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Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage later of the much awaited return visit of the Panthers to the BBT

Yet another SELL out for the BBT - actually sols out more than 24 hours before face off.

At this rate we will have ticket touts in Cardiff Bay

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Warmup in progress at BBT

Hazel has a good feeling - Devils to win 4-2

Rob Batch thinks the new man on D will help us record a 3-1 victory

For those of you who didn't know Gleason Fornier wears #20

Panthers new netminder Madolora wears #1

Warmup done & dusted

Matthew M says Devils win 3-2 in O/T

Pat predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Devils by thel says Mark G

Russky says Devils will win in regulation

No Mark Smith tonight as Gleason Fournier plays

Tony says Panthers new netminder Shane Madolora has bright red pads

Tee onto the icems com

PA problems at BBT

NO sound

Devils skate en-masse to blueline

Have no fear RED ARMY sing Anthem

RED ARMY very very loud

Puck is dropped

good start by Devils

Fournier partners Carl Hudson

Tomas Kurka shot saved by Madolora (Mad in future)

Physical gamestart to

PA restored

Panthers penalty Myers 2 minutes for holding the stick


PPG by Guillaume Doucet his 23rd of the season

@ 3:37

Leigh Salters drove the net Guillaume Doucet buries rebound

Assists Leigh Salters & Gleason Fournier

Mad saves frpm Tomas Kurka

Panthers goal

@ 4:28

Why do we cocede a goal with a minute of scoring?

It was a 3 on 2

Scorer Kolnik assists Mosey & Ling

Mad covers Devils shot

Game is very intense

A bit of handbags now

Guillaume Doucet & Waugh

Both get 2 minutes for roughing

Waugh was penalised for x-checking

New Devils Fournier impressing Tony T

Both teams Full strength

Tomas Kurka shoots marginally too high

Panthers icing @ 8:47

Puck out of play from Josh Batch shot

Nigel says Mad's glove is huge

Big block by Andrew Lord

Gametime 9:19

Both teams quick to break

Easy save for Ben Bowns

Leigh Salters looks as if hes up for this game

Both new signings look like decent additions to EIHL

Puck out of play

Panthers icing @ 11:20

Good hit by Andrew Lord

Tomas Kurka proving to be a handful tonight

Ben Bowns deflects Puck out of play

Huge hit by Leigh Salters on Janssen

Ben Bowns deflects Puck out of play

Myers x-checks Guillaume Doucet at face off - NO CALL

Devils pressing hard

Gametime 15:03

Game stopped - ice repair in Panthers crease

Game restarts

Fournier goes coast to coast and sets up great chance to no avail

great Ben Bowns save foils a Panthers breakaway

Panthers Offside

Jon J says its a great game of hockey so far

Joey Martin wrestled to the ice still no call from ref Hogarth

David Clarke elbows Zach Hervato in centre ice - You've got it


Dont retatiate Devils because he'll call that

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

Nigel's period report- Frantic goalmouth scrambles around Panthers ne. Something not quite clicking for Devils who are playing some really lovely hockey

Nigel not sure what happened when players left the ice, Hogarth blew his whistle followed by hand gesture at Panthers bench and then skated off

I am sure we will see at start of 2nd period

Our friend Boris (Valabik) gets 2+2+10+GAME - I suppose for being a D**K

Glad he didn't get a MATCH as the RED ARMY would miss winding him up tomorrow night at Coventry

but I suppopse there is always Brian Stewart to fall back to

Its tied 1-1 in Belast, we need the Giants to win after Steelers beat them last night

Sharing is caring I was taught

SoG for DEVILS 9 Panthers 16

Teams are back on the ice


2nd starts

NO penalty called at buzzer

SoG look a bit odd as Devils had more of the game

Kolnik shoots stright at Ben Bowns

Puck out of play after Josh Batch shot was deflected

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Big save by MAD

Leigh Salters hits crossbar

End to end at the moment

Myers paasses to his netminder from behind Devils net

Joey Haddad lifts David Ling's stick into crowd

Ling has a good old moan after being outsmarted by Joey

Great 2nd period so far

Adrain says its great to see Devils battling hard for the puck

Come on RED ARMY lift them

Confusion behind Devils net but Panthers fail to take advantage

Gametime 25:50

Devils icing @28:36

Panthers fans are noisy fair play

RED ARMY let them start their chants then drown them out

End to end but a bit scrappy

Noise at BBT is deafening


Andrew Hotham with his 11th of the season

@ 30:33


Don't let them score U DEVILS

MAD covers

Crowd got even louder

Zach Hervato goes close

Panthers penalty Bohmbach 2 minutes for boarding

@ 32:58

MAD covers

Holding was the call not boarding

MAD covers yet again

Devils struggling to get set on PP

All Devils at the moment

Panthers FS

Ben Bowns save

End to end at BBT

Cracking game for sell out crowd

Zach Hervato pushed into net which is dislodged

Face off in the Panthers zone

Gametime 38:11

final 30 secs

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Panthers 1

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 10 Panthers 9 making it 19-25 after 2 periods

Waiting for teams

Here they come

why the delay I cannot tell you

Come U DEVILS one big effort and we can bag these points

Puck dropped for 3rd

MAD saves an early shot from Devils by Tomas Kurka

Big hit by Joey Haddad on an unlucky Panther

Panthers have upped their game

Devils net off its moorings

Ben Bowns covers

All Panthers so far this period

Come on U DEVILS

Turn the master switch on U RED ARMY

Mad covers from Zach Hervato

Face off in the Devils zone

Puck out of play


Gametime 43:04

Jon J says excellent game , excellent atmosphere

Ben Bowns deflects puck into Block 1 - Panthers fans

Joey Haddad throwing hit after hit

Texters - Jon J , Nigel, Tony T and Adrian doing a fine job

Andrew Hotham stand Bohmbach up at blueline

Zach Hervato pushed into MAD - No Call

Joey Martin goes close

gametime 45:50

Guillaume Doucet unlucky not to score

He beats everyone other than MAD

Lanssen hits Josh Batch, Josh hits him harder in return

Panthers having a good spell

Chris Culligan robs Panther as he is about to shoot

Long shot by Fournier saved

Devils icing @ 48:36

Another Devils icing

Devils clear zone and go for a change

Devils are sometimes pinned in their zone with no obvious let out

Very close game says Tony

Gametime 49:11

Myers x-checks Chris Culligan

You guessed it - NO CALL

Janssen is starting to throw his weight around


Leigh Salters with his 13th of the season

2 Panthers collided gifted the puck to Devils - rest is history

Assist for Zach Hervato

Andrew Lord lands big hit

Panthers have been more physical this period

Andrew Lord floored by Devils bench

Suspected he was speared by Ling

Under review by officials

No Call - RED ARMY incensed

A DOPs review i think is called for

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham @ 53:39

2 minutes for cross-checking


correction it was 2 minutes for holding

Chris Culligan excellent work on PK

Zach Hervato breakaway - misses

It might have beem Myers who x-checked Andrew Lord behind the play not Ling

Its very loud at BBt

Devils Full strength

Gametime 56:19

Trevor Hendrikx breaks up a 2 on 1

Devils icing

Puck out of play @ 57:46

Big block by Andrew Lord

MAD pulled

Panthers Time Out

That was a great shift by Andrew Lord block after block

Game restarts

Zach Hervato misses net

Jake Morissette misses rebound

Final score DEVILS 3 Panthers 1

Adrian says best performance of the season from Devils

Devils missed 3 EN chances

Panthers MoM - Evan Mosey


Excellent debut by Gleason Fournier

oOur thanks to Tinkyadrian, Jon J, Nigel and Tony T for an excellent piece of reporting from what appears to have been a great game

Lets hope they all go and buy their tickets for next weekend so we can have two more sell ou crowdsfor the games against the Giants & Steelers

Join Russ tomorrow for MNL coverage of the Devcils game in Coventry against the Blaze FO 5:15