Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as the Devils welcome the Coventry Blaze to the BBT (hopefully for the very last time)

Our usual Christmas fare is back to back games against the Blaze so tomorrow the Devils travel to Coventry

Hope you all had a Happy & Marry Christmas and are now looking for some hockey action

In between family duties I have managed to awaken some of our regulat texters from their Christmas slumber.

Score predictions and comments always welcomed to

Join me from around 6:30 for hopefully a cracking performance from the Devils in front of our owners from Calgary

Steelers have beaten the Panthers 2-1

Most of warmup completed

Texters Josh, Tony T and Jon J have reported in so we are good to go


Hope you all had a good Christmas

Russky has Devils to win by 3

So that there is no confusion - if you want to make a prediction or comment email

The MNL text line is for texters reporting on the game or offers of help

Predictions very few tonight

Another sell out at the BBT and next Wednesdays game against the Storm is selling out fast

I suppose with online ticket sales the scenes at the WNIR in the Devils first few seasons will not be repeated

as expected no Brent Walton or Tyson Marsh for Devils

Dean Smith is sceduled to ref tonight

Rob Batch says 4-2 Devils

Neve J thinks Devils will win 5-3

My old buddy Gregg in Tenerife, who I have converted to the delights of hockey and MNL in paricular thinks Devils will win 4-1

Zamboni chasing its tail

Ding dong battle at the top of the scorers list continues tonight with Ryan Hayes (Capitals) and our own Joey Martin both on 45 points

Clive B is not so confident and calls if Devils by the odd goal in three

BBT is rocking as they await the teams

Mark Smith playing for Devils

Team intros

Steve King & Brian Parker (owners) at BBT with families


Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Puck dropped


After 21 secs

Chris Culligan the scorer 2nd of the season

Leigh Salters & Boris Valabik tangle

Leigh Salters throws him to the ice

Not really a fight

Both get 5 minutes for fighting

Zach Hervato flattens Josh Godfrey

Blaze goal

Its so noisy at BBT announcements cannot be heard

Blaze goal scored by Jordan Pietrus

Its end to end

Carl Lauzon goes close

Andrew Lord collides with Brian Stewart

Joey Haddad goes close

Devils driving the net tonight

Apologies for not getting the full details for goals but it was hectic

Big hit by Luke Piggott

Gametime 4:09

Goal for Blaze dissallowed - kicked in

Confirm the score is 1-1

Devils icing

5 minute majors almost over

Blaze penalty Cale Tanaka 2 minutes for hooking @ 5:53


Kevin Noble bounces off Leigh Salters

Blaze clear zone

Decent PP from Devils

Devils Offside with 29 secs of pp left

Brian Stewart complaining about ice

Salters & Boris Valabik return

Jon J says Devils are far more aggressive tonight

Blaze Full strength

Devils icing

Gametime 8:46

Assists on Blaze goal for Drew Fisher & Brett Robinson

Devils goal scored by Chris Culligan assists Josh Batch & Trevor Hendrikx

Blaze are shooting from deep and praying for rebounds

Blaze Offside

Gametime 10:39

Puck out of play when Ben Bowns blocked a Blaze shot

Big hit by Andrew Lord on Michael Quesnele

Zach Hervato goes close

Big hit on Kevin Noble he felt that

Blaze Pietrus 2 minutes for tripping

Actually it was called as a cross-checking

Tomas Kurka goes close

Come on U DEVILS

Devils PP set up is good but no clear shooting opportunities yet

Brian Stewart saves from Carl Hudson

Blaze Full strength

Devils go close

Close not good enough WE WANT A GOAL U DEVILS

Ben Bowns covers @ 16:35

Its been enbd to end for some time

Ben Bowns saves from Cale Tanaka

Chris Culligan goes close

Not much ice time for Trevor Hendrikx

Devils doing everything other than scoring

Leigh Salters shot goes out of play @ 18:10

Luke Piggott goes close for his first of the season


Intricate quick passing leads to goal

Tomas Kurka with his 14th of the season

Assists Andrew Hotham & Mark Richardson

Mark Smith gets puck to leg

OK he's fine

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blaze 1

Devils 2nd goal times @ 18:25

Josh's period report - Overall a decent start for the Devils controlled the game for the most part. Bownsy has looked a little shaky rather than Blaze looking dangerous. He made one good glove save. Some new PP combinationbs from Devils and a more blue line approach to shooting. Saters v Valabik was a let down - hoping for round 2

SoG DEVILS 8 Blaze 9

No points for either Hayes or Martin yet

Come on U Devils lets put a few goal on the scoreboard this period

I need another holiday been very busy since returning from Tenerife a number of jobs waiting for me

I am busier now than when I was working full-time

Just finished a few commissions in time for Christmas

Maybe I should advertise on MNL/Inferno

Maridunian Research is the name, specialising in Genealogy

Ice ready

teams back

Puck dropped

Andrew Lord should have made it 3-1

Blaze icing

Gametime 20:59

Carl Hudson denied by Brian Stewart @ 21:33

Its all DEVILS so far this period

Devils Mark Smith penalty 2 minutes for holding @ 22:29

Joey Martin & Andrew Lord miss SHG chances


Sell out at BBT confirmed

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for delay of game

19 secs of 5 on 3 for Blaze @ 24:10

Joey Martin blocks shot


Big hit by Trevor Hendrikx

Cale Tanaka in the crease, face off outside

Chris Jones clears zone

Devils Full Strength

Blaze Goal as penalty finishes

Brett Robinson the scorer @ 26:15

Assists Neil Trimm & Matt Selby

Kevin Noble lays hit on Leigh Salters

Leigh Salters goes down and stays down

Confusing text now told Leigh Salters gets 2 + 2 for high sticks

Tony is confident that it was Noble who hit Salters


Trevor Hendrikx destroys Drew Fisher

And wins the puck, great shift by Hendo


Massive save by Ben Bowns

Zach Hervato checking as if his life depended on it

Blaze Michael Quesnele 2 minutes for interference


Tomas Kurka with his 2nd of the game 15th of the season

Even strength goal scvored by Tomas Kurka when on his knees

Devils now have 1 minute of PP

Assists for Joey Haddad & Zach Hervato


Guillaume Doucet with his 2oth of the season

Assists Andrew Hotham & Jake Morissette

Noble trying to wind up Andrew Hotham

Glove save Ben Bowns

Pietrus takes a run at Leigh Salters and ends up on his arse

Leigh Salters is up for this nobody can get anywhere near him and if they do manage it they bounce off

Trevor Hendrikx lining up his hip checks

Puck out of play

Gametime 34:25

Still end to end

Another important save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 36:08

Devils 4th goal was @ 32:10


Devils Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for hooking


Brian Stewart save from Chris Culligan

Devils Chris Culligan 2 minutes for boarding


Trevor Hendrikx penalty was @ 36:10

Chris Culligan penalty @ 37:56

so another 5 on 3 for Blaze

Devils back to 4 skaters

Mark Richardson 2 minutes for delay of game for handling puck


Yet another 3 on 5 for Devils to kill

Now Blaze called for interference

End of period DEVILS 4 Blaze 2

Tony says - Great period of hockey end to end. Devils on top

It was Jim Jorgensen who got called for interference

Trevor Hendrikx was back as buzzer went

3rd period will start as 4 on 4 for 1:21 then a 22 sec PP for Devils

Texters saying DEVILS PK unit has been imense tonight - to be honest its had to be

I forgot to mention that the fans showered by Boris Valabik near the sin bin in the last Blaze game are in rain ponchoes and hat umbrellas

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 10 Blaze 12 making it 18-21 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Good save by Brian Stewart from Andrew Hotham

Joey Martin goes close after good work by Guillaume Doucet

Devils on pp

Joey Haddad just wide

Its now 5 on 5

Gametime 41:50

RED ARMY very loud

Andrew Lord clears Devils zone

Guillaume Doucet does everything other than score

Gametime 43:07

No points for Hayes as Flyers shut out Capitals 3-0

Devils fan hit by puck, goes for treatment


Jake Morissette with his 12th of the season

Assists Carl Hudson & Zach Hervato

@ 44:10

Devils Chris Culligan takes a silly penalty says Tony - 2 minutes for tripping


Devils unlucky with SH breakaway

Very loud in BBT

Ben Bowns makes 2 saves

Devils clear zone

10secs of PK left

Devils Full strength

Blaze penalty Cale Tanaka

2 minutes for hooking was the call

Tanaka penalty was @ 47:52

Eleven Devils have netted points so far

Blaze Full strength

Drew Fisher & Boris Valabik shouting at each other

Good save Ben Bowns

Devils pressure

Andrew Lord & Kevin Noble tangle in a big way - NO CALL

Another great save by Ben Bowns

Great advert for hockey says Tony

Ben Bowns covers

Jon J says game being played at a frantic pace

If only the linos would drop the puck quickly rather than prancing about

Game has remained physical throughout

Gametime 56:17

Carl Lauzon 2 minutes for slashing

Tony says the standouts have been Leigh Salters, Tomas Kurka & Carl Hudson


PPG for Devils

Jake Morissette his 2nd of the night 13th of the season

PPG for Devils

Assists Andrew Hotham & Andrew Lord

@ 56:45

Big hit by Zach Hervato

RED ARMY have got even louder

Josh Batch hit into boards late, not amused

Blaze icing


Joey Haddad his 9th of the season

Assists Chris Culligan & Tomas Kurka

Final score DEVILS 7 Blaze 2

Dominant display sdays Jon J

Tony says Tomas Kurka was like lightning on ice tonight

Assists Chris Culligan & Tomas Kurka

Blaze MoM - Brett Robinson

our thanks to Josh, Tony T and Jon J - the A team brought you the result tonight

Josh says DEVILS MoM should be Tomas Kurka

Devils Mom is in fact JAKE MORISSETTE

Join me from around 4:45 tomorrow as the Devils seek to bag another 2 points in Coventry

The RAT text team on duty on Sunday so its up to them to bring home the points

I wonder if the owners would text us at MNL

Thats all from me have a good night its only 365 days to Christmas Day