Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Dundee Stars

Good Morning all. Well the Winter Classic is done and dusted for another year, unfortunately the Bruins failed to turn up and the Habs effectively skated all over them. Join me (Russky) for the usual pre game fun and shenanigans at 6:30pm as the Dundee Stars come to town.

Please send your predictions and comments to Until i resume coverage from 6:30pm I bid you all a good day, whatever you may be doing to kill the intervening time.

Evening all, online a bit earlier than expected. I have it on good authority that whilst there is no organised fan bus travelling down from Dundee one or two devoted fans are making their own way to the BBT.

I have been trying to find out from the Elite League website who is due to referee tonights game at the BBT with little success. if anyone has any clues as to who is wearing the orange armbands tonight please email it to

I would also like to welcome any Dundee fans unable to make the pilgrimage to the BBT, who are tuning into this coverage of tonights game. I will endeavour to remain politely objective but I cant guarantee it!

Awaiting the news of the safe arrival at the BBT of the on duty texters Adrian and Claire.

The first two predictions have arrived in the gmail box from Pat who predicts winning margin of two goals and Matthew Moore, who forecasts a more emphatic 7-2 win

both for the Devils. Simon Dooley reckons on a 6-2 Devils win.

Cardiff City fans are hard to please, they win 1-0 despite an 'awful display cardiff city put on this afternoon'. He should be thankful he is not a Liverpool supporter!!!

The warm up is drawing to a close.

Rob Batch is confident in forecasting a 4-0 Devils victory

Fife and Braehead have faced off in Kirkcaldy.

Hazel from Southend wishes all Devils supporters a Happy New Year, along with a 6-3 Devils win.

Braehead are quick out of the Blocks with two quick goals in the opening period. Other games tonight see Belfast entertain Coventry; Nottingham home to Edinburgh;Manchester travel to Sheffeld.

must be close to the Anthems now. Texters now reported in.

Referee is Mike Hicks tonight

Dundee on the ice for the intros

as are the Devils

Fife and Braehead now tied at 2-2

anthem time

game underway

Early shot from Dundee but saved by Bowns

Devils Pen Hudson 2 minutes for slashing at 0:22

Matt Rose and James Kavanagh are the Linos

Starts building early pressure

Bownsy saves again.

Haddad goes close

Stars go close on counter attack

texter reports Devils look disjointed

Kurka shooots straight at Dundee Net minder

Bowns glove saves a shot from Mitchell

Stars icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy saves again.

Scramble in front of Stars goal

The BBT crowd trying to rouse the Devils

Richie Shot saved by Lakosil

Stars Pen McClusky 2 minutes for holding

Stars clear their own zone twice in quick succession

10:51 remains in 1st

Stars FS

Chris Jones clears Devils goal zone.

Stars Icing again

Stars shot deflected away from goal

Plumpton feels the force of a Hendrikx hit

Stars shoot over Bowns net

Stars try wrap around effort leading to a scramble which is then cleared

Wetmore and Hotham have words

but no gloves dropped

Morrisette effort blocked

2 stars players collide leaving one injured on the ice

Stars offside

Hotham and Wetmore are warming up for some handbags

Salters floors Lidhammer

Devils seem to have woken up

Lust tries to hit Hervato but misses

final minute in the period

Bownsy saves. Game getting a little feisty now.

thats the end of the the first just in the nick of time

texter reports that the Devils need to improve their passing and up their game some.

Two more Predictions: The Gaming Hazard reckons on a 5-2 Devils win

Where as Graham Clark foresees a 3-1 Devils win.

SOGs 12 on Lakosil 9 on Bowns

Latest Scores: Belfast 2 Coventry 0; Fife 4 Braehead 2; Nottingham 1 Edinburgh 0; Sheffield 1 Manchester 1

Karl Hocking, a Devils fan unfortunate enough to be in Sheffield reports that the game against Manchester is very even and that the Storm are playing well!

his son must be have had a juniors match earlier this afternoon.

Teams out for the second period

puck drops at start of 2nd

Bowns saves early doors

Face off in the Stars zone

Kurka off ice receiving medical attention

just a patch up i guess as he is back on his shift

Kurka shoots but deflected and Stars net minder covers.

Bownsy makes another glove save.

Hendrikx lays a hit on Leinweber

Haddad clears away from his own goal line.

another Face off in the Stars zone

Stars Pen McClusky 2 minutes for hooking

Devils PP unit need to click

Stars clear the puck away

Stars FS

Lord with a backhanded shots

Devils keep losing possesion of the puck

Bownsy Saves again

Devils passing is poor according to my texters

Haddad shot is saved by Lakosil

now Hendrikx having a shot

Haddad tries a wraparound

Batch and Fury exchange shoves

Bownsy makes a great save

Another save from Bownsy

icing leading to a Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns saves from Dougie Clarkson


assisted by Martin at 32:54

a 5 hole goal

Lakosil save denies another goal

Stars goal

scored by Dickenson assisted by Leinweber

caused by loose play from Devils leading to a turnover

Stars pen Plumpton 2 minutes for tripping

last two mins of 2nd

Hotham shoots but its saved

then Clarkson clears the D zone

Stars F/S

thats the end of the 2nd period

Latest scores: Belfast 4 Coventry 2; Fife 4 Braehead 2; Nottingham 4 Edinburgh 1; Sheffield 2 Manchester 1

second period SOGs 11 on Lakosill; 13 on Bowns

making the Devils 1 shot ahead out of 45

just time for a cuppa methinks.

I wasnt expecting the game to be this close but hey ho.

It seems that Fife have beaten Braehead.

Dundee and Devils are back on the ice.

3rd started

Devils pen Joey Martin 2 minutes for interference


Stars shot wide of Bownsy's goal

Devils pen Hendrikx2 minutes for slashing

Lakosil saves a Hotham Breakaway

Devils were killing a 5 on 3 , now just on 1 man pK

Richie's shot is saved

end to end hockey as its Bownsy's turn to save the Devils

culligan down on the ice.

Culligan recovers.

Devils back to FS

Mark smith stops a clarkson raid

Stars shot deflected over plexi, Face off in the Devils zone

Bownsy saves in his own crease.

Chris Jones hesitated at a crucial time in front of goal

Devils icing

Time out called by the Devils

Stars Pen @49:03

Mitchell 2 minutes for tripping

Stars clear their D zone

10 mins left in game

c'mon you Devils

Clarkson outmuscles Kurka

Lakosil ssaves a Devils shot.

Stars back FS

Stars scramble in fromt of net

Devils passing is still poor

Huge hit by Haddad

Linos get in the way of a devils attack

Stars back to FS

Devils scramble puck clear.

Martin shot saved

Dolan shoots into the side netting.

Morrisette try to get a devils attack started

Still end to end hockey

at a frantic pace


Joey Martin

3:21 left

Stars equalise

Martin shoots wide

Stars Pen Chaumont delay of game

mo loses the puck

puck out of play

39 secs remaining

into overtime we go

Devils start OT on a powerplay

Stars back to FS

Doucet with a chance and gets robbed

stars play keep puck

end to end

stars pen Lust

Devils 4 on 3

2:05 left of OT

Hooking the call on the Stars pen

martin shot saved again

stars clear their zone

devils keep losing possession

final min of OT

end of OT

Pen shoot out

dundee shot saved

mo next


Leinweber scores shot

Martin saved

chaumomt hits the post.

Doucet s shot saved

Stars win shootout!

well at least we get a point

Thanx to my texters tonight Claire and Adrian who did a great job

Stars MOM Lakosil

Devils MOM. Martin

Join OJ tomorrow night for the game coverage as the Devils travel to Braehead

Goodnight all Nos da Pawb