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Dundee Stars 0 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup 1/4 final against the Stars in sunny Dundee

Score predictions as usual to

Comments always welcomed as well

Still looking for texters - have been unable to contact so far my regular Stars texter Spaceman.

If you are going to be at the game and are willing to help us out at MNL please text us @ 07527 625206

Join me (OJ) from around 7pm for the 7:30 face off

Rachael & Baz have made it to Dundee through some bad weather in Scotland

Warmup in progress

No Leigh Salters or Ryan Russell for Devils

Spaceman as always has come to our rescue

Spaceman has spotted a small contingent from the RED ARMY

Warmup completed

Mark G has Devils winning by 2 goals

Matthew M calls it 4-1 to the Devils

Russky has the Devils edging a close game

Rob Batch says 4-2 to the lads

Hazel has the Devils winning 5-3 with Pete going for a 7-4 win in our favour

Jason M says 2-1 to Devils but he is of little faith and thinks it will be the other way round

Stars are at full stength

I thought the rain had finished for a few days, its a monsoon out there

Spaceman thinks that if the Stars don't concede in first 5 minutes they will win 5-3

Rachael has spotted anothe Devils fan

Thats makes at least THREE

Lights dimmed

Its great have Rachael back as a texteer - WELCOME BACK RACHAEL

There is a Devils mascot on the ice - RED ARMY is growing

Ref is Toby Craig

Both teams on the ice

sparse crowd

Anthem done

Puck dropped

Devils by 3 says Brian Parker

Lakosil saves from Joey Martin @ 0:57

Stars Offside@ 1:31

Chris Jones takes Leigh Salters spot with Zach Hervato & Jake Morissette

gametime 3:46

Puck out of play

Come on U DEVILS get that goal to blow Spacemans prediction into outer space

Gleason Fournier goes close

Stars icing @ 4:56


Joey Martin goes close

Awesome save by Ben Bowns to thwart a 3 on 1 @ 6:46

Devils penalty @ 7:07

Josh Batch 2 minutes for tripping


Stars cycling the puck in Devcils zone

Ben Bowns' net off its moorings @ 7:40

1 minute killed

Devils Full strength

Good PK by Devils

Pace of the game has picked up

No clear chances for either team yet

Devils mascot tonight was Cadeyrn Harris from the Dundee u10s but a Devils fan to the core, family originally from Cardiff

I hope he has big lungs for shouting

Gametime 11:51

Lakosil covers @ 12:18

Glove save Lakosil from Andrew Lord @ 12:49

Devils Penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for kneeing @ 13:31


1 minute killed

Ben Bowns saves after goalmouth scramble

30 secs of PK left

Joey Martin breaks away - shoots high

Devils Full strength

Joey Haddad shoots straight at Lakosil @ 15:55

Guillaume Doucet shoots wide

Doug Clarkson & Andrew Hotham tangle

No penalties called

Stars Offside @ 17:25

Puck out of play

Gametime 18:31

Clarkson misses glorious chance

Final minute

Stars icing @ 19:32

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 0

Decent game says Rachael which is more than what can be said about the weather

Why can't we have snow instead of this consistent rain

My brother in Ottawa has a decent amout of snow at last

How much snow is there in Calgary I wonder?

If you have snow which we can have for our rain let us know -

SoG for 1st period Stars 7 DEVILS 8

If you a=intend to go to the games at the weekend get your tickets quick - less than 30 seats left for Saturdays game against Giants and only 200 odd seats for Sundays game against Steelers

Team back on ice

2nd underway

Devils icing

Ben Bowns saves a backhand shot from Faryna

Kick save Ben Bowns from John Dolan

Stars penalty called

Chaumont @ 21:50


PPG for Devils

@ 22:05

2 minutes for holding was the call on Chaumont

Scored by Jake Morissette Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

That was Andrew Hotham 50th point for the season

Devils offside @ 24:02

Kelly Hughes says a foot of snow in Calgary but a mild winter so far

Ben Bowns glove save

another Ben Bowns save @ 25:07

Face off in the Devils zone

Easy save for Ben Bowns from Switzer

Nice chance for Chaumnt - fans on shot

I would willingly swop 1ft of snow for all this rain

Devils go close @ 27:45

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Kick save Lakosil from Tomas Kurka

When can I get a flight back to Tenerife!!!

Joey Haddad nails Turon

Stars Offside @ 29:09

Stars go close through Dickenson

Devils Offside

Zach Hervato breakaway foiled @ 30:39

Ben Bowns giving up a few rebounds tonight

Stars hit pipes @ 31:30 - Leinweber

Stars icing @ 33:13


@ 34:07

Luke Piggott his first of tghe season assist Guillaume Doucet

Spaceman says Devils now taking control of game

Stars go close after mistake by Trevor Hendrikx

Double save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 37:18

More big saves by Ben Bowns

last 2minutes of period

Ben Bowns covers @ 38:14

Devils D sleep walking at the moment

Final minute

Wake up U DEVILS D Corps

Stars beeing handed opportunities to get back into this game

End of 2nd period Stars 0 DEVILS 2

Spacemans period report - Couple of strange calls going Devils way, worst being play whistled down for Devils player catching and holding onto puck, face off given and no delay of game penalty

Sog for 2nd period Stars 14 Devils 11 making it 21-19 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Lets have that next goal U DEVILS

Stars Offside @ 40:40

Stars have come out of the trap very keen this period

Ben Bowns saves from Moore @ 41:04

We want a goal U DEVILS

Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns covers @ 41:20


@ 42:54


awaiting details of Devils 3rd goal

Tomas Kurka the scorer (17th)

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for roughing @ 43:21


1 minute killed

Ben Bowns easy save @ 44:39

Gametime 45:05

Devils Full strength

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin on Devils 3rd goal scored by Tomas Kurka

Andrew Lord shot deflected out @ 46:36

Face off in the Stars zone

Big shot by McCluskey from blueline saved by Ben Bowns

2nd assist on Devils 2nd goal for Joey Martin

Joey Martin now has assist on all 3 goals

Puck out of play @ 47:47

Face off in the Devils zone

Guillaume Doucet catches Wetmore late and off the puck

Wetmore retaliates with spades

Easy save by Ben Bowns after Stars 3 on 2 @ 50:50

Andrew Hotham nails Switzer

Puck out of play @51:31 Face off in the Stars zone

Ben Bowns covers from Dickenson

Devils penalty called

@ 53:05 Zach Hervato


2 minutes for hooking

Devils clear zone

Devils clear zone again

1 minute killed

Joey Haddad breakaway shoots wide

Devils Full strength

Spaceman says poor PP from Stars

Gametime 55:15

Ben Bowns glove save

Devils net dislodged @ 57:05

Devils clearing their zone with ease as Stars struggle to create meaningful offense

Gametime 57:50

Final 2 minutes

Stars icing @ 58:46

Final minute

Final score Stars 0 DEVILS 3

We'll take that for the 2nd leg next week

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS with a shut out

Stars MoM - Riley Wetmore

32 shot shut out for BEN BOWNS

Our thanks to Stars fan Spaceman and our very own Rachael for their fantastic reporting

Join me on Satrurday night when the Devils return to League action against the Giants at the BBT