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Sheffield Steelers 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of yet another crucial ga CARDIFF DEVILS

The Devils accompanied by a large contingent of the RED ARMY have made the trip to South Yorkshire to take on the Steelers

Score predictions (+ comments) to before face off please

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30

Warmup in progress

No Leigh Salters

it would appear that Tyler Mosienko & Robert Dowd are scratches for Steelers

Hazel says Devils will win 5-3

Phil R calls it 5-3 to Devils with 3 points for Andrew Hotham> He also wants Round 2 of Josh Batch v Zack Fitzgerald

Mark G thinks Devils will win by 2 goals, probably 5-3

Elliot B says 5-4 Devils in O/T

Rob Batch says really tough one tonight. The Devils have their tails up but the steelers need revenge! Fitzgerald is key, Josh caned him last week and if he falls into the trap he could ruin it for his own team! 3-2 Devils!!!!

Russky says Devils will bag 2 points and Batch & Fitzgerald will get to know each other much better

Texters on duty tonight are KettDevils, Kelly, Gerald & JohnWildthing

Warmup done & dusted

Large contingent of RED ARMY (200+) in Sheffield

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Tom Pering is the referee

Extra long intro as usual in the House of Tin

Phil E calls it 3-2 toDevils thanks to some big saves by Bownsy

Steelers finally start to drift onto the ice

If you want to go to Nottingham next week with Red Army Travel bookings will be taken at their desk tomorrow night 21 for adults 14 for under 16s

Now told Tyler Mosienko is icing after all



Nathan & Ewan got lost and are just parking up - a delay will be useful

Hol;e spotted in Steelers goal net

Lino inspects and says its OK

Puck dropped and we are away

Devils icing

Russell ices with Hervato & Morrisette

Then Kurka, Martin & Doucet

Gametime 2:26

Clogged neutral ice would be the best description of the action so far

Devils have 2 clear shots

Puck out of play @ 3:18 - centre ice face off

KettDevils says matchnight experience at the rusty house has not changed in 20 years

Ryan Russell goes close

cagey start to game

Ryan Hayes offside @ 5:23

Joey Martin backhand shot goes wide @ 5:58

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Then Jake Morissette goes close

Come on U DEVILS give us a Goal

Mathieu Roy breakaway thwarted by Ben Bowns

Joey Haddad crunches a Steeler

Gametime 8:06

Devils net dislodged

No goal in any of the 5 EIHL games so far

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 9:43


interference was the call

KettDevil noticed that penalty clocck didnt start for 10 seconds

Joey Haddad gets hooked on a breakaway - NO CALL

Referee has realise problem with clock

Devils Full strength

some big saves from Ben Bowns during PK

Its still 0-0 but gametime unclear

Big hit on Jace Coyle by Joey Haddad

Gametime 13:15

Ryan Russell goes close @ 15:14

Devils not testing Pinc in Steelers net

Apologies in advance - mobile causing problems

Andrew Hotham & Zack Fitzgerald have hugs @ 15:43

Nothing exciting

Penalties called Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for roughing Zack Fitzgerald 2 + 2 for roughing

Lets get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Chris Culligan tripped - you quessed it NO CALL

Jason Hewitt breakaway stopped by Guillaume Doucet

Devils Offside

Devils PP not functioning so far

Fast paced game says Maria who has now joined the texting team

Gametime 17:12

Chris Jones takes Andrew Lord place for a shift

Gametime 18:35


@ 19:43

Ryan Russell (his 2nd) assists Jake Morissette & Zach Hervato

End of 1st period

Steelers 0 DEVILS 1

KettDevil's period report - Very tight, Devils goal was against run of play but shows that if Devils test Pinc the puck goes in

Maria says its been very quick and thinks Devils deserve the lead,she is worried about the Devils maintaing the pace thgat has been set

SoG for 1st period Steelers 13 DEVILS 3

JohnWildthing says fair refection of the period and they are looking to catch on the break, key is line mathing as Steelers have 3 Brit forwards playing as a line

KettDevil says the SoG reflects the lack of shots on Pinc

Ben Bowns has been DEVILS best player so far, some cracking saves

Hannah says playing "We are gonna win" before game face off epitomies the arrogance of the Steelers organisation

Ice is ready

Teams return to ice

Glynne thinks we have to step it up

Puck droipped

Joey Haddad just wide @ 20:34

Chris Culligan has laid out Pinc

He was tripped and slid into netminder

Crowd has done very quiet asarek Pinc is seen by medics

Total accident - he is still down

He has now sat up

He is conscious but looks in great pai, helped to bench

Standing ovation from all fans

Bradley Day goes in net

Game restarts

What is it with Sheffield and netminders?

Come U DEVILS lets get to work

Jake Morissette tests Bradley Day

Gametime 22:12

Joey Martin marginally wide @ 23:24

Shots on net is whats needed

Plus driving that net

decent shift by 4th line @ 24:06

Levi Nelson floors ref Pering - NO CALL

Mark Richardson having a storming game says KettDevil

Mathieu Roy shoots wide and slaps ice in frustration

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Gleason Fournier & Andrew Hotham need to be reminded that they are defencemen not forwards - way too keen to jump into the play in Steelers zone

Josh Batch blocks a shot @ 27:28

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Intensity has gone out of Devils game

Very muted since injury to Pinc

Tomas Kurka slap shot @ 28:46

Lets get that next goal U DEVILS

Joey Haddad almost succeeds to slide one under Bradley Day @ 29:30

Carl Hudson breaks up a play and gets a shot away @ 30:45

Two quick saves by Ben Bowns from Mathieu Roy & Ryan Hayes

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for hooking @ 31:42


Trevor Hendrikx clears zone

Ben Bowns pad save from Ryan Hayes

Brilliant play by Gleason Fournier

Devils Full strength

Guillaume Doucet almost scored when he came out of sinbin

Gametime 33:57

That next goal is massive so let it be us U DEVILS

Bradley Day saes from Guillaume Doucet

Long period spent in neutral zone

Zach Hervato tries a wraparound @ 37:14

Josh Batch hit by another shot

Very tense game - both teams making sure they do not make mistakes

Final minute

Lets have another goal in the closing minute of a period

22 secs left in period

End of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 1

DEVILS are playing a classical defensive on the road game, hoping to score on breakouts

All well and good but we woulf=d be happier if we had a 2 goal advantage - then run the clock down

KettDevil's period report - Devils are hanging on, Steelers are having the majority of the play with Devils looking dangerous on the break Still not enough shots on Day, stresses how big the next goal is

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 16 DEVILS 11 making it 29-14 after 2 periods

Maia says Steelers created most in that period. Pin's injury changed the game but not in the way you would have thought. Third period will be interesting she says

Clan 1 Stars 2 after 2 periods

Ice ready awaiting teams

teams are back

Puck dropped for 3rd period

20 more miles U DEVILS

Steelers icing

Jake Morissette redirects a shot just wide @ 41:36

JohnW says it feels like the CC Final

Good save Bradley Day from Joey Martin @ 43:10

Devils Offside @ 43;42

Andrew Lord chips Chris Culligan shot wide

Gametime 44:44

Steelers Goal

@ 45:15 scored by Jason Hewitt

A lucky redirection gave Ben Bowns no chance

Assists Ben O'Connor & Tyler Mosienko


Intensity has returned to the game @ 48:15

Ben Bowns save

Ref calling nothing

Devils offside @ 49:31

Steelers fans have woken up - Bless Them

Gleason Fournier goes close in a massive scranble in front of Bradley Day

Gametime 50:20

Glynne doesnt think the Devils are playing well

Gametime 51:55

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for slashing @ 52:03


Devils clear zone

Joey Martin relieves pressure by going coast to coast

Josh Batch blocks yet another shot

Devils Full strength

Gametime 55:01

Joey Haddad clears @ 56:22

Andrew Hotham shot deflected high

Steelers goal

@ 57:55

Another redirected shot

Final 2 mins

Steelers 2nd goal scored by Fredrik Vestberg assist Conny Stromberg

Ben Bowns pulled

Steelers 2nd goal scored by Fredrik Vestberg assist Conny Stromberg

Steelers score ENG

@ 58:52

Ryan Hayes assist Bradley Day

Steelers penalty Jason Hewitt 2 minutes for boarding @ 59:44

Apologies it was roughing


A PPG for Carl Hudson his 10th of the season

@ 59:48 assists Tomas Kurka

Ben Bowns pulled again

Final score Steelers 3 DEVILS 2

Both Maria & KettDevil say wedeserved a point

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Our thanks to texters Maria, Kelly, KettDevil, Gerald & JohnWildthing who did a great job as usual

Steelers MoM - Jason Hewitt

Beb Bowns faced 40 shots tonight for a 95% save

Join Russ tomorrow night when the Fife Flyers visit the BBT