Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 0 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Morning Hockey fans. Please join me (Russky) from 6:30 for coverage of what is a crucial game for the Devils. Having watched the latest ice-time tv interview with Andrew Lord, he was reluctant to call it a 'must win' game but it obviously is.

If you have any predictions or comments please email them to and I will do my best to include them in the coverage provided they are broadcastable.

Until then I hope you enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.

Hello again. Well its a big game and no mistake! Can the Devils repeat the performance they gave last time they were at the NIC and come awaywith the points?

We hope so! As the Panthers in their infinite wisdom (?) neglected to have a webcast of the game available, hopefully there will be alot of people following this game here.

Just waiting for KettDevil and Gerald report in for duty as texters for tonights game.

KettDevil must have read that last post, he has reported in, to say that the Panthers are warming up in shirts with no names on their shirts.

According to the EIHL website Stef Hogarth is the appointed official to referee this game. OH GOOD!

3 predictions have flooded in to the inbox: Rob Batch and Matt Moore both go for 4-3 Devils win where as Pat forecasts a Devils win by 3 goals

There are 3 other games this evening, Manchester have just faced off in Altrincham against Edinburgh; Sheffield host Coventry at the House of Foil; Fife have home ice advantage over Belfast.

My other texter has reported in, Gerald of Red Army Travel fame has arrived safely.

Mark G forsees a 4-2 win for the Devils

Warm up should have finished now

Had a request to mention the UK Forums All Star weekend in July at the IAW (Ice Arena Wales) where they are hoping to raise money for Ty Hafan. Apparrently there is a Ty Hafan hockey team participating. They are also seeking followers on their twitter page @tyhafanhockey

Edinburgh have taken an early lead in Altrincham

Braehead and Fifie played last night with the Clan winning 3-1

4-3 is proving to be a popular score prediction as Phil Egan also goes for that scoreline where as Jan James opts for 5-3 scoreline.

Devils take to the Ice in preparation for the Intros at the NIC

Phil Rowlands goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Panthers now on the Ice for the pre game procedures

Trevor Hendrikx is a scratch for the Devils

Thats a shame I was looking forward to hearing him tangling with Lawrence tonight

Anthems now

and we are underway at the NIC

Edinburgh 2 up now

Cagey opening to this game

Bowns saves from no 18 in Panthers shirt.

Bownsy called into early action making 2 necessary saves.

Stephen Schultz causing loads of problems for the Devils Defensive unit

Bowns saves from Mosey

Clarke hits Kurka hard, no call from Hogarth

Farmer has two shots and misses both

Panthers pen Swindlehurst 2 minutes for interference @ 7:47

Bowns kept busy.

Aggressive PK from Panthers

Panthers back to FS

Hervato hits puck into Panthers Bench

CJ shoots wide

OJ predicts a 2 goal win for Devils.

Panthers cant get out of their own zone

texter reports the NIC being like a Morgue. i think he's referring to the noise levels!

Logan Macmillan shoots but misses

Devils pen Lordo 2 minutes for slashing @13:53

Clarke shoots but its saved well by Bowns

Panthers not offering much threat on PP

Devils FS

Brian Parker in Canada predicts a 4-2 Devils win

Cam Jansen playing dirty as he elbows Salters in face away from refs view

Hand pass by Panthers results in centre ice face off

puck out of play behind Bowns at 16:59

Panthers pen Lawrence 2 minutes for cross-checking @18:18

Wilkman saves from Morrisette

then Haddad shot kicked away

and thats it for the first period 0-0

Richard Best reckons on 3-1 Devils win. thats it for predictions.

KettDevil says its a very tight game that needs a goal to open it up abit.

Blaze 1-0 up at the House of Foil.

Edinburgh 2-1 up in Altrincham at the BBT twin arena.

Time for a cuppa I think.

Fife 1 Belfast 0

Sheffield 1 Coventry 1

Here we go for the second period

Panthers FS

Caps 3 -1 up now against Manchester

Bownsy is earning his corn tonight! Clark forces him to save.

Morrisette thought he'd scored but Wilkman had sat on the puck

Bownsy glove save from Bohmbach

All panthers at the moment

Devils have to weather this burst

Penalty Shot to Salters

but Salters fails miserably failing to get a shot off.

Wilkman adjudged to have deliberately dislodged the goal thus leading to a penalty shot

just as the devils were about to score.

game gone all defensive again.

Martin misses a golden chance

Bownsy working hard to deny the Panthers anything

Panthers pressing hard

for the go-ahead goal

Clarke goes close.

Panthers pen Clarke 2 minutes for cross-checking borne out of frustration


Lord goes close but denied

Good PK so far by panthers

Devils offside at 31:16


a PPG no less

Scored by Morrisette assists Lord and Martin


Devils pen Kurka 2 minutes for hooking @32:46 stupid pen to take

Bownsy saves again.

from Bohmbach

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy holding them at bay

Panthers now offside at 36:00

Hudson and Schultz having words

Hotham gets away with a slashing non call

Devils Icing

game gone quiet again

1 min remaining in 2nd

KettDevil reports that its still a tight game and the Panthers are just edging it but its the Devils who have the telling advantage of a goal.

End of Second 0-1 to Devils.

Latest scores: Manchester 5 Edinburgh 4 (in 3rd ): Fife 2 Belfast 1 (in 2nd); Sheffield 2 Coventry 1 (in 2nd)

SOGs on Bowns 19 on Wilkman 11 NB thats the total after two periods of play

Teams back on the ice for the 3rd

puck drops to start the 3rd

C'mon Devils we want a good third period

NOT a repeat of last week

cagey opening to third

Doucet offiside

as was Salters

Farmer fires the puck straight at Bownsy who covers easily

Panthers forced wide by good defence

lordo misses with shot from the point

sorry Ling not Lord both wearing #71

Panthers offside at 45:07

Devils icing

Devils playing on counter attack, aka road trip hockey

poor call against Fournier

2 minutes for interference @46:50

Bowns covers

Devils FS

game time 49:23


Fournier a one timer from the poiint

eihl gamesheet has it as scored by salters assists Martin and Fournier

@ 49:50



assisted by Martin

Panthers D torn in two by rapier Devils attack

Wilkman saves from Martin

texters report Devils defending with relative ease

Myers digging for puck under Bowns.

Haddad hits the right post of Wilkman

Panthers looks a beaten team!

dispirited was the word used by one of the texters

Ben nailed on for MOM i'd say

Hudson also been outstanding.

Kurka shoots just wide

Wilkman pulled

Lets have a ENG Devils

2 mins still left

1:21 remaining

1 min left

Game over Devils win with a shut out ! Woooo HOOO

texters say it was a very good road performance

Ben Bowns outstanding!

Devils MOM Bownsy

Panthers MOM Stephen Schultz

Result Manchester 8 Edinburgh 5; Fife 2 Belfast 3 (in play in 3rd); Sheffield 2 Coventry 2 (in 3rd)

Thanks to our magic texters Gerald and KettDevils who kept me updated throughout the game. Safe journey home guys!!!

Join OJ tomorrow night as he hosts MNL coverage of Edinburgh's visit to the BBT. I think they might be fearing that game some.

Until then, Nos Da Pawb.