Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

Hello Hockey Fans. Great result and debut for Ryan Russell last night, lets hope he can repeat his performance this evening as those Steelers from Sheffield pay a visit to the BBT. Join me (Russky) from 5:30pm for the usual pre-game build up, predictions, latest scores and match text commentary once the puck drops.

Please feel free to send your comments and Predictions to and I will try to post them as part of the MNL experience if they are not libellous or downright rude.

Mytexters have been briefed as to their duties.

Thank you to my texters Claire and Simon who will be sending me regular text updates from the BBT.

I will be back online just before 5:30, so be sure to join me if you are not one of the lucky 2300 who have tickets for tonights game.

Hello and welcome back. Here's hoping the Devils finish off the weekend in the Best way possible.

Manchester have faced off against Fife in Altrincham, the latest score is 1-0 to Fife

Coventry and Dundee are currently scoreless at the Skydome.

Our first predictions have arrived, Mark G predicts a Devils win by 3, Brian Paker predicts a 4-2 Devils win, and Hazel, fresh from last night's prediction success opts for a 5-3 Devils win.

The Warm up should be drawing to a close. The scheduled appointed ref for tonights game is Tom Darnell.

So with that in mind we need a top notch disciplined performance from the Devils. Stay out of the bin, you cant win a game sat on that bench.

it is now 1-1 in both the other games being played this evening.

The texters have reported to have arrived safely at the BBT.

Rob Batch is going for random numbers approach to his prediction and has come up with 4-3 to the Devils

so far this season the Devils have won the 3 games against the Steelers at the BBT

Intros beginning, Flag bearers on the Ice and lights dimmed.

Sheffield enter the ice.

as do the officials

Please welcome onto the ice,your very own Cardiff Devils!

Pat sees a close game tonight with the Devils just edging it by a goal

its the same Devils line up as last night with Ryan Russell replacing Leigh Salters

Great atmosphere at the BBT. Anthem time

puck dropped and we are underway

Lord is being targeted early.

Steelers icing

Haddad shoots but it gets deflected

Vesterburg and Nelson test Bownsy but he is equal to both efforts

Lords shot saved.

Face off in the Steelers zone


Kurka scores at 3:45

Assists Martin and Doucet

Devils pen Hervato2 minutes for slashing 4:42

Devils on PK

Devils clear their D zone

Steelers ryan hayes getting some stick

steelers shoot wide.

Devils FS

Morrisette planting some hits on steelers

steelers offside

Kurka tripped but no call from Darnell

Nelson gets Hendrikxed

Sheffield icing

O connor now tries to out muscle Hervato

sarich kicks puck away

Steelers shoot hight after hotham turnsover puck

Morrisette floored by steeler but is ok

Hotham Floors Nelson


Hendrikx and Fitzgerald

both get 5 minutes for fighting

puck fizzing round Sheff zone like a pinball

Sarich not happy at sheff icing call

Ryan Hayes throwing his weight around

More handbags that Darnell fails to call

Haddad shot is gloved

Sheff Pen Coyle

2 minutes for slashing 14:32


Fournier scores@15:22

Assists to Culligan and Haddad

A PPG no less

Haddad shoots but its saved

Fitzgerald and Hendo return to the action.

Another FIGHT Batch V Fitzgerald

Batchy more than copes with the big guy!

crowd shouting you got Batch Slapped to Fitzy

Batch 5 minutes for fighting. Fitzgerald 2 for roughing plus 5 for fighting at 17:55

final 2 mins of period

Batch leaves bin to get his hand looked at

Jono Phillips misses a good chance -shame!

Sheffield Whinging to Darnell and Linos.

end of Period. 2-0

Texters reporting that the Devils definitely had the better of that opening period. Paul Thompson wont be happy! Oh to be a fly on the wall in the visitors dressing room!

Nigel Davies has just emailed to report that Zac Fitzgerald allegedly tried to punch a fan as he left the ice.

Rob Batch reports that Josh was belatedly celebrating his birthday of 48 hours ago, by giving Fitzgerald a good slapping!

Latest scores: Manchester 3 Fife 4;Coventry 2 Dundee 2

Well done to my two texters Claire and Simon who are doing a fab job tonight.

teams and Stripeys back on ice for the start of the 2nd.

we are off and skating in the 2nd

Kurka robbed of puck and then steeler shoots wide.

deflected wide

Ryan Russell chases after puck

Nelson shot bobbled but knocked away by Bownsy

Face off in the Devils zone

Atmosphere in BBT being kranked up some

martin to kurka and puck just slides past the goal

vesterburg denied by last ditch block by Hudson

Batch returns

Fitzy still serving his additional 2 mins

Hervato shoots off balance having been pushed by Legue

Lord gets slashed by Desbiens

when down on ice

Steelers resorting to type and playing dirty

Desbiens Hotham Lord and one other steeler in Bin

Fitzgerald gooning it up big time

awaiting confirmation of pens

Hotham 2 for roughing

Desbiens 2 for roughing plus 2 for hooking; Moyer 2 minutes for roughing

Devils on PP

Steelers clear their D zone

Roy trys to run over Bowns

sarich DOG pen


Doucet from Martin and Hudson @27:57

Thommo whinging at Darnell

crowd singing 'if you hate the steelers clap your hands'

Steelers back to FS

no call on crosscheck to Hervato

pad save by Bownsy

Devils offside

Ryan Hayes getting some stick from the crowd

Desbiens shoots but saved by Bownsy

sheffield icing

Lord ealrier served 2 mins for roughing, aka trying to defend yourself from a slashing

Hayes on a mission to impress Thommo. Nelson's shot blocked by Russell.

Another Bownsy glove save

Ryan Russell 2 minutes for interference

sheffield goal by Legue

Sheff Pen Desbiens 2 minutes for elbowing @36:45


assist Doucet and Kurka

Lordo Hits Fitzgerald

BBT is rocking!!!!

End of 2nd

Lord called for Boarding at 38:14


assisted by Martin and Richardson

texts arriving out of sequence. I think OJ had this problem last night.

what a period that was!!!!!

Apologies for delay but experiencing a few technical difficulties with my laptop

Latest scores Manchester 5 Fife 6; Coventry 3 Dundee 3

now 6-6 in Manchester

Simmsy is getting some stick in the period break whilst getting interviewed by John Donovan for Ice time TV

Simmsy is getting some stick in the period break whilst getting interviewed by John Donovan for Ice time TV

Both teams back on the ice for the third

slight delay as sheffield were too scared to come out initially

GGGGGGOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL Haddad unassisted apparrently

scores 32 seconds into the 3rd

Steelers net minder replaced

Day replaces Pinc

Bownsy Pad save. Ryan Hayes still getting gip from the BBT crowd.

Steelers score

Devils fans almost cheer for it, I did say almost

scored by Fitzgerald.

Bowns saves from roy

texters report Devils to be coasting. C'mon Devils dont take your foot off their throats!

Finish the game in style

Sheffield score a goal by Hayes

Steelers have woken up a bit

Fitzy slashes Doucet

Hudson clears Devils zone

Legue on Martin no call from Darnell

Desbiens shot cleared

Moyer slashing any Devils player that comes close

Haddad shot blocked

Steelers trying to get back into this game Crowd trying to lift the Devils!

Kurka shoots wide

Another Bownsy Glove save

sheff pen Desbiens 2 minutes for high sticks


Hudson checked by Hewitt stil no call from Darnell

Hudson shoots high at the Bar end of the BBT


PPG no less Culligan from FOurnier and Haddad @53:16

6:44 remaning in third

cj clears bad backpass from haddad

frantic end to end action at BBT

all the sheffiled fans are leaving as if a fire drill

trying to sneak out un noticed at the BBT would be an achievement

3 mins of period left

steelers shot trickles past goal Hayes getting stick from crowd again.

crowd asking 'can we play you every week?'

standing ovation at the BBT Red army red army red army

final minute of game



what a game that was and another 4 point weekend in the bag.

Great performances this weekend showing true title winning credentials. what with none of Belfast or Nottingham playing tonight a big advantage held at top league now.

Sheffield MOM Jeff Legwee, sorry Legue

Devils MOM is Joey Haddad

Well just to bring you the scores in the other two games:

Fife beat Mancheste 7-6 in a Shoot out at Altrincham, while Coventry beat Dundee 4-3 with an overtime goal at the Skydome.

OJ should be back on hosting duties next saturday as the Devils travel to the House of Foil to face the Steelers again next weekend. Not forgetting to say a big thanks to Claire and Simon who provided great text updated from the BBT tonight. well done both you did a great job!

Goodnight all! NOS DA PAWB.