Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry with the intention of making it a 4 point weekend against the Blaze

Large contingent of the RED ARMY winging their way to Lady Godiva's home city

Owners Steve King & Brian Parker and their families enjoying (enduring) a RAT road trip experience

I just hope they survive

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Battery issues etc means we are down to the bare minimum of texters tonight.

If yo are following us on MNL and are at the game and can help us out text MNL on 07527 625206

Or know of someone at the game who would jump into the breach

The good news is that the invading RED ARMY has arrived at Coventry, bloodthirsty and wanting 2 points or was that 2 pints

No Steven Chalmers for Blaze

Stefan Hogarth was down to referee this game - so we can look forward to "lucky dip" calls from him

RED ARMY have filled Blocks 7 & 8

A reminder to fans who want to attend Wednesdays game against the Storm tickets are selling very fast with another sell out on the cards, less than 40 seating tickets left

Devils on the ice

RED ARMY now filling Block 6 as well

Announcer trying to whip up the Blaze fans - not having much luck

Was the "Walking Dead" based on Coventry?

Blaze finally appear

Russky thinks Devils will win in O/T

The tormenting of Brian Stewart has started already

Hazel says Devils will win 5-4

Mark G says Devils will win a much closer game by 2 goals


We are ready to start

Good effort by Steve King to sing Welsh Anthem

Puck dropped

In fact Michael Hicks is the referee

Brian Stewart saves Josh Batch shot

Andrew Lord crushes Ashley Tait into boards

Blaze offside

Gametime 1:02

Devils icing

Scramble in front of Blaze net, Hicks blows whistle when puck was loose

Face off in the Blaze zone

Ben Bowns covers

Chris Jones & Luke Piggott on with Joey Martin

Mark asks can RED ARMY be heard on webcast

Kevin Noble trying to play the hard man

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Jim Jorgensen rushes at Ben Bowns

Ben Bowns covers @ 5:26

Puck out of play

Devils Offside @6:20

RED ARY disputed that call

Blaze icing

Tomas Kurka wanders offside

Now Jake Morissette is offside

Devils too keen to get into Blaze zone

Gametime 8:38

Mark Smith doing a good job tidying up at the back

Josh Batch clears zone as Blaze mount pressure

Joey Haddad makes great pass whilst lying on the ice

Russ Cowley Offside for Blaze

Panthers 4 Steelers 1 after 36 minutes

Big save by Brian Stewart from Joey Martin @ 11:34

That followed some great passing by Devils

Mark Smith shot saved

Ben Bowns covers after rebound following Carl Lauzon shot

Gametime 12:11

Jake Morissette wins puck, Chris Jones shot saved

Big hit by Luke Piggott

Andrew Lord weaves through Blaze, Brian Stewart glove save

Gametime 14:11

Josh Godfrey goes for Chris Culligan who accepts challenge Godfrey bottles it

Blaze mascot abused by RED ARMy, rink security advises him to return to home blocks

Penalties @ 14:41 Chris Culligan 2 minutes for roughing Joey Haddad 2 minutes for elbowing & Josh Godfrey 2 minutes for roughing


Devils clear

Joey Martin shot saved

Cale Tanaka being abused by RED ARMY chants "You ate my Labrador"

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

1 minute killed

Ben Bowns save with 27 secs of PK left

Devils Full strength

Great PK by Devils, they had more shots than Blaze

Devils now 9 for 9 on PK this weekend

Andrew Hotham shot spilled by Brian Stewart, unfortunately no Devil close enough

Crash that net guys


You know Chuck Weber hates conceeding late goals so lets have one now

Blaze Penalty Boris Valabik 2 minutes for interference @ 18:36


Guillaume Doucet shot saved

Puck out of play

30 secs of PP gone

Final minute

Andrew Lord shot deflected high

Brian Stewart getting non stop grief from RED ARMY

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

Devils will start 2nd with a 36 sec PP

The Gaminh Hazard says 4-2 Devils

Rob Batch says Devils will win 3-0

Both teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Apologies no news on SoG

Blaze Full strength

Jake Morissette shoots wide

Blaze icing

Come U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Very polite here on MNL

Tomas Kurka has shot saved

Amazing save by Ben Bowns - RED ARMY rise as one


Andrew Lord his 9th of the season

@ 23:34

Blaze goal - Ashley Tait @ 24:53

Come on U DEVILS you always concede after scoring - don't relax

Assist Russ Cowley

Owners really enjoying their trip, seated amongst Devils fans

Steve King did a Q&A on the bus

Face off in the Blaze zone

Andrew Lord's goal was unassisted

Chris Jones shot saved

Leigh Salters wrap around almost suceeds

Zach Hervato has shot blocked

Its end to end at the moment


@ 31:04 Joey Haddad his 10th

Assists Andrew Lord & Trevor Hendrikx

Blaze icing

great block by Mark Smith

Don't let them score U DEVILS

Blaze Goal

Every Bl***Y time

scored by Pietrus assistsDrew Fisher & Kevin Noble

@ 32:19

Who is on the ice for these goals?

I assume Lord, Francis etc have +/- collectors in the seats

I most certainly had, just for internal use only

I am surprised that the EIHL havent made it a requirement for game sheet the space is there

Stick save Ben Bowns

Andrew Hotham knocks off net @ 34:21

Come on U DEVILS these are the games you MUST WIN

Josh Batch & Trevor Hendrikx plough away the interlopers in Devils crease

Jon says Blaze are getting too many chances

Chris Culligan shot saved

Ben Bowns gathers puck as it is about to cross line, Pietrus claims goal Trevor Hendrikx wacks him

Ben Bowns save

Blaze exerting pressure


Devils icing @ 38:06

Panthers beat Steelers 5-3

Ben Bowns glove save

Jake Morissette shot delected out of play

Final minute

two benches having words as buzzer goes

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

Both teams back on ice

SoG for 1st period Blaze 11 DEVILS 14

3rd period underway

Blaze goal

Andrew Hotham lost puck Blaze score

Jordan Pietrus unassisted

@ 42:15

Face off in the Blaze zone

Big effort now needed U DEVILS

Tomas Kurka & Joey Haddad go close

Tomas Kurka has shot saved

Devils icing @ 46:53 - play held up as Brian Stewart readjusts his kit

Blaze offside @ 47:14

Devils pressure

Glove save Brian Stewart from Mark Smith

Joey Martin has shot blocked

Give us a goal U DEVILS - now

Blaze icing @ 49:28

Leigh Salters goes close twice

Zach Hervato shoots wide

Trevor Hendrikx shot blocked

Devils camped in Blaze zone

Camping is OK but we want scoring


Our prayers are answered

goal @ 51:39

Mark Richardson his 4th assists Trevor Hendrikx & Andrew Lord

Now then tight defensive hockey for the next few shifts

Ref turns a blind eye to a blatant slash by Michael Quesnele on Joey Haddad

Take them for the team Joey

Devils icing @ 54:29

Chris Culligan has shot deflected over

Tomas Kurka shot inches wide

Face off in the Blaze zone

Gametime 56:44

Andrew Hotham almost manages a tap in

Devils icing @ 56:55

Devils offside @ 57:11

Glove save Brian Stewart

Boris Valabik hits glass in front of RED ARMY hes not amused

Devils penalty Jake Morissette 2 minutes for boarding @ 59:08


Final minute

Ben Bowns covers @ 59:58

End of regulatiion Blaze 3 DEVILS 3

O/T here we come

Devils have a 1:08 PK to start O/T

O/T starts

Devils Full strength

Joey Martin 1 on 1 saved bt Stewart

Andrew Lord clears zone

Its frantic out there

Blaze penalty called

Ashley Tait 2 minutes for hooking @ 63:12


I am trying to work out how many consecutive penalties Devils have killed I think its close to 20 maybe even more


Guillaume Doucet with his 21st of the season

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 4

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

A PPG of course

RED ARMY chanting, Blaze fans have left the building already


Our thanks to Gerald & Jon who did a brilliant job as did the DEVILS and the RED ARMY

RED ARMY nomination for song of the year - "Cale Tanaka, he'll deep fry your dog"

Blaze MoM - Jordan Pietrus

Join me on Wednesday for the final game of 2015 when the Manchester Storm come to the BBT. Storm beating the Flyers 4-1 late in 3rd