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Sheffield Steelers 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Devils game in Sheffield that will go some way to determine the League title race

Score predictions as usual welcome to

We are still looking for texters for this game as many of our regulars have decided to stay in windswept South Wales

If you can help out or know of someone who can text MNL on 07527 625206

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for MNL's unique coverage

Warmup underway at Sheffield

Nathan joins us tonight as a texter and reports that Leigh Salters is icing and Trevor Hendrikx might not be

Hes checking

It appears that Chris Culligan is on D duty tonight

Mark G would be happy with a point, a win would be MASSIVE

Rod D predicts a 5-4 win dor Devils in O/T

Russky is hoping for a Devils win in regulation (preferably) or in O/T. A point for an O/T loss would also be acceptable

Nathan T our new textrer has never seen the Devils lose in the Rusty Shed

KettDevil confirms no Trevor Hendrikx

Warmup completed

Maia & JohnWildthing have now reported in.

Thomas M says 3-1 Devils - he hopes so say all of us

Hazel says 4-2 to Devils. I bet its nicer in Southend than it is in windswept Cardiff - What a day

Every race meeting at ffos Las to date in 2016 has been abandoned. 8am inspection tomorrow to see if racing is possible

I am moving to India, monsoon weather cannot be as bad as what we have to endure

Theres even heavy rain in Tenerife this weekend with the barranca having raging torrents

thanks to KettDevil and rachael for being standy texters

Their tours of duty will come next week in Belfast & Fife

Rob Batch says 4-2 to Devils after a hard fought game

He also suggests Cardiff as a venue for mass SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING

Pete in Southend goes for a 5-1 Devils victory and says its wet and miserable there as well

John M in Destin, Florida 21C sunny no clouds calls it 5-3 to Devils

The longest intro in pro hockey is going on and on

Kurt is enjoying his pizza more than the intro

Steelers slowly make their way onto the ice

Devils could have had a pizza & a pint whilst waiting

Tom Darnell is the man ion charge

Storm 4 Stars 1 after10 minutes

Marek Pinc in net for Steelers

Ben Bowns for Devils

Puck dropped

RED ARMY in fine voice

Steelers icing

Steelers Goal

@ 2:51

scored by Tyler Mosienko

Assist Jace Coyle

Lucky tip gave Ben Bowns no chance

Devils under pressure

Brent Walton & Mark Smith sitting with RED ARMY

very quiet from House of Rust

Steelers penalty Tyler Mosienko 2 minutes for tripping @ 8:23


Maria says there is not much atmosphere at Arena

50 secs of PP remains

Devils Penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for elbowing @ 10:09

KILL DEVILS KILL as Steelers go on PP

Devils clear zone 1 minute killed

Josh Batch clears zone

Devils Full Strength

Devils finding it hard to retain possession

Devils blocking shots as if their lives depended on it

Ben Bowns earing his keet tonight as Devils give up numerous giveaways

Gametime 17:03

Maria says Devils should take more shots at Pinc

Pinc glove save from Zach Hervato

Guillaume Doucet offside @ 18:24

Final minute

Nathan says Devils starting to contest more in neutral ice

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

Maria says - Not the greatest first period, Devils looked scared, hopes they get fired up in 2nd

SoG for 1st period Steelers 11 DEVILS 7

KettDevils period report - Too many annonymous players and too many mistakes. Vez has just gone into Devils dressingroom, hopefully he has his skates with him

Glynne says only one team in it

Disappointing so far; very little spark, too few shots and Hudson and Hervato aside, absolutely no aggression. Reminiscent of the last performance at the House of Tin, pick it up Devils! Jim from a weekend in Tenby

Clan 0 Flyers 1 after 1 period

Clan 0 Flyers 1 after 1 period

Ice is ready

Nathan thinks Devils need to forecheck and start pining the Steelers back

teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Brian Parker is confident Devils will take over the game in the nezt two periods and win 3-1

Kett devil thought we were lucky to get away with 1-0 as Steelers had at least 4 gilt edge chances. Devils are playing too deep with three skaters back in their zone which meands the 2 up front are out muscled

Sheffield icing @ 21:59

Steelers goal Tyler Mosienko

Assists Ben O'Connor & Desbiens @ 23:05

Gleason Fournier fell leaving clear route to goal

Ben Bowns save @ 23:33

Mathieu Roy given assist on Steelers 1st goal

Maria says atmosphere is still rubbish

Come U RED ARMY make some noise

Devils offside

gametime 24:25

RED ARMY of around 200 in Sheffield

Andrew Lord taking on Zack Fitzgerald in front of Steelers net

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for slashing @27:41


Game has become more feisty

1:09 of PK left

Ben Bowns save from Cullen Eddy

last 30 secs of PK

Devils Full Strength

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE


Tomas Kurka with his 20th ofd the season

@ 30:27

Devils penalty Leigh Salters 2 minutes for slashing @ 31:04


Heroic block by Andrew Lord

Assist for Chris Culligan on Devils opener

Ben Bowns save with 17 secs of PK left

Steelers icing

7 secs of PK remains

Devils Full Strength

Steelers penalty called

@ 33:07 Cullen Eddy 2 minutes for interference

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

1 minute of PP left


A PPG no less

@ 35:02

Andrew Lord with his 11th of the season

Assists for Jake Morissette & Carl Hudson

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for tripping @ 35:57


A rubbish call says Nathan

STeelers score but waved off

That will upset Mr Simms & Co

Glynne are the Devils playing better?

Devils Full Strength

Final minute

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 2

Maria says better from the Devils but still not good enough. DEVILS need a massive 3rd period to win this game

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 10 DEVILS 7 making it 21-14 after 2 periods

KettDevil's period report - What a turnaround, after dross in 1st period this game is turning into a classic. We have 2 heavtweight teams slugging it outand neither is giving an inch.. At the centre of it coach Lord is giving everything

Funny enough, after the drab first twenty minutes, we see a period of up tempo, hard Devils play and we get two goals. Whatever the result, if we play like that in the third we can hold our heads high. Would be nice to rub Thompson's face in it and finish the Steelers and their brand of hipster Hockey off though...Up The Devils! Jim in Tenby.

Your comments are always welcomed at MNL especially in the breaks

Lets hope Rob Batch had it on the nail 4-2 to Devils he said

you can do U DEVILS

Just 20 more miles

Not saying Tenby is not exotic but how is this game going down in Florida John Mason

Did they ban "hen parties" in Tenby like they threatened

Jim any hens about

Ice is ready

Lets bag that next goal U DEVILS

Jim got kicked out of the hen party - his wig wasn't up to scratch. he wants a Devils win to save his night

Simmsy that dumb oracle says its a season defining period coming up

Teams back

3rd period underway

Joey Haddad shoots high @ 41:00

KettDevils has come off the bench to text fopr this period

Jake Morissette then goes close @ 41:39

Russ Moyer is down hurt - blocked a shot with his ankle

Leigh Salters has shot cleared off the line @ 43;02

Steelers icing

Devils now playing uptempo hockey

Russ Moyer is obviously in agony rolling about on Steelers bench


Joey Martin with his 25th of the season

@ 43:39

Assist Guillaume Doucet

Lets have another goal U DEVILS i don't mind being greedy

Its all DEVILS at the moment

Andrew Lord fires over

Gametime 46:02


Ryan Russell (4th) @ 48:44

Assist Tomas Kurka

RED ARMY going nuts

Some argument amongst texters who score I DONT CARE SO LONG AS ITS A GOAL

Siege of Pinc goal, Steelers look shellshocked

Gametime 50:17

Come on U DEVILS tight defensive game NO ERRORS, NO TURNOVERS

JohnWildthing says its just incredible

A period of calm returns to the game

Gametime 51:46

great save by Ben Bowns @ 52:20

How right you were John Mason in Florida, Devils as usual have picked it up in 3rd

Zach Hervato hitting anything that moves

Gametime 54:21

How right you were John Mason in Florida, Devils as usual

Gametime 55:03

Gametime 55:15

I agree with KettDevil I have 2 goal leads so give us another goal U DEVILS

Steelers pressure @ 55:45

Gametime 56:20

Come on U DEVILS clear your zone

3 minutes to go

Gametime 57:15

Maria says she is anxious - what about us

Steelers Offside @ 57:44

Pinc lifted

gametime 58:43

Time out Steelers

KettDevil says best atmosphere in away block for years

game restarts

Final minute

Ryan Russell throws himself yet again to block a shot

34 secs left

14 secs

Steelers goal @ 59:47

Tyler Mosienko hattrick goal

7 secs left Face off in the Steelers zone

Final Score Steelers 3 DEVILS 4

What a win, what a TEAM

Maria says RED ARMY are very happy, it might be the beer talking mind you

KettDevil says epic win, guts, courage and determination, Ryan Russell, Zach Hervato & Andrew Lord outstanding

He adds that why he travels so many miles to watch the team


our thanks to Maria, JohnWildthing and newbie Nathan and also to KettDevil who guided us through that 3rd period

Zach Hervato hitting anything that moves

Steelers MoM - Tyler Mosienko

Clan 1 Flyers 5 Final score

Blaze 1 Giants 2 result, Storm 7 Stars 5 result

Thats all from me , Russky will be here tomorrow night when the Devils have to repeat the task otherwise tonights efforts are not worth a jot

Weather permitting its racing for me followed by a dose of MNL later