0n the night, that will do me nicely

Any comments will be welcomed to as we await face off or email us in the period breaks

I assume Jim is home from Tenby

What about those Devils fans in North Florida are you with us tonight?

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

If you want to see what will hopefully be the last game at the BBT next Saturday you had better get a move on just 136 tickets left (23 seats)

Tom Darnell is the referee

With Rab Cowan

Two referees for CC games

Massive crowd at the O

Puck dropped

Giants physical from the off

Ben Bowns saves from Mike Wilson

Leigh Salters tries a wraparound @ 1:07

Big hit by Andrew Hotham @ 2:20

Joey Haddad Offside @ 2:25

Graham calls it 3-3

Flowing start to game Zach Hervato as ever throwing himself about

Mark Richardson foils a breakaway @ 5:01

Very opewn game - both netminders having to be sharp & alert

Gametime 5:38

RED ARMY being moved by over officious stewards

Gametime 7:03

Come on U DEVILS get that first goal of the game

Ryan Russell goes close then Carl Hudson does the same

KettDevil is now in his 3rd seat so far

Save Ben Bowns @ 9:29

Pretty even so far

Ben Bowns saves from Mike Forney

Giveaway by Gleason Fournier led to that clear chance

Gametime 10:09

Devils allowing Giants too many shooting opportunities

Devils need to settle

Gametime 10:57

Andrew Lord tests Stephen Murphy @ 12:06

Jon H & Philip E both go for 3-2 on the night

Penalties for Ryan Russell 2 minutes for cross-checking: Mike Wilson 2 minutes for charging @ 13:05

Russelll got 2 minutes for roughing Wilson 2 + 2 for roughing & Cross Checking

Devils on pp

Darryl Lloyd 2 minutes for high sticks

Devils have 5 on 3

Carl Hudson

Carl Hudson hits cross bar

Now 5 on 4 for Devils

Giants clear zone

Lloyd penalty was @ 15:01

Giants Full Strength

Joey Martin almost squeezes the biscuit home @ 17:06

Both teams attack minded says KettDevil

Stephen Murphy covers from Joey Haddad @ 17:50

Devils on top I am told

Lets have a goal to show for it U DEVILS

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for hooking @ 19:31


End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 0

Thats what we need U DEVILS - not to lose a period

David Rutherford is a master diver, he actually dives when there isn't a Devil by him - what a CLOWN

SoG for 1st period Giants 13 DEVILS 7

Panthers leading 1-0 at Sheffield

Devils will have 1:31 of PK at start of 2nd period

Ice ready waiting for teams

Its now Steelers 0 Panthers 3 after 16 minutes

Maybe we can sell Sheffield the BBT they obviously dont like the Tin Shed

teams back on the ice at the O

2nd period starts


Lets get that 1st goal


Devils Full Strength

Good PK

Against a strong Giants PP

Craig Peacock goes close

Joey Haddad forces a save from Stephen Murphy @ 22:26

Giants Goal @ 23:07

Mike Forney assists Kris Beech & Mitch Ganzak

Lets get that 2 goal lead back U DEVILS

Devils under pressure

Come on RED ARMY get them going

Joey Haddad has another shot saved by Stephen Murphy @ 25:17

Kris Beech gets 2 + 2 for high sticks on Joey Martin @ 25:19

Joey Martin geting treatment on bench

Ice being cleaned up

Game restarts

Save Stephen Murphy

1 minute of PP gone

Stephen Murphy saves from Ryan Russell

Giants keeping Devils outside their zone

Giants clear zone


@ 27:42 Leigh Salters with 18th of season assists Guillaume Doucet & Ryan Russell

Huge save by Ben Bowns from Radja

That Devils goal was a PPG

Joey Martin is back wearing #44

John Burnicle's sweater wiull be too big for him

Joey Martin gets 2 minutes for slashing @ 31:03


Devils clear zone

Ben Bowns covers with 5 secs of PK remaining

Devils Full Strength

Devils icing

Gametime 34:04

Giants icing

Game gone quiet @ 34:22

We will take that says KettDevil

I am greedy so lets have another goal U DEVILS

Giants penalty called

Darryl Lloyd gets 2 @ 35:14 tripping the call

Joey Martin back in #88 after a quick wash

Lets have another PPG - PLEASE

Giants Full Strength

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for slashing @ 38:00



Apologies it was Zach Hervato not Carl Hudson

Ryan Russell clears Devils zone

Gametime 39:13

Ben Bowns saves from Craig Peacock

Giants pressure as 2nd draws to a close

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS !

KettDevil says good performance so far but it is not done yet

I don't know what is happening at Sheffield Panthers are now winning 5-0 mid way through 2nd period

Cannot tell you much more that the scoreline at Sheffeld as EIHL server playing up

SoG for 2nd period Giants 14 DEVILS 10 making it 27-17 after 2 periods

Now 6-0 to Panthers

If you are having problems viewing games sheets at EIHL let me know -

Apparently the Giants webcast is down as well

Theres always good old MNL

I can assure you its 1-1 in Befast or Gians 4 DEVILS 6 on aggregate

Ice ready

Teams are back

As I said dont lose a Period and we are Final bound

20 more miles COME on U DEVILS

3rd period underway

Ben Bowns save @ 41:29

Quiet start to rd, Devils sitting back

Jake Morissette fires wide @ 43:04

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL - PLEASE

Its very tense as theres a scramble in front of Devils net @ 43:30

Its all Giants at the moment

Giants icing relieves pressure

No major incidents at Sheffield - Fitzgerald fought Janssen

6-0 to Pathers at 2nd break

Ben Bowns glove save

Devils icing @ 46:29

Zach Hervato goes close @ 47:02

Zach & Joey Haddad having good games by all accounts

Giants icing

HANDBAGS convention

@ 47:37 following a hit on a Devil, everyone piled in

Giant ejected LLoyd I think

5 minutes for hit on Joey Martin

5 + Game for Hit to the Head

Andrew Hotham gets 2 + 2 for roughing in same incident

Devils have PP, penalties unclear

Ganzak & Boxill in sinbin for Giants

Joey Martin back on the ice and hits side netting

Gametime 50:02

Ganzak got 2 + 2 for roughing as did Andrew Hotham - all this @ 47:37



Carl Hudson with his 11th of the season assist Chris Culligan

Zach Hervato hits side netting

That of course was a PPG

Gametime 52:07

Giants FS

Missed a penalty Derrick Walser 2 minutes for tripping @ 52:08

Devils still on PP

1 minute of pp left

Texts comimg through out of order

Giants Full Strength

Luke Piggot shoots Stephen Murphy saves @ 55:09

Joey Martin goes close @ 55:23

Stephen Murphy pulled _EARLY

Giants camped in Devils Zone @ 56:48

Lets have an ENG to finish them off


ENG from Joey Haddad (15th)


Ryan Russell his 5th

Final minute

Ryan Russell & Chris Culligan with assists on Joey Haddad goal

Final score Giants 1 DEVILS 4 making it Giants 4 DEVILS 9 on aggregate

DEVILS off to the Final to defend the Challenge Cup

Devils texter tell me it was 3-1, Giants texter tells me it was 4-1

Take your pick - do i care

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

It must have been 3-1 why David Mercer say it was 4-1 when he left the O don't know

KettDevil says Joey Haddad, Zach Hervato & Joey Martin were superb throughout

Our thanks to Giants fan David M, and our usual Devils ace texters JKettDevil, Gerald & JohnWilding

As Gerald says were are off to the Final

Thats all from me, join me on Thursgay night when the Devils are in Kirkcady chasing 2 league points from the Flyers