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Braehead Clan 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda and welcome to MNL for coverage of the Devils battle against the Clan in Glasgow

Due to the kind offer of assistance from Clan Fans - Jim & Julie Patterson and Chris Devlin we can bring you coverage of this crucial game.

Our stalwart on the road reporter KettDevils has also made the trip to Strathclyde

Score predictions along with comments to as usual

Join me (OJ) from asround 5:30

Checking up on texters who are either at rink or making their way there

No scratches for Devils as warmup is in progress

Matthew M will be happy with a win

So would all of us

Pat says Devils will win 3-2 after last nights disappointment

Russky thinks a loss is on the cards if they play like they did last night, hopes hes wrong

Warmup completed - ice being prepared

With three games in Scotland tonight lets hope we have a non-Scot in charge

Jimmy S says Devils will win 3-2

Devils apparentyly flew to Glasgow from Bristol

NINE members of RED ARMY spotted so far

Peter - KettDevil is one of them

DrummerSean is there

Hazel where are you?

Predictions front very quiet tonight

Referee is No 16 - whoever he might be

Officials on ice

Hope we can bring you good coverage tonight but we are in the hands of the Cl;an fans who offered to help us out and our very own KETTDEVIL

Team come onto the ice as the Pattersons report in

Ref is Craig - Toby I think

The longest intro in hockey has been enbdured

How well can the small group from the RED ARMY sing the Anthem?


No Zach Sullivan or Chrius Holt for Clan

Fullerton starts

Puck dropped

Zach Hervato Leigh Salters Jake Morissette start for Devils

Ben Bowns saves from Matt Keith

Matt Haywood shot saved by Ben Bowns

Devils icing

Clan dominate opening exchanges

Another Ben Bowns save

Rob Batch says 4-3 Devils

Gametime 4:08

Ben Bowns has had to be sharp in net as he sdaves again - Alex Leavitt

Devils struggling to clear zone

Alex Leavitt now shoots high

Brian Parker says 2-0 Devils

Chris Jones shot saved

Joey Martin has chance to set up Guillaume Doucet - foiled by Clan D

Zach Hervato goes coast to coast

Devils 4th line hitting anything that moves

6 minutes gone

1st save for Fullerton

Handbags @ 6:36

Andrew Lord has shot saved

Game settled down somewhat

Leigh Salters gets elbowed referee looking the other way

Ben Bowns saves from Scott Pitt

Joey Haddad misses an open net

Chris Culligan elbowed this time - NO CALL

Gametime 8:57

Ben Bowns saves from Ben Davies

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 10:04

plenty of rebounds from Fullerton in Clan net

Fullerton covers

Kev & Sue Batch go for 2-1 to Devils

Clive B says Devils will win on penalty shots

Another rebound after a Joey Haddad shot @11:43

Devils Offside

Leigh Salters back on ice after his elbowing

Good game - fast & aggressive - teams well matched

Ric Jackman shoots wide from blueline

Matt Haywood hits post

Devils penalty called

Zach Hervato 2 minutes for interference @ 14:25


Brendan Brooks misses with great chance

Clan camped in Devils zone

Devils Full strength

Good PK

Joey Haddad levels a Clan, ref looking other wat @ 17:02

Devils penalty Mark Smith 2 minutes for holding the stick @ 17:36


Joey Martin takes puck to the face

Hit on visor thank godness

High stick called - Face off in the Clan zone

Chris D says Clan PP useless as usual


Marcus Gotz 2 minutes for roughing: Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing

Devils Full strength now 5 on 5

Ben Davies just wide

End of 1st periodClan 0 DEVILS 0

Time of that coincidental roughing penalties was 19:07

KettDevil period report - Good hard hitting period, plenty going on and two good teams going for it. Enjoying this game

Chris says Clam dominated as SoG will show, we shall see

SoG Clan 13 DEVILS 8

Which I suppose backs up what Chris said

Russky didn't congratulate Joey Martin last night for being the first player to hit 50 points

A feat just matched by Ryan Hayes of the Capitals as his team are tied 2-2 with the Steelers

It will not be long before Andrew Hotham hits the falf century as currently he is on 45 points

Ice is ready

Hi Russky here, had I been aware of it being a major season landmark for Joey Martin, I would have but, not being a slave to stats I wasnt aware of it. Sorry Joey.

Hazel just relieved of grandparent duties predicts a 3-1 Devils victory


Trevor Hendrikx heads the naughty boys table with 185 PIMs

Officials back on ice

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Play stopped for a bit of maintainence


Andrew Lord shoots high & wide

Clan start this period strong just like 1st

Clan Offside

Phil Bean Egan predicts a 2-1 win for Devils, comments that he is glad that then seemed to have turned up tonight

Tomas Kurka hits post

Tomas Kurka now has shot saved @ 22:25

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Game has now slowed down

face off are taking ages as usual

Jim says game has become very scrappy

Clan camped in Devils zone yet again @ 24:37

Opening 5 minutes a replica of opener

Clan penalty Matt Haywood 2 minutes for interference

@ 25:08


Get that PP into overdrive

Devils not controlling the puck whilst on PP

Clan Full strength

Not much can be said about that Devils PP

Gametime 27:13

Jake Morissette with Devils first shot for ages @ 28:29

Nice shot from Chris Culligan inches wide @ 29:17

Chris D says Devils are playing an effective but boring 5 man trap

Ben Bowns save from Matt Keith

Devils shot easy save for Fullerton

Jake Morissette tips just wide

Devils icing

Gametime 30:43

Still 0-0

Siege on Ben Bowns at the moment

Zach Hervato puts a Clan player through the netting

Massive hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Matt Keith

Ben Davies shoots wide

Tomas Kurka shoots stright at Fullerton

Devils icing @ 34:29

Devils make too many mistakes says KettDevil

Andrew Lord just wide @ 35:10

Devils icing


Redirected past Ben Bowns who had no chance

Scott Aarssen the scorer assist Nathan McIver

Stefan Meyer goes close

Fullerton save

Hanbags involving Zach Hervato @ 36:42

Jamie Fritsch & Zach Hervato square up

Alex Leavitt shoots just over

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Clan 1 DEVILS 0

Jim says apart from the goal a most forgettable period of hockey

KettDevil's period report - Clan's period, far too many mistakes and a reluctance to shoot for the Devils. Clan were faster & sharper. WE MUST IMPROVE

SoG for 2nd period Clan 10 DEVILS 10 making it 23-18 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS you can do just big effort for theses last 20 miles

Officials back on the ice

So are the teams

That 2nd period did not impress my texters both Clan & Devils texters

3rd period underway

Devils Offside

Joey Haddad tries to walk in the puck, but blocked @ 41:00

Just wide from Alex Leavitt

Stefan Meyer goes close


Devils have upped their game this period

Tomas Kurka just fails with a tip in @42:30

Mark Smith not icing dor Devils at the moment. Hes being checked over after being hit to the head

Clan icing Face off in the Clan zone

Smart save by Fullerton from Carl Hudson

Clan Offside

Crowd announced as 3,214

Lots of Devils pressure

Chris is onto his 6th pint and texting like a trooper

Good save Fullerton

Gametime 45:27

Come U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Joey Martin has shot saved

Ben Bowns from Thomas Nesbitt


Alex Leavitt the scorer @ 46:17

yet another Devils turnover leads to goal which was well taken

Ben Bowns glove save from Stefan Meyer

KettDevils says goal was against the run of play but worrying Devils don't look like scoring

Guillaume Doucet goes close with a couple of chances

Chris says Clan are now winning all the 50/50s

Ben Davies having another good game

Carl Hudson shoots stright at Fullerton @ 49:48

A misguided plaoy repeated by Andrew Hotham

Andrew Lord goes very close @ 50:27


Its wet and miserable here in Cardiff CHEER US UP

Fullerton covers a loose puck

Gametime 52:11

Andrew Lord tests Fullerton, thats no good - beat him

Devils camped in Clan zone @ 52:31

Ben Bowns saves from Matt Keith

Gametime 53:05

Devils icing

Fullerton called upon to make a few saves as Devils press hard

cleared off the line by Clan

DEVILS cannot buy a goal

We need a BoGoF quickly

Joey Haddad 2 minutes for cross-checking

@ 55:52

Luckily Clan PP is rubbish

Andrew Hotham has SH opportunity - looses puck

Clan happy to run the clock down

Clan full strength

Clan penalty 2 minutes for too many men

Ben Bowns lifted

Penalty was @ 58:11


@ 58:46

Joey Martin his 18th of the season

Assists Andrew Hotham & Carl Hudson

Ben Bowns lifted

Clan ENG - Stefan Meyer

@ 59:25

Assist Scott Pitt

Final score Clan 3 DEVILS 1

Our thanks to Chris Devlin & Jim Patterson for stepping into the breach

Big thanks to KettDevil who made the trip to Glasgow and did a fantastic reorting job

Join me on Saturday night when the Nottingham Panthers visit the BBT


Clan MoM - Travis Fullerton