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Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL as we welcome the Edinbugh Capitals to the BBT

After last nights brilliant 3-0 at Nottingham the Devils will be kee to bag another 2 points

Score predictions (+ comments) to ASAP

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for MNL coverage, the envy of other EIHL clubs

Welcome to MNL on a wild and windy night, the old BBT only has to stay up for a few more weeks/days and it can wander off to wherever BBT go to

Who would have thought 2 years ago that the Devils would play the Capitals in the BBT in front of close on 2,200 fans

How things have changed.!!!

Mark G wants us to give the Capitals a 3 goal start before Devils win by a cricket score

Pat predicts another Devils win with a 4 point weekend pocketed

Rob Batch predicts that the Capitals are going to be stuffed 10-0

Neve J calls it 5-3 Devils

It would appear Leigh Salters is a Devils scratch

Unbelieveably Riley Emmerson is playing

Warmup drawing to a close at BBT

Devils by 4 goals says Brian Parker in Calgary

Devils will win 5-2 says Hazel

Matt Thompson is down to referee this game

Russky predicts a comfortable Devils victory by at least 3 goals

Jon J confirms Capitals have 13skaters but a lot of noisy fans - Bless them

Anthem done

Puck dropped

Ryan Russell shot saved by Chubak

Josh Batch foils Capitals breakaway

Capitals hit post

Plews the shooter

Jake Morissette shots over

Puck out of play

Chubak covers long range shot by Joey Haddad

Gametime 3:04

Capitals working very hard

Ben Bowns covers

Ben Bowns saves from Gerling

Side netting from Zach Hervato

Tony says Gleason Fournier is playing left defence & left wing

Gametime 6:18

Devils having shot after shot at Chubak

Joey Haddad has great chance saved as does Joey Martin

now Andrew Lord goes close

Guillaume Doucet shoots wide

Chubak saves from Gleason Fournier

Its one way traffic at the moment

Chubak saves again as Tomas Kurka gets into the play

Its basically Devils v Chubak

Zach Hervato drives the net

Capitals penalty King 2 minutes for hooking

Phil Bean says Chubak having a stormer

Its one great save after another

Joey Martin goes as close as you can without scoring

Joey Martin hits crossbar

Capitals Full strength

Gametime 10:23

King penalty was at 8;23

Chubak saves from Gleason Fournier after great work behind the goal by Chris Jones

Capitals struggling with Zach Hervato and others

Chubak covers from Zach Hervato

Capitals playing with 4 D men

Trevor Hendrikx slapshot saved


Luke Piggott with his 2nd of the saeson

Buries a Batch rebound

Assists Ryan Russell & Josh Batch

@ 11:59

Big hit by Andrew Lord

Its was Chris Culligan not Gleason Fournier with the assist

I am only reporting 1 in 4 of Chubaks saves as I dont want to suffer a repetitive injury

Zach Hervato hits cross bar

Capitals icing

gametime 14:18

Chubak blocks puck out of bounds

Face off in the Capitals zone

Capitals Offside

Andrew Lord unlucky not to net 2nd goal for Devils

A rare event - Devils haven't had a shot for over a minute

Chubak saves from Tomas Kurka

Then Chubak saves from Trevor Hendrikx

Trevor Hendrikx certainly looking for his 2nd goal of the season

Gametime 17:58

Great forechecking by Joey Haddad

Chubak glove save from Chris Culligan

Capitals Offside

Final minute of opener

Its all devils as period draws to a close

Chuibak pad save from Mark Richardson

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Capitals 0

Tony tells me there were 24 shots on Chubak - awaiting confirmation

Josh's period report - Devils absolutely dominant it would have been 4 or 5 more if it wasnt for Chubak keeing Capitals in this game. More clinical finishing needed

Phil Bean gives us a non texter view on game - devils lucky not to be drawing 1-1 after an early Capitals shot hit the post on the otherhand Capitals are lucky that Chubak is on fire tonight he has had a very tough period but made a lot of massive saves keeping all but 1 shot out. devils need to keep the pressure on him and he will break down.

On texter duty tonight are Josh, Jon J and Tony T with Phil Bean doing period reports

SoG DEVILS 23 Capitals 3

Chris Tone tells me that MNL is on schedule to set a new record for viewers for this season

Teams are back

Period underway

Joey Haddad goes close

Ryan Russell misses when in the slot

Devils are camped in Capitals zone

2 saves by Chubak from Carl Hudson & Gleason Fournier

Ben Bowns covers as Capitals make rare visit

Lino takes pouck to the head/helmet

Hes leaving the ice looking pretty sore

Lino gone to Medical Room

Chubak knocks Puck out of play

Ben Bowns bats puck away

devils peppering the Capitals goal asgain this period

Joey Haddad takes high stick to face - NO CALL

Josh Batch unlucky after good work by Ryan Russell

Devils lay siege to Capitals goal

Lino back

Glove save Chubak from Carl Hudson

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Andrew Hotham shoots wide

All the play is up the Capitals end

Devils can even change lines when in Capitals zone

Capitals goal

Nightmare defending by Gleason Fournier

Gio Raffaeli the scorer

hompson was the scorer

Raffaeli drew a penalty Devils on PP

Gametime 29:11

Capitals goal @ 26:48 scored by Tompson aassists Gerling & Bigos

Chris Jones hit on leg by shot - looks sore

Capitals Full strength

Good save by Ben Bowns

Tony says Devils need to wake up fast

They have let Capitals back into this game

Andrew Hotham goes close


Carl Hudson's shot saved

Russell lifts puck over goal

Devils have had so many chances and failed on all except one

Gametime 33:40

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Massive cross check on Andrew Lord not called

Capitals defending out of their skins

Chubak dives on loose puck

Puck out of play

Clan are losing 2-0 at Fife


No sign of Chris Jones after he got hit

Joey Haddad forces another save

Carl Hudson clears zone

Big hit by Andrew Lord

yet another save by Chubak

As Tony says its ALL DEVILS & ALL CHUBAK


Andrew Hotham 13th of the season assist Joey Martin

@ 39:17

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Capitals 1

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 21 Capitals 4 making it 44-7 after 2 periods

Latest scores elsewhere: Belfast 4 Nottingham 4 (in OT): Coventry 4 Steelers 1; Fife 3 Braehead 1; Dundee 2 Manchester 3

Nottingham beat Belfast 5-4 after a shoot out!

Phil says - pretty much the same report as that after the first period Chubak is keeing Capitals alive here, Caps kskaters looking very tired with their short bench. Gleason Fournier needs to put attacking skater under more pressre as hes leaving them too much space to work with

Blaze 4 Steelers 1 after 45 mins, Flyers 3 Clan 1 after 35 mins

teams back on ice

3rd starts

Chubak saves from Hotham

Carl Hudson shoots wide

decent hit by Zach Hervato

Devils go close

BBT crowd is loud

Devils seem to be on a permament PP

Devils now in a much higher gear

Tonights crowd given as 2,140

Chubak saves from Jake Morissette

Its one save after asnother from Chubak

very physical this period

It had to come - Jon J says Chubak using the force to deny Devils

Gametime 45:07

Chubak saves from Zach Hervato

Josh Batch breaks his stick on a slap shot - take it out of his pay

Tony T says Chubak has been phenomenal tonight

2 Devils crash the net, Chubak covers

Devils making play after play in Capitals zone

Devils have to be careful because Capitals are dangerous when they do breakout

Capitals chanting for coach Riley Emmerson

Capitals icing

Gametime 50:04

Zach Hervato goes close

Face off in the Capitals zone

Ben Bowns called upon to make a save

Zach Hervato goes close yet again

After combining with Tomas Kurka

Steelers lose 4-1 at Coventry

Gametime 52:38

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

A must win game for Devils as scores elsewhere are going our way

Chubak saves again

Capitals looking tired - knackered in fact

Panthers win 5-4 in Belfast after penalties

gametime 54:37


Devils go close is as repetitive as Chubak saves

Blaze beat Steelers 5-1

Capitals icing @ 56:18

Puck out of play

Chubak saves from Guillaume Doucet

Andrew Hotham shots - Guess what happenned

Tony says Chubak is going to have a sore back after carrying his team

Ben Bowns save

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Chubak pulled

Capitals time out

36 secs left

Capitals icing

13 secs left

Capitals icing with 5 secs left

Joey Martin shoots from face off

Final score DEVILS 2 Capitals 1

If Flyers hang on it will have been a great weekend for Devils


RED ARMY Stand to applaud Capitals fans and then for CHUBAK

Chubak credited with 64 saves from 66 shots - he will sleep all the way back to Edinburgh


Our thanks to Tony T, Josh & Jon J for texting and to Phil Bean for his period reports

Latest score from Kirkcady Flyers 3 Clan 1 after 50 minutes

Join us at MNL next weekend when the Devils have 2 games in BBT. League game against the Blaze on Saturday and the 1st leg of the Semi Final of the Challenge Cup against the Giants on Sunday

Two big games which could be the last games at the BBT so get down to support the Devils, if you cannot make it join us here at MNL

Clan pull one back its now 3-2 @ 53:13

Fife win 4-2!! woohoo 4 points and Braehead are beaten. now thats what I call a good weekend!

Flyers win 3-2 to round off a great weekend


PS Flyers acually won 4-2 with ENG @ 59:44