Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Sheffield Steelers

Welll what a great result for the boys last night at the House of Foil. They need to consolidate that with a win tonight at the BBT. But beware the wounded animal that is the Steelers.

Join me (Russky) from 5:15pm for the usual pre game build up, latest scores and match text commentary once the puck drops.

Dont forget to send your predictions and comments to and I will do my best to include them during the build up and first period.

Untill then I hope you enjoy a restful afternoon.

Untill then I hope you enjoy a restful afternoon.

Good Afternoon one and all.

Well tonight is a big game and no mistake. A win is a must and then to Belfast on Tuesday for a game that doubles up as a League and cup semi final 2nd leg all rolled into one

But lets not get to far ahead of ourselves! its a sell out tonight at the BBT as it was to be the last game but as we now all know, thats been postponed until next weekend.

Nottingham and Coventry both obviously wanted an early nite so they have been underway since 4pm. the current score is 2-2.

Edinburgh and Manchester are just about to face off, I wounder if it will be another goal fest like the last game between these two, a few weeks ago.

Joey Martin must like playing the Steelers as he has amassed 18 goals against them since playing for the Devils. Also Jason Hewitt seems set to make his 800th appearance, which no mean achievement.

I am just waiting for the texters for this game, Simon and Claire to report in.

Tom Darnell is scheduled to referee this game according to the EIHL website.

I dont think he is very high on the Easter present list of the Steelers fans after disallowing that goal last night, but it was redirected by skate of the Steelers player, not his stick.

The warm up should be underway by now at the BBT.

The first predictions have rolled into the inbox of Pat reckons on a 3-2 win for the Devils where as Rob Batch predicts a real heavyweight Battle Royale with the Devils winning 3-1 but it will be tough.

Blaze and Panthers are still locked at 2-2 at the NIC

Another prediction, this time from Hazel in Southend, she goes for a 4-2 win

it almost goes without saying: for the Devils

The atmosphere inisde the BBT is cranking up some in anticipation of this game.

its going to be a special night in the BBT.

my texters are 5 mins away from the BBT, they must have got held up in traffic or looking for a parking space which will be at a premium.

Intros just starting now.

Both teams on their respective blue lines. Hendrikx icing tonight!

Culligan is a fit scratch and rested tonight.

Edinburgh 1 Manchester 2

texters report the atmosphere is rocking and buzzing already

Shannon Hope and Vez Sacratini introduced to the crowd to a rapturous reception from the crowd.

Anthems done.

Darnell drops the puck to start the game

Bowns makes an early save.

Lord gets hit by O connor but is ok

Steelers exerting early pressure

Devils are controversially called for icing,

Devils clear zone and go on attack forcing glove save from Pinc

Coyle shot cleared away


Assisted by Martin and Doucet at 4:05

game stopped repairs required to ice by boards .

Sheffield Whinging already!

play resumed. Martin denied a goal by Pinc save.

Devils icing. game time 5:23

Bownsy saves again.

Kurka tries a wraparound but the puck is cleared.

Desbiens is trying to goad Hudson into a scrap but Hudson is having nothing to do with it.

Devils pen Morrisette 2 for tripping

Steelers offside.

Hotham clears Devils zone.

Vesterberg shot saved by Bownsy

Devils FS

Bownsy save from Sarich

Hervato hit by Desbiens who in turn gets hit by Hudson

Morrisette Jones and Hotham combine well on D to deny steelers

Devils now offside

no call by Darnell on Desbien tripping

texters speculating that Darnell missed his appointment at Specsavers

Devils shoot across Pinc's crease but no one to tap it home

Martin being hooked right in front of Darnell but still no call

Bowns smothers Legue chance

Hendrikx clears Devils zone

Doucet misses chance having been fed by Salters

pinc saves from Kurka

game time 15:50

Roy misses chance for Steelers.

Devils offiside again.

Bownsy saves again

C'mon Devils give us a goal!

Kurka shoots through traffic but just wide

Hudson intercepts a steelers shot.

Thommmo ranting and raving on the Steelers bench

Devils Penalty Hervato called by Darnell.

selective vision maybe????

Steelers ppg by Mosienko

Assist Roy

Bownsey with a vital glove save.

steelers goal by Stromberg

assist Desbiens and Moyer


and thats the end of a frantic period.

Latest scores: Edinburgh 1 Manchester 3; Dundee 0 Braehead 1

RESULT Panthers 4 Blaze 2

what a game so far. Devils need to start the next period hard and fast and pull that goal back ASAP.

no need to panic yet though!

Both teams back on the ice.

Devils were out first perhaps signalling an intent in the tent !

sorry folks that was bad!!!

Devils icing

no pens against steelers so far, hope that changes.

another devils icing. taking no chances in their own D zone

Martin collides with Fitzgerald near the boards

Tyson Marsh spotted in the BBT

he has been away getting expert diagonosis on his concussive injury


after Bownsy denies 3 man steeler breakaway

assist to Lord and hudson @ 24:36

Devils offside

Hendrikx checks nelson into the boards

but apparrently get away with it

O connor boarding on Kurka again no call from Darnell

Bownsy makes a stick save.

hi intensity game from both teams

A ryan russell pass not capitalised on by any devils player

Kurka to Hotham to Doucet Puck into the side netting

big scramble infront of Pinc

O connor checks Haddad but still no call from Darnell

Pinc forced to make sprawling save.

Morrisette shoots wide from FO

Richardson intercepts a mosienko breakaway

SOGs 1st period 9 on Bowns 7 on Pinc

Fournier and Hudson logging lots of shifts on D

Kurka puts in a hit on Fitzgerald. I hope he regret it later

Hervato shoots wide after a steeler boarded Kurka . no call from Darnell again.

Steelers shoot wide of Bownsy

at last Darnell calls a pen against steelers 2 minutes for boarding by Cullen Eddy


Bownsy clears sheffield chance

Steelers FS

Steelers icing. Texters feel Devils should have made more on that PP opportunity

Devils Pen Haddad

2 minutes for high sticks @33:45


Bowns saves from Roy

Bownsy alert as ever

he has to be

Hendrikx hits Eddy on Blue line, probably for that boarding

a very feisty game.

Lordo pushed into Steelers net by Moyer

who gets 2 minutes for roughing @ 36:17


Fitz tries to jump Hotham

Phillips and Haddad both get roughing pens @ 37:02

Devils goal waived off by Darnell

Correcction to pens FItzgerald and Hotham in bin not Phillips and Haddad. Both teams to FS now

no explanation why Devils goal was waived off.

End of Period 2-2

I need to lie down in a darkened room after that!!!!

Latest scores: Edinburgh 1 Manchester 4; Dundee 1 Braehead 1

SOGs 2nd period 5 on Pinc 8 on Bowns

at least the Devils won that period 1-0. Now for a big 3rd from the boys!!!

C'mon you Devils!!

Steelers and Devils back on the ice.

still no word on why the goal was disallowed

puck dropped and we are underway

speculation that there was a man in crease as reason for why goal was wiped off

Steelers score

Stromberg from sarich and Moyer @40:36


assists to Kurka and Haddad @ 41:50

Roy scores assist sarich and stromberg


Steelers Legue 2 minutes for tripping 43:15

Fitzgerald tries to hit hudson but falls over.

Devls offside

GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL Kurka from salters and Russell @ 45:07 ppg

Steelers miss empty net!!!!

Hendrikx has a shot saved

doucet and eddy tussle on boards Fitzy lays a hit on Hudson

Devils icing

Bownsy saves

Nelson high sticks Mosienko by accident

Steelers goal. Mosienko scores

assist nelson.

Devils bench pen too many men

Kurka serves the pen.

11:21 remaining in period

High glove save by Bownsy

Face off in the Devils zone

Morrisette chases down puck to squeal zone

sorry Steelers zone

47 more seconds to kill

Hervato clears zone

Hotham now clears the zone after dump and chase by Steelers

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for tripping @50:41

bench pen killed now 5 on 4

KILL KILL KiLL this pen

Face off in the Devils zone

Lord to Russell down the ice

Martins stick held no call by Darnell

13 secs left to kill

Devils FS

no more pens now boys!!!

Atmosphere is ramping up again at the BBT

Mosienko shoots wide.

Hudson shot deflected over

Face off in the Steelers zone

5:20 left in regulation

C'mon Devils

Haddads shot deflected away by pinc

Hothams shot saved by Pinc

Desbiens leaves ice injured following collision with Bowns

Devils pen Hudson 2 minutes for interference @ 56:22

Russells shot saved by pinc

Hervato shot blocked

Devils FS

Final 2 mins

C'mon Devils

Final Minute

Bownsy pulled, A tactic i dont like!

but if it gives us a goal then great

Steelers Delay of game pen

Desbiens back on ice

hotham shot saved!

hotham shot saved!

game over

Drat Drat and tripple Drat !

2 points out of 4. honours even. Devils 2 points ahead with one game in hand over the Steelers

Crowd voting Darnell for Steelers MOM

Steelers MOM Stromberg

Devils MOM Josh Batch

Thanks to the hardworking texters Simon and Claire tonight. Well done great job and we couldnt have had MNL without your help. Shame about the result but Sheffield dont gain any ground on us at the top.

Dundee Beat Braehead 2-1 so a little good came out of tonight!

Manchester Beat Edinburgh 4-1

Join OJ on Tuesday. We are hoping to have coverage here of the game in Belfast for 2 more league points and a place in the Challenge cup final - HOPEFULLY!

Until then Nos Da Pawb!