Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 2 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel cross the Irish Sea to take on the Giants in Belfast

Score predictiona and comments always welcome to

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30pm as we hope that Paa Noel brings us an early present ie 2 points

Warm up in progress

No Jeff Mason or Colin Shields for Giants

We are exceedingly grateful to David M & Dorothy E two Giants fans that regularly cover games in Belfast for us

We have failed to find a Devils texter who has made the trip,

If you are there and can help us out text the MNL line 07527 625206

Jon in Cardiff thinks its going to be close but 4-2 to the Devils would be a lovely Xmas pressie

Russky predicts an O/T for Devils to bring some Christmas cheer

Very quiet on the prediction front.

Due to parties or last minute shopping?

Waiting for the teams to appear at the O

Must be late night shopping in Southend - No Hazel

Mark Garside also not icing for Giants

No Brian Parker yet gone to early lunch or to pack for his trip over here

We are not sure how comprehensive a coverage we can bring you tonight in the light of the non availability of texters

As the say in the CUBS - WE WILL DO OUR BEST

Teams now take to the ice

No Tyson Marsh or Brent Walton for Devils

Ref is Paul Staniforth

Puck is dropped

Mark Smith icing for Devils

Initial pressure from Giants forces early saves from Ben Bowns

Carl Hudson & Mark Smith openind D pairing

Giants offside

Gametime 3:02

Great defensive play by Josh Batch foils a breakaway

Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Lord

Dorothy has spotted 8members of the RED ARMY

Carl Hudson takes a big hit

End to end action with both netminders making saves

Stephen Murphy blocks shot from Carl Hudson

TinkyAdrian is also texting me

Giants penalty Craig Peacock 2 minutes for tripping

Ben Bowns save

1:18 left in Devils PP

Penalty was @ 8:50

Pat says 2-1 Devils

Joey Martin hits crossbar

Giants Full Strength

Pat thinks it might go to O/T

Gametime 12:30

Chris Culligan shoots high

Clive B calls it 5-3 to Devils just like Nottingham last Saturday

Goal Giants

Scored by Benedict assist Keefe & Lloyd

Missed goal time

Giants icing @ 15:57

Goal was scored @ 13:00

Apologies I assumed the 13 was a rough estimate of goal time


Devils penalty Mark Richardson 2 minutes for slashing


Holding the stick was the call

Giants Offside

Richie's penalty was @ 17:19

Poor PP from Giants so fat - just one shot and that was wide

Ben Bowns easy save

Devils Full strength

Handbags in front of Devils net

No buyers

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 0

SoG for 1st period Giants 13 DEVILS 9

No a very physical game so far which is stange for a Giants v Devils game

Ice is ready

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Giants Offside

Easy save for Ben Bowns

Devils poenalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for hooking


@ 22:47

Big scramble by Devils net

Gametime 24:11

Puck enters Devils net after whistle blown

Devils Full strength

Devils icing

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL

Giants all over Devils net

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for delay of game

@ 27:06


Great saves by Ben Bowns following immense Giants pressure

Devils Full strength

Dorothy says Giants PP sucks

We don't mind do we

Gametime 31:04

Goal Giants

Its disallowed

Crowdnot happy with ref Staniforth

Giants penalty Kris Beech @ 33:04

2 minutes for slashing

On that last disallowed, goal light went on but puck newver crossed the line

Ben Bowns save @ 33:37

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG now - please

Save Stephen Murphy

Giants Full strength

Ben Bowns saves from Darryl Lloyd

Glove save Bowns @ 36:13

Another Ben Bowns save

Good Devils pressure @ 38:20

Final minute

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 0

SoG for 2nd period Giants 20 DEVILS 6 making it 33-15 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS you can do it, one big effort and you will enjoy Christmas

TinkyAdrian says Devils must break out of the defensive mould and hit more this period

Adrian says Giants were camped in Devils zone for long periods hence SoG tally. Ben Bowns dealt with them easily

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Good double save by Ben Bowns

Ben Bowns covers @ 44:03

Adrian says Devils need to get some SoG as they haven't really tested Stephen Murphy


Devils penalty Carl Hudson @ 46:27


2 minutes for holding the stick

Jake Morissette blocks shot and heads for bench

Giants Offside

Devils Full strength

PK units on top tonight

Giants Mitch Ganzak & Zach Hervato both get 2 minutes for roughing @ 48:31

Correction 2 minutes for cross-checking for Mitch Ganzak 2 minutes for slashing for Zach Hervato

Ben Bowns save @ 49:19

Yes Kirsty come on U DEVILS bury the biscuit

Ben Bowns saves from Chris Higgins

Then Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Hotham

Both teams Full strength

Dorothy says Devils have picked up their pace this period and mounting pressure on Giants

Gametime 51:57

Ben Bowns save

Come on U DEVILS get us that goal

Devils now playing weell but still no luck in front of goal

Giants goal net off its moorings

Gametime 54:15

Crowd in O given as 4,982

Final 5 minutes

Make more noise RED ARMY - all 8 of you

Giants penalty James Desmarais

2 minutes for tripping


Devils camped in Giants zone

Giants Full strength

Final 2 minutes

Giants icing

Giants penalty @ 58:41

Devils time out

Mike Radja was the Giant penalised

Ben Bowns lifted

High stick was the call

30 secs left

ENG Giants

@ 59:39

Matt Nickerson the scorer

Final score Giants 2 DEVILS 0

Many thanks to Giants fans David & Dorothy and also our very own TinkyAdrian

Devils MoM is BEN BOWNS

Giants MoM was Mike Wilson

Thats it from me (OJ) all that is left is to wish you a Merry Christmas when it arrives - NADOLIG LLAWEN

Join at MNL on Boxing Day when the Blaze are at the BBT as are some of the Devils owners from Calgary