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Cardiff Devils 10 - 6 Dundee Stars

Welcome to the BBT as the Devils defend a 3 goal advantage in this 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup 1/4 final against the Dundee Stars

The winner will take on the Belfast Giants in the semi final

Score predictions + comments to

As usual for these 2 legs games the MNL scoreline will give the aggregated score

So don't worry the game hasn't started early

Join me )OJ) from around 7pm for MNL's unique coverage

Rob Batch says Stars have ZERO chance of beating us by 3 goals he thinks Devils willwin 3-1 making it 6-1 overall

Pat says Devils will win 4-2 tonight

Alexandra M thinks Devils will end up with an 8-3 aggregate win

Russky predicts a comprehensive aggregate win for Devils

Warmup done & dusted

I believe Tomas Kurka is scratched tonight again

Lights out at BBT where it is very quiet

Allen W has Devils winning 5-2 tonight

Matthew M predicts an aggregate score of 11-3 to Devils

Red Army trying their best to gee up the crowd

Stars take to the ice

Jon has reported in awaiting other texters, traffic & parking problems I hear

Devils in BLACK no Tomas Kurka

Remember the MNL scoreline is the aggregate score

Devils on ice as well

Anthem done

Stars only have 14 skaters

Puck dropped

Nigel has now reported in for texting duties

Lots of hustle & bustle from both teams early on

Pad save by Ben Bowns

Leigh Salters shoots wide

Tom Darnell is the referee

First stoppage @ 3:09 with glove save by Lakosil from Joey Martin

Chris Culligan shoots wide (Left) followed by a shot from Trevor Hendrikx

Devils icing @ 4:14

Gleason Fournier dislodges Devils net


Gleason Fournier goes coast to coast and buries biscuit his 2nd of the season

Assist Andrew Lord @ 4:25

Lakosil glove save from Ryan Russell

My apologies its Trevor Koenig in net for Stars

Puck out of play @ 6:11

Leinweber shoots wide for Stars

Joey Haddad got hit in face just now but he is back out on his next shift

Devils goal off its moorings again

Dickenson lays hit on Carl Hudson


Guillaume Doucet with his 28th of the season

Assists Joey Martin & Leigh Salters

@ 9:26

Ben Bowns foils Stars breakaway

2nd assist was for Andrew Hotham not Leigh Salters

Devils penalty Zach Hervato delay of game @ 11:05


Devils clear zone

And again they clear their zone

And yet again they clear Stars out of our zone

Stars goal a PPG with 2 secs left

Ben Bowns beaten on glove side - over shoulder

Lidhammer assists Dolan & Switzer @ 13:04

Ben Bowns glove save

Come on U DEVILS this Stars team are dangerous

Score 2-1 on night 5-1 on aggregate


Jake Morissette (18th) assist Andrew Hotham @15:00

Joey Haddad lays one on a plate for Chris Culligan

Who shoots wide

Stars clears zone and puts puck in block 14 - no Delay of game call

Stars Offside

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Stars 1 making it 6-1 on aggregate

Very tight n Glasgow Clan 1 Panthers 1 making it 5-6 on aggregate

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Stars 14

Come on U DEVILS lets make a semi final treble - Johanna Konta & Andy Murray have made it through to semis so can we

ice ready

Panthers lead 7-5 on aggregate at 1st interval

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Stars icing @ 20:18


Joey Haddad (14th) tip in @ 20:56

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Stars Goal

@ 21:23


Guillaume Doucet (29th) unassisted

Stars Goal scored by Faryana assist Switzer

Assists for Ryan Russell & Chris Culligan on Joey Haddad goal

Good save Ben Bowns from Switzer

Score DEVILS 5 Stars 2 making it 8-2 on aggregate

Max Birbraer & Stevie Lyle in BBT tonight

Jon says its gone boring - no goal for ages

3 goals in first 2 minutes of period obviously didnt satisfy him

Trevor Hendrikx cleans the glass with Lidhammer

Carl Hudson & Doug Clarkson having a bit of a dance

Makes a nice change from handbags

Stars penalty Lidhammer 2 minutes for boarding

CJ the victim

@ 29:01

Lerts have a PPG for Jon U DEVILS

Carl Hudson hits post

Wetmore tips over Devils net - Ben Bowns luckily not injured

Net lands on Bownsy - no worries hes up

Guillaume Doucet shot saved by Koenig @ 30:42

Adelina has finished her nachos

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for tripping @ 31:56

Devils Full strength

Luke Piggott sets up Andrew Lord - glove save Koenig

Josh says Devils weel worth their 2 goal lead, hardly breaking a sweat - Gleason Fournier impressive again

Goal Stars

Lidhammer @ 36:04

Assists Gray & Faryna

Devils icing

Dolan shoots wide from long range

Ben Bowns covers @ 39:17

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Stars 3 making it 8-3 0m aggregate

Josh says pace has slowed down in that 2nd period. Congested neutral zone doesnt help. Game needs a bit of magic a la Tomas Kurka

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 10 Stars 7 making it 290-21 after 2 periods

Game remins Jon of chasing his spaniel, when he got closed the dog found another gear. Which sums up the Devils tonight

I don't know what is happening but the same against Steelers on Sun 21 Feb has now appeared on the Devils website but there is nothing behind the "link"

People had assumes this game would be at IAW but online sales are linked to Planet Ice

Mike Will replaces Ben Bowns in net for 3rd period

3rd period underway

Devils net off again

Panthers in control at Braehead now leading 9-5 on aggregate

Stars Goal

Goalmouth scramble @ 41:25

Scored by Fatyna assists Gray & Lidhammer

Stars hit post

Stars shooting from long distance

Trevor Hendrikx hurts his knee blocking shot

Great glove save by Mike Will

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for delay of game @ 44:42


Stars will not lay down - fair play

Mike Will covers @ 46:23

Devils clear zone

Devils Full strength

Stars score

Switzer assists Dolan & Porejs

Time out Devils

Game restarts

Clarkson shot deflected out of play


Guillaume Doucet hattrick goal (30th) @ 47:45

Assist Leigh Salters

Stars hit post

Puck out of play

Koenig save at 2nd attempt

Save Mike Will

50/50 was 685 tonight

Chris Culligan does great work says Jon

Koenig covers

Koenig saves from Carl Hudson

Gametime 51:30

Its end to end at the moment

Crowd recorded as 1,729

Stars goal @ 52:32

That makes it 6-6 on the night

Hattrick for Faryna assist Lidhammer

Come on U DEVILS show some urgency and kill this game off

Gametime 53:48

Koenig gathers from Guillaume Doucet

Gametime 55:03

Stars offside @ 55:28

Stars penalty called

@ 57:09

Lidhammer 2 minutes for cross-checking

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Final 2 minutes

Puck out of play @ 58:05

Koenig pulled - WHY!!!!

Guillaume Doucet hits post


It would appear a Star player put the puck in his own net

Which Devils touched the puck las?

Guillaume Doucet credited with the goal his 4th of the game 31st of the season

Final score DEVILS 7 Stars 6

Last goal ENG (+PP) was at 59:00

Home to Belfast on Sunday 7 Feb I hear

Interesting Devils had the choice as they are rated higher so why play the first leg at home

Our thanks to texters Jon & Nigel and period reports from Josh

Stars MoM - Justin Faryna

I assume the second leg will be the League game at the O on 23 Feb

Join us at MNL at the weekend when the Devils travel to Nottingham on Saturday and then welcome the Capitals to the BBT on Sunday

Good Night Everyone - NOS DA PAWB