Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Coventry Blaze

It may be the Start of the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament today, but as Wales arent playing until tomorrow, we can fully focus on the BBT and todays game against the Coventry Blaze. Join me (Russky) from 6:30pm for the usual Matchnight shenanigans and Match text updates once the Puck drops.

Please send your predictions and comments to I will do my best to include them with the match updates.

Until then stay dry and warm and have a good day.

Hello again. My, how it has rained today. Anyone for waterpolo? No? ok then lets settle down and cheer on the Devils instead!

Mike Hicks has been appointed to referee tonights encounter at the BBT with Linos Motton and Rose in attendance to assist.

other games tonight are : Dundee @ Manchester; Belfast @ Sheffield; Braehead @ Nottingham and finally .Fife hosting Edinburgh

My texters Simon and Claire have reported as arrived at the BBT

Hoping for a favour from the Panthers this evening with a win over the Clan!

Only had one prediction thus far from Pat who forecasts a win for the Devils by 3 goals.

Hoping the Panthers beat the Clan and even a Belfast win at the House of Foil will help the Devils too.

Warm up drawing to a close.

Both Salters and Kurka icing tonight but Trevor Hendrikx sits this one out. i bet Messrs Tanaka Lawrence and Noble are relieved!

OJ predicts a Devils win by 4 goals. He is a bit miffed that the rain put pay to him getting his horse racing fix.

OJ will be your host tomorrow night for the first leg of the Challenge Cup Semi.

Rob Batch halves his prediction from last week and foresees a 5-0 win for the Devils.

Dundee and Manchester are underway up in Altrincham.

Even though I hope Belfast will win tonight in regulation, I also hope that Sheffield give them a good physical game tonight and thus soften them up for the Devils tomorrow. Not that I want much!!!

The Officials are on the ice so that means the lights are dimmed and the Intros are immenant

Teams now lined up on their respective Blue Lines

Valablik wearing full face mask.

very quiet on the predictions front

Lets go Devils!!!!

we are off an running! the puck is dropped.

Hervato checks Issacs into next week

Long range shot from Noble save by Bowns

early pressure from Blaze.

Breakaway halted by Stewart Save.

Blaze preesuring Devils net but no one there to finish

Manchester 1-0 Dundee

Face off in the Blaze zone

Bowns denies Pietrus

Doucet spills the puck to a Blaze player. Lauzon shot saved by Bowns.

Blaze Pen Lauzon 2 minutes for boarding


scored by Kurka

a PPG no less @5:14

Stewart prevents a 2nd goal

OJ says that the Devils have now qualified for the play offs and he is surprised no one has mentioned it!

Blaze icing

Assists to Douet and Russell on Devils goal

Glove save by Bowns from Pietrus shot

Tait down on ice injured


assist salters and Hothan @ 8:29

Culligan playing on D

end to end stuff now

Stewart saves from Martin

Face off in the Blaze zone

Face off in the Devils zone

I told you it was end to end!

Tait closed down before he could get a shot off

Stewart kicks puck away but no one to seize on the rebound

Haddad on Breakaway but misses.

texters report Valablik is quiet tonight

Salters is a powerhouse.

Bownsy saves a shot from Venus

Fournier leaves loose puck which is covered by Bowns

Stick save by Bownsy

Martin chases a Doucet pass in vain

Blaze goal

scored by Brett Robinson @17:02

Devils Pen Hervato2 minutes for slashing @17:44

Hudson having his hands full keeping tabs on Tanaka

Martin ices the puck to allow for line change

final minute of 1st

Morrisette just misses out on a chance

Devils FS

and thats it for the 1st

Latest scores: Fife 0 Edinburgh 0; Manchester 1 Dundee 0; Nottingham 0 Clan 1; Sheffield 0 Belfast 1

The last prediction comes from Jan James in Merthyr, who goes for a Devils 4-2 win

time for a little non alcoholic liquid refreshment me thinks

assists on the Blaze goal go to Walker and Tanaka

Cant be long now to the start of the second.

and the teams are back on the ice.

and we are off for the second

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy is on his game again tonight!

another save from Bownsy this time from Valablik

doucet to Martin who glides the puck down the ice

Devils trying to keep the Blaze penned back in their own D zone

but they breakaway and force Bowns to cover the puck

Hervato to Doucet but Doucet is being held No call from Hicks

Doucet shoots but Stewart saves

Hotham takes a hit from Tanaka and skates to the Devils bench

Hicks gives Lauzon 5 + game

for a check from Behind

for a check from Behind

Devils pressurizing the Blaze goal

Peppering Stewart with shots

Blaze D holding firm

Chav pen Isaacs 2 minutes for Delay of Game

Devils have 5 on 3 PP

Steve Bozzinetti reckons it was harsh on Lauzon

Morrisette shot lacks power and is saved easily

Hotham back on the ice

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze FS

Haddad chases loose puck in Blaze zone

scored by Jorgeson following sloppy defensive play by Devils

assists Robinson and Fisher at 29:20

Crowd shouts cheat cheat cheat as Stewart dislodges the net

Doucet and then Hotham hit the puck into the side netting

Lord grabbed by the throat, but no call from Hicks who is nearby

Atmosphere in the BBT is ramped up a few notches.

Russell shot saved by Stewart

Lord shoots high and wide

Blaze icing!

Noble and Stewart collide.

Blaze pen

Quesnele 2 minutes for cross-checking @35:48

Blaze FS Ineffective Devils PP

Hotham spills puck but Bowns saves resulting shot

Devils Pen Hudson 2 minutes for hooking @ 37:46

1: 35 left in 2nd

Bownsy saves again

Tanaka goes off ice hurt

thats a wrap for the 2nd 2-2

Blaze playing on the break

SOGs 27 on Stewart and 11 on Bowns (total for first two periods)

Latest scores Fife 5 Edinburgh 0; Manchester 4 Dundee 1; Nottingham 3 Braehead 2; Sheffield 1 Belfast 2

Please keep your comments coming to

players back out for the third period

puck dropped

Blaze applying early pressure in 3rd

lino gets in the way preventing the Devils from clearing their zone

Martin then Doucet shoot the puck but to no avail

Bowns saves from Cowley

Stewart now covers the puck

Martin to Doucet, Saved!

Stewart falls back into his own goal

Devils now upped the pace and relentlessly pressuring the Blaze goal

Face off in the Blaze zone

The crowd up the volume levels

Bownsy saves from a Blaze breakaway

1ll mins left in 3rd

Hervato takes the puck up the ice


Jake MO scores assist from Lord and Hervato @ 49:48

Lord tripped but no call from Hicks

Pen Blaze

Time out Devils

Correction Hicks did call it delayed!!!! Robinson 2 minutes for tripping



ppg at @ 51:46

assists Hudson and Morrisette

Haddad and Valablik exchange pleasantries

eventhough Valablik is wearing a full face cage

Scramble in front of Blaze goal but came to nothing.

Bownsy saves again 5 min left

Devils camped in Blaze zone

Bownsy saves again

Devils pen

Blaze call time out

2 mins Doucet tripping

Stewart pulled

Come on Devils give us an ENG

Russell blocks blaze shot

approaching final two minutes

51 seconds remaining


ENG from Martin

38 seconds left.

DJ playing we're gonna win

some Chav fans leaving early!!!

GAME OVER Devils win 5-2

Blaze MOM Brett Robinson

Devils MOM Joey Martin

Result Manchester 5 Dundee 2; Latest Score: Nottingham 5 Clan 3; Sheffield 4 Belfast 2: Fife 7 Edinburgh 1

A great many thanks to our texters this evening: Simon and Claire, your updates were great.

Nottingham have done the Devils a big favour by beating Breahead. Unfortunately Sheffield beat Belfast but hopefully gave them a tough hard game.

Thats it from me for tonight, OJ will be with you tomorrow as Belfast visit the BBT for the first leg of the Challenge Cup Semi Final. Until then I bid you a good evening. NOS DA PAWB