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Coventry Blaze 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good Afternoon Gentlefolk, well after last nights Barn burner against those scaredy cats from Nottingham our attention turns to Coventry, join me (Russky) from 4:55 for the usual pregame shenanigans and unrivalled match coverage once the puck drops.

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Thanks go to our intrepid band of texters who are KettDevil, Colin Knight and a debutant Paul McCarthy. At 2pm today I was in a blind panic as the texters i had hoped for had cried off for differing reasons. Thanks to those who have stepped in at very short notice.

the Warmup is well underway in Coventry, No Marsh or SMith for the Devils. Gleason Fournier makes his first Devils roadtrip after his excellent debut last night at the BBT.

we have our first predictions in both from guys called from Phil. Firstly Phil Egan goes for a 6-3 Devils win and Tanaka being Hendrikxed into the middle of next week. Phil Rowlands goes for a 5-2 Devils victory with Doucet bagging a brace of goals.

Blue Castle also goes for a commonly favoured 3 goal winning margin for the Devils

Todays other games see Manchester hosting Braehead, Nottingham hosting Fife and Dundee playing on home ice against Edinburgh.

Phil Thomas predicts a 4-2 Devils win.

One of my texters reports a respectable Devils supporters turnout in the away blocks.

Valablik expecting some attention from our boys as he is wearing a full face guard

According to the EIHL websited Darnell had been appointed to ref this game. awaiting confirmation.

KettDevil estimates 150 Devils supporters in attendance

Brian Parker goes for a 5-2 Devils win

Anthems should have been done by now. Darnell confirmed as ref.

no score in Altrincham game 15 mins old

Devils fans out chanting the Blaze fans

Devils fans chant 'this is boring' during awful Blaze intro.

Rob Batch predicts a 4-1 Devils win after is correct prediction last night!

as reported earlier Valablik has his Muzzle on!

only now the Anthems being done,

Hazel opts for a 3-2 Devils victory

Welsh anthem sung loud and proud by assembled Devils fans

puck finally dropped.

Noble given some 'bird' from the Devils fans

along the lines that he is a turtle!

Two early Devils shots wake Stewart out of his slumber!

shots from Richie and Kurka on target.

spot of Handbags after Hudson is floored

CJ shoots. All Devils at the moment in a bright start from them

Now Hervato shoots but Stewart equal to it

Devil fans mocking the quiet Blaze fans

Fife 1 up against nottingham! Go Flyers!!!

Stewart up to his old tricks of pushing the net off its moorings

who does he think he is? Jody Lehman???

Blaze starting to get into the game by packing mid ice and forcing the Devils wide

Blaze pen Brett Robinson 2 minutes for interference

good Devils PP so far,Blaze D being stretched

Blaze FS

Kurka shoots wide of moved net by Stewart

big scramble infront of Stewarts net but Kurka Hudson and Martin fail to score. Stewart covers

Valablik hurt

Devils pen Culligan 2 minutes for hooking @11:28

Cj and Haddad doing well on PK unit

Blaze goal against run of play by Tait on 700th appearance

timed at 13:00

Doucet shoots wide,


Joey Haddad assists to Lord and Culligan at 14:47

Haddad grabbed his chance from broken play

Devils pen Fournier 2 minutes for roughing


end of first period 1-1

latest scores Storm 0 Clan 1; Panthers 0 Flyers 0

Assist on Tait goal for Quesnele

time for a cuppa I think!

KettDevil says that Stewart is single-handedly keeping the Devils at bay, Also he strikes a note of concern that the Devils dont get caught out in defence!

I am now fed and fuelled ready for the second period.

Devils start 2nd with 40 seconds of PK duty

Devils back on the ice

we are underway

Devils FS

Hudson shoots through a crowded Blaze D zone

now Culligan tries his luck

Same start as P1 Devils camped in Blaze zone

Blaze breakaway thwarted by great Bownsy save

Great Bownsy save reminded texter of Herlofsky at his best

Richie on wrong end of slash , guess what No Call from Darnell

Josh Batch has a rare shot at 26:01

Devils targeting Petruis who is way too good for the Blaze team

Culligan wakes stewart up with another shot at 28:43


Doucet scores @29:25

final prediction from Jan in Merthyr who forecasts a 3-2 Devils win

awaiting news on assists

some debate among texters whether it was Hervato or Doucet who scored

EIHL gamesheet has it as Hervato assisted by Piggot

KettDevils report game has transformed into a dogged battle akin to trench warfare.

Devils coming under abit of pressure now.

Devils pen Haddad 2 minutes for roughing

@ 34:28 gone.

Blaze PP Goal scored by Drew Fisher scrappy puck scramble in front of Bowns

Blaze pen 2 minutes for slashing for Lauzon

texters report non appearance of Salters for 2nd period

Devils PP misfiring



thats the end of the 2nd 2-3 Devils

KettDevil will enquire of Dease what happened to Salters

assist on 3rd Devils goal to Haddad. KettDevil adamant that Doucet scored the second set up by Fournier and CJ

Latest scores: Storm 1 Braehead 1; Nottingham 1 Fife 2; Dundee 2 Edinburgh 1

Salters is no longer playing in this game, CJ and Piggot sharing his shift duties

he must be injured but no further details forthcoming.

Devils ready for the 3rd

off and underway in the third.


Martin scored assist from Hotham at 41:55


Morrisette Short handed goal at 42:21

short handed and Martin was in bin for 2 mins for hooking

Devils FS

sting gone out of the game Blaze look dispirited.

game time 46:32

Devils 2nd goal now officially reads as 67-16-20

Hudson and and Valablik have a chat

game gone into neutral

sorry been corrected by my texter Paul who said Hudson and Valablik had a Cwtch not a chat

Hervato misses a great chance for a goal but fluffs it

awaiting invites for their engagement party

game time 51:20

CJ goes close having been set up by Morrisette

Latest scores Nottingham 2 Fife 2; Storm 2 Braehead 3; Dundee 4 Edinburgh1

Lord gets flattened nothing called by Darnell theres a surprise!

last 5 mins

Devils pen Piggott 2 minutes for slashing 54:59

Hotham has two assists tonight 1 on each of last two goals

Haddad almost gets a shg but denied by Stewart

Valablik very quiet. Devils now FS

The Blaze fans are leaving and the Devils fans chant is it a fire drill?

Devils fans chanting can we play you every week 2 mins left

Stewart covers puck to prevent Hervato from scoring

Game finished Devils win 5-2 Another great 4 point weekend.

Thanks to KettDevil, Colin and Paul who have provided great text updates. Safe journey home to all of them and the other travelling hoardes of Devils fans.

Devils MOM Haddad

Blaze MOM iis Tait on his 700th League appearance! and he tops it with a goal!

A bad night for Welsh clubs in the FA cup, only Newport AFC can save welsh blushes now

Results: Manchester 2 Braehead 5; Panthers 3 Fife 2; Latest score: Dundee 4 Edinburgh, this game only in 2nd period.

Join OJ on wednesday as the Devils venture north of Hadrians Wall for 1st leg of the Challenge Cup Quarter final in Dundee.

Thats it from me for tonight, until Wednesday Nos Da Pawb