Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Edinburgh Capitals

OJ here at MNL checking in early to ensure we have everything set up for tonights game against the Capitals.

Lets hope we can bring you better news from the Tent tonight after last nights disappointment.

Remember e-mail me at with your score predictions for tonights game

Just 101 days 23 hours and 45 minutes to go before the Welsh Sporting Event of the Year

I wonder if it is correct that we have Michael Hicks for four games on the trot

That is almost like the old days when we had Nico Toemen as referee no matter where or who we played

Carl calls it a 4-2 win for the Devils; Gareth predicts a 5-0 win for the Devils I'll have a pint of whatever he's drinking

Jill in Bonnie Scotland sees it as a 5-4 win for the Capitals with a hat-trick for Hurtibuse

Tom is hoping for a 6-3 win for the Devils

Chris from the Stingrays is hoping for a Devils win. "I wonder why?"

Nigel Boniface is in charge tonight, so much for the rumour that Mr Hicks was with us for the duration

Capitals fans out in force predicting a win for their team, more of a hope from Olly though

The ice is ready

Capitals take to the ice

Poor crowd by all accounts

Devils are out on the ice

Ruth (in work for a change) calls it 3-1 Devils

Very poor crowd tonight

Not a soul in one of the Sponsor blocks

Capitals have a full bench, three lines + 2 netminders

Start delayed due to lighting issues

That should stop you we used to play at the old Durham Rink when it was almost dark

I remember once when the light failed at Durham, we were in the dressing room and the only light we had was Heathers pupil torch

Anthem over

Devils start with Jarvis, Teplitsky, Elich, Prich & Silverthorn

Devils penalty @ 0:16 Silverthorn - interference

Pasi save @ 0:38 on a Devils SH breakaway

Capitals shot deflected high @ 1:21

Puck out of play @ 1:49

Aubry save @ 1:53

I'm off to Virgin, Ruth at BT puts Durham in Scotland

I'm off to Virgin, Ruth at BT puts Durham in Scotland

Well I suppose it might as well be

Latulippe has a good shot saved by Pasi

Devils kill penalty

Devils offside @ 4:01

Towe scores a Pasi @ 5:06

Its the puck we need to put in the net

My texters are freezing at the Tent

Good save Aubry @ 5:28

Capitals miss empty net

Puck out of play @ 6:34 following Devils shot

Maciver hits pipes @ 7:11

Capitals net off its moorings

David in Belfast joins us and calls a 2-1 win for the Caps

Devils are playing much better tonight, passing and creating chances

9 minutes gone in opener

Pasi save @ 10:24

It is not MNL fault that ih-update has a 7:00 face off for the game

Devils forwards are carrying puck into Capitals end

But Devils D are still dumping the puck much to the annoyance of the fans

This team should be showed tapes of old Devils games

Devils penalty Aubry delay of game @ 10:01

Time of penalty 10:51 Stone serves penalty

Devils net off its mooring @ 11:38

Matt Elich showing his frustration with dump & chase

How can we attract (& keep) skillful players if we carry on like this

Devils kill penalty

Neil, yes I agree things can only get better - but when??

Lino gets hit by a puck and limps into sin-bin

Capitals goal @ 14:22

Capitals 1st goal scored by Cassell un-assisted

Capitals goal came after Hartwick tried to clear the puck, it hits somebodies leg and rebounds into the Devils goal

Devils penalty @ 15:42 Voth - x-checking

Voth cross-checked Stefishen who was discussing handbags with Maciver a stupid penalty after just going a goal down

Voth penalty killed

Devils hit cross-bar @ 18:25

Devils penalty @ 18:32 Latulippe - hi sticks

Are they trying to gift this game to the Capitals

Capitals 2nd goal scored @ 18:58 ppg

Scored by Horne assist Hurtabuise

In the old days this is one interval that I would not enter the dressing room but keep busy outside

end of 1st period DEVILS 0 Capitals 2

We are playing better by all accounts but taking stupid penalties as usual

You can't cough up FOUR powerplay opportunies to any team, they are bound to convert at least one.

it will be interesting to see what Shinny has to say when we meet up in the week, at least he has missed the dismal performances of this weekend by being in Canada

I didn't know that the Devils had the best penalty kill in the league.

However the indication I use is PK% + PP% and aim for 110

Both teams back on the ice for the 2nd period

We are off for the 2nd period

Lets hope for some Devils Goals

Capitals icing at 22:17

Pasi save @ 22:30


Awesome save by Pasi @ 23:09

Pasi pulling off save after save at start of 2nd period

Devils hit pipes, we need micro bore

Atmosphere much better tonight, pity is that the teram is nor that much better than last night

Capitals penalty @ 24:30 Dustin - roughing

Devils first pp of the game


Devils 1st goal scored @ 25:33 by Latulippe assist Prpich ppg

Aubry save @ 26:16

Capitals penalty @ 27:18 Dustin - x-checking

Lets do it aqgain

DEvils Goal

DEVILS 2nd goal scored @ 28:01 ppg

Devils 2nd goal scored by Latulippe unassisted

Devils 2nd goal scored bty Towe

Devils penalty @ 29:02 Jarvis - interference

Apologies for confusion texts arriving out of sequence

Devils offside @ 30:11

Capitals offside @ 30:46

Capitals offside @ 30:46

Devils return to full strength

32 minutes gone, end to end

Devils getting shots on target

Capitals hit pipes and disslodges net @ 32:37

Devils penalty @ 32:50 Prpich - charging

Capitals 3rd goal a ppg scored @ 33:59

Capitals 3rd goal scored by Cassell, assist Perkins

35 minutes gone

Aubry save @ 35:18

Capitals penalty @ 35:31 Stefishen - hooking

Lets have another ppg Devils

Pasi save @ 36:14

Where have all my e-mailers gone?

Devils offside @ 36:31

Thata a minute of the pp gone

Capitals kill penalty - with ease I'm told

Devils offside again @ 37:59

Well at least they are going forward

Neil says Antiques Roadshow is more exciting

Capitals icing @ 38:33

39 minutes gone

DEVILS 3rd Goal scored @ 39:35

Scored by Maciver, assists Elich & Jarvis

Well done the D

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Capitals 3

There is no pleasing my texters - Devils all over the shop but better than last night

Stefishen looking for a fight by all accounts, so lets get the game won and then oblige him

After being dumped on his backside he will have an unpleasant journey back to Scotland

Can't understand why the Coventry Hull game is shown as being 1st period with a 6:00 face off Well that ih-update for you stick with MNL

Just a single period game as both teams go for those 2 points, important to the Devils to resore moral after last night but crucial for the Capitals as they chase that play off spot

3 minutes before action re-commences at the Tent

Smallest crowd of the season around 1,000

Devils will do well to get over 1,000 in for both Wednesday and Thursday night games against Phoenix

Both teams return to the ice

WE are off for the 3rd period

Pasi save @ 40:30

Devils have started 3rd much better looking as if they mean business

Pasi save @ 42:28

Devils creating some good chances but they have to beat Pasi who is impressive

Yet another Pasi save @ 43:18

45 minutes gone Aubry has only touched the puck twice this period so far

Devils icing @ 45:26

Gareth I agree with you much surgery is needed on this Devils squad if we have any hope to return to the glory days or even tread water with the top teams

47 minutes gone and Devils looking dangerous at long last

Pasi save @ 47:43

Apologies for not bringing you SoG but my sources cannot get the info

Prpich breakaway leads to another good Pasi save @ 48:35

Aubry net off its moorings @ 48:55

No penalties Devils this game is too close for any stupid penalties

Nigel Boniface must be having a good game, co complaints about him from my texters

Capitals penalty @ 49:42 Christie 2+10 - check from behind

Devils hit pipes

Stefishen sitting out the minor

50 minutes gone

Devils getting loads of shots away on pp

Puck out of play @ 51:06

Lets make this last 30 seconds of pp work

Capitals kill penalty

Pasi miss handles puck @ 51:45 but Boniface whistles game down, Devils not happy

Voth floors Garside @ 52:10

53 minutes gone, Devils unable to convert the numerous chances they have created

Pasi save @ 53:25

Stefishen still looking for a fight

Pasi saves again @ 53:56

Capitals call a time-out @ 54:04

Puck out of play @ 54:54

Its gone very quiet

Devils icing @ 56:04

Devils icing @ 56:04

Just get that single goal DEvils

Elich is losing it, he is setting everyone up a treat and they can't control the puck

I just hope he likes Welsh girls

Amazing Pasi save from Elich

Devils icing @ 57:03

Capitals icing @ 57:23

Devils offside @ 58:02

Final two minutes still 3-3

Silverthorn floors Cingel


CAPITALS 4th goal @ 58:55 on a breakaway

Capitals goal scored by Perkins, assists for Cassell & Bonello

Time Out Devils

Aubry pulled with 22 seconds left

Final Score DEVILS 3 Capitals 4

Well done to the Capitals, they needed that as Hull are winning at Coventry



Thanks to Chris & Sharlene my texters in chief try and get to one or both the mid week games as the Club needs you, I might make my own comeback this week if I get back from Cheltenham in time

Thats all from me OJ until the next time