Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Manchester Storm

Welcome to MNL for the final game of 2015 when we welcome the Manchester Storm to the BBT in Cardiff Bay

Another sell out crowd will hopefully carry the Devils to another 2 points

score predictuions and comments welcomed as usual to

Join me from about 7pm for a game that will hopefully see the Devils extend their lead at the top of the league to 7 points

Texters allocated and ready to rumble

Warmup well under way

Pat thinks Devils will win 3-2

The Gaming Hazard goes for a 4-1 win for Devils

As does Thomas M

Rob Batch is even more confident as predicts a clear 5-1 victory for the lads

Rob I didnt have a clue what you were going on about on Sunday

Russky has the Devils winning by 3 goals

Rich, Jo & Kori in Weston Super Mare having to miss the game predict a high scoring affair with the Devils coming out on top 7-4

On texting duties tonight we have Nigel, Josh, JohnWildthing and Tinkyadrian

Like the Devils the Utica Comets had two good wins over Christmas and tonight they play the Devils in Albany

Warmup finish and dear old Zamboni doing its bit

Stefan Hogarth down to referee tonight

I hbad heard he was going to ref last Sunday instead of Hicks but not so

Jon score prediction is DEVILS 9 Storm 3

Hazel goes for a 6-3 scoreline in favour of the Devils

Waiting for teams to appear

Chris Stone goes for a 5-2 victory with MNL viewers exceeding 1,000 yet again

Anthem done - nobody told me

Puck dropped

Storm offside @ 0:13

Stefan Hogarth confirmed as man in charge

Devils Offside @ 2:13

Storm have EIHL bare minimum of sakers - 13

Storm player played on with broken stick - missed by ref

Save Ben Bowns

Zane Kalemba save

Storm penalty

McKensie 2 minutes for delay of game @ 5:30

30 secs of PP

Jake Morissette has shot saved

Storm Full strength

Big hit by Carl Hudson in centre ice

Devils camped in Storm zone

Josh says its a mystery why we haven't scored

Storm Goal

@ 9:57

Vinny Scarsella assists Grant Toulmin & Paul Philips

Totally against the run of play


Storm are skating hard

Ben Bowns save

Devils with loads of pressure but cannot find back of net

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Vinny Scarsella looking very dangerous for Storm

Officially a sell out at BBT

Devils penalt Chris Culligan 2 minutes for elbowing


@ 16:23

Storm Goal a PPG

@ 17:57

Devils left back door unguarded

Scored by Birzinsh assists Grant Toulmin & Mathew Sisca

WAKE UP DEVILS - there are no easy games in this league

Devils had killed 22 penalties before conceeding that PPG

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Storm 2

This is the time you need someone like Paul Heavey to be in the dressing room

Taffy, Heather and myself would stay outside until "storm" was over

Josh says coach Lord needs to fire them up for 2nd period

By all acoounts the RED ARMY is relatively quiet tonight

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Storm 10

Ice ready

Adrian thinkd Devils had more than 11 SoG

Teams back

2nd period starts

Lets get that next goal U DEVILS

Great save Zane Kalemba from Joey Martin

Save Ben Bowns

Guillaume Doucet has shot saved

Storm players managing to get a stick on every Devils shot

Shot from deep and crash the net for rebounds

Also up the pace they are short benched

Another Ben Bowns save

It alright for texters to tell me what should happen - text Franny on the bench

Gametime 26:43

Devils getting in each others way says Nigel

RED ARMY has now got noisy

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for delay of game

A terrible call says Josh


@ 27:15

Guillaume Doucet caught the puck dropped immeadiately ref Hogarth calls him for delay of game

Devils Full strength

Good PK by Devils

JohnWildthing says next goal is huge

Come on U Devils that goal is ours

Gametime 30:22

Devils are not playing well

Devils icing

Gametime 32:46

Linos are just as bad as referee

RED ARMY gone quiet


Tomas Kurka his 16th ofthe season

2nd assist for Andrew Hotham

@ 35:48

Come on U DEVILS lets have another goal

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Storm 2

Teams cancelled each other out in the closing minutes of 2nd period

Nigel reports - Hogarth misses a big cross check by a Storm player no more than 2ft in front of im. Oesn't call anything - hes out of his depth in a puddle

Josh's period report - Just awful

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Storm 7 making it 19-17 after 2 periods

Josh continues - Nothing is coming off for the Devils. wayward passing, not enough shooting and tyhose shots made are of a poor quality. Not sure whether Storm are playing an excellent defensive road game or that the Devils are playing awful. He's mind to go for the latter

Texters are stuggling to say anything positive about the Devils performance

Lets hope we have one of those barnstorming 3rd periods of yesteryear at the WNIR

Ice ready waiting for the teams to reappear

Teams return

Delay waiting for ice to dry

3rd period starts

Storm icing

Another Storm icing

Zane Kalemba vcovers puck

gametime 42:49

Storm icing yet again

Gametime 44:17

Big hit Andrew Lord on Birzinsh


Andrew Hotham his 10th

It is aPPG as Mathew Sisca was called for tripping

Assists Joey Martin & Jake Morissette

Devils pe nalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for kneeing

Texters say it was a good hit


Matthew Paton goes after Ben Bowns Andrew Hotham steps in

Had battery problems hence late updates

Devils 2nd goal was @ 45:24

Devils Full strength

Big save Ben Bowns

Trevor Hendrikx penalty wa at 46:00

Storm takes what equates to a time out at every face off

Storm Offside

Devils icing for a change

Gametime 49:14

Joey Martin now joint top scorer with Hayes

Puck in Storm net

Awaiting verdict

Goal under review

Storm coach Omar Pacha going mad

Was there a Devil in the crease is the question


Scored by Jake Morissette his 14th assists Leigh Salters & Josh Batch

Massive hit by Andrew Hotham on Vinny Scarsella

Storm icing @ 50:41

Game has become very physical - big hits from both teams

Save Ben Bowns

Gametime 51:42

Good block by Trevor Hendrikx

Storm Omar Pacha 2 minutes for tripping @ 54:10

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Omar Pacha also gets a a ten minute misconduct

Storm netminder Zane Kalemba has been ejected

He refuses to leave the ice

Meeting going on between ref & Linos and Storms Mike Folkes

Zane Kalemba still refusing to leave the ice, backup ready to come on

Looks like referee has changed his mind - Zane Kalemba still in net

RED ARMY booing

Hogarth hasn't got a clue

Another Storm penalty

So Devils have 5 on 3 for 2 minutes


Carl Hudson withg his 8th of the season

Paul Philips gor 2 minutes for interference

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Hotham

Storm now have 4 skaters

Haven't got a clue what all that was about

Neither has the scorers it would appear

Storm FS

Storm Matthew Paton after being hit by a cannon from Andrew Hotham

Final 2 minutes


Scored by Chris Culligan his 3rd

Assists Guillaume Doucet & Josh Batch

@ 58:40

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 5 Storm 2

I asked for a storming 3rd period and w got it

Total confusion on what happened

Scoresheet would appear that Zane Kalemba had 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct

Apologies for the system failure at the ernd of the game, the server went into melt down due to hits

Storm MoM - Grant Toulmin


Devils owners Steve King & Brian Parker along with their families got on the ice at the end of the game

Confusion still reigns over what penalties were called on Storm @ 54:10

If you are not going to the game on Sturday when the Dundee Stars are at the BBT then join Russ at MNL for our unique coverage.

Thats all from me (OJ) I will be back on Sunday when the Devils travel to Glasgow to take on the Braehead Clan

From all of us at MNL we would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR - BLWYDDYN NEWYDD DDA