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Cardiff Devils 1 - 3 Braehead Clan

CROESO - WELCOME to MNL as the Devils return to the BBT after their fantastic win last night in Nottingham to take on the Clan.

With another sell out at the BBT the Devils seek to secure the 2 points to round off a perfect weekend.

Score predictions to along with any other comments you wish to make.

The MNL line ( 07527 625206) is earmarked for texters only and comments received on the number get in the way of match updates.

MNL is more popular than ever with in excess of 2,000 viewers regularly joining us for away games.

At this rate the season's viewing total is going to exceed 100,000 for the first time

Join me from around 5:30 for what looks like a cracking noisy night at the BBT

Just looked at the online booking system and at 3:30 pm there were just FOUR standing tickets left

It will be interesting when the Boxing Day game against the Blaze will be sold out

Warmup in progress

Texters allocated their duties

No Tyson Marsh as expected with Mark Smith icing

Mark G still confident of a 4 point weekend and wants a repeat of last nights score

Spearsy stuck in London calls it 4-1 to Devils

Pat whose son got drenched by Panties beer last night predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Rob Batch calls it 4-1 to Devils

Lets Go STORM Lets Go - Storm leading 1-0 against Panties after 10 minutes

With the Devils in Belfast on Wednesday we are on the lookout for texters, anyone who is going or know someone who is please get in touch by PM, email or text 07527 625206

Hopefully we can bring you MNL coverage

A hard fought game predicted by Amanda with the Devils emerging with a 4-2 victory

Fellow host Russ also thinks a Devils victory will come our way after a tough hard game

Warmup done

On texting duties tonight are Nigel, Josh, Tinkyadrian & Gerald

Brian Parker thinks that with home ice advantage Devils will win by 3 goals

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If you are planning to see the DEVILS v Blaze on Boxing Day get your tickets quick as this game will sell out quickly this week

Game is a total sellout.

Don't turn anyone away - Fire Service have their XMAS Party tonight

Do any of you rember a game against Medway at the WNIR in the 1988/9 seaon when they was a packed house and they must have been 10 deep at the bar end of the rink

To get to the office from the dressingroom I had to out to Bute Terrace and come in the front door

Mark Smith making his home debut (for the 2nd time) tonight

Storm 2 Panthers 2 after 1 period

Steelers 1 Blaze 1 also after 1 period

Teams on the ice


Hazel goes for a 6-3 scoreline in favour of Devils

Puck dropped

Andrew Lord shoots Chris Holt bats puck away

Fast start

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone

Gerald says its very loud even by BBT standard

Devils Offside

Toni in Newport calls it 4-1 to Devils

Josh Batch shoots from blue line - saved

Devils icing

Apologies referee is Stefan Hogarth

Tomas Kurka shot saved @ 4:54

End to end as teams check each other out

Chris Holt saves from Zach Hervato

Mark Smith looking rusty


Joey Martin with his 16th of the season

TEDDY TOSS avalance

Time for a cup of tea I guess

Goal was @ 5:57 assist for Andrew Lord

Ice now cleared game restarts

Eric in Nottingham thinks Clan will win 3-2 in O/T

Gametime 8:13

Cornwall Taffy back in the UK predicts a 5-2 win for Devils

Clan Goal @ 9:07

Right top shelf shot beeats Ben Bowns

Scored by Scott Pitt assists Stefan Meyer & Ric Jackman

Clan icing @ 10:27

Clan Offside @ 11:10

Clan goal @ 11:50

Scored by Chris Bruton

Assists Alex Leavitt & Matt Keith

For those of you interested Joey Martin has the "C" tonight

Clan offside @ 13:27

Devils Offside

Ngel thinks ref Hogarth has homework to do as he is not calling anything

Clan now go Offside

Scoreline - DEVILS 1 Clan 2

Clan penalty Alex Leavitt 2 minutes for holding @ 14:47

Come on U DEVILS Lets have a PPG

Joey Haddad shots over the net

Clan Full strength

Blatant holding of Luke Piggott's stick - NO CALL

Clan penalty 2 minutes for delay of game for Thomas Nesbitt @ 18:07


End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Clan 2

Devils will start 2nd period with a 7 sec PP

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 15 Clan 10

For those asking - there is no news on Tyson Marsh

If we get anything we will let you know

Ice is ready

We are desparate for texters for Wednesdays game in Belfast, if you can help let us know

Come on U DEVILS lets get going

RED ARMY lift the team they need you

Team are back

2nd period starts

Clan Full strength

Gone very quiet

Clan hit the crossbar


Hoping its not network issues as I anm failing to contact texters

Not a lot happening apparently end to end with lots of face offs

Gametime 26:40

Josh says Clan seem to be content with present scoreline happy to let Devils pass the puck around, Devils need to shoot more

Adrian who was at Nottingham las night thinks Devils are looking sluggish

Clan icing

gametime 27:58

Blaze take a 3-2 lead at Sheffield 23 secs left

Clan icing @ 30:06

Massive hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Ben Davies

Steelers 2 Blaze 3 result

Puck out of play

Gametime 31:33

Clan Goal Ben Davies

FIGHT Trevor Hendrikx v Chris Bruton

@ 34:13

Both get a ten minute misconduct for fighting

Assists for Chris Bruton & Alex Leavitt on Clan rd goal

Come on U DEVILS get going before its too late

Joey Martin hits crossbar

Come on DEVILS

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for boarding


@ 36:13

Puck out of play

Devils full strength

Clan Nathan McIver 2 minutes for cross-checking: Devils Leigh Salters 2 minutes for roughing

last minute

Penalties were at 39:15

Ben Bowns save

Trevor Hendrikx & Chris Bruton return

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Clan 3

Adrian's period report - Devils are not playing all that well and need to step it up for the 3rd period

Crowd recorded as 2,300

Nigel says referee Hogarth's ineptitude has him gobsmacked. He might be skating at BBT but watching a different game from the rest of the crowd. ED ARMY cheesed off with inconsistency of calls or more often the lack of calls. Players taking the law into their own hands, Clan basically getting a tiome out at each face off. Linos need to drop the puck and stop prancing about

No SoG available for 2nd period so far

Lets have one of those famous Devils final periods of yesteryear

HREE unanswered goals would do nicely

Ice ready

Team reappear

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 5 Clan 9 making it 20-19 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Lets get a goal now - PLEASE

Both teams Full strength

Clan net off

Gametime 44:38

Come on DEVILS lets get more intense and physical the RED ARMY will lift you

Devils turnedover time and time again

Josh says Clan are playing an excellent on the road game

Adrian says Devils need to wake up, Clan getting to the puck first whenever it is loose

For those asking and everyone else - Tyson Marsh injuries yet to be assessed by medics

Leigh Salters takes puck to the face

Leaves the ice, doesn't look serious however

Andrew Hotham shoots wide

Chris Holt glove save @ 48:52

The RED ARMY are doing their best to lift the DEVILS

Big hit by Andrew Lord on Gatz

Leigh Salters back on ice

No he is not looking for his teeth

Joey Martin tries the back door approach but fails

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone

Ben Davies puches Andrew Hotham whilst he was face down on the ice

Clan penalty Ben Davies 2 minutes for roughing: Devils Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for goalie interference @ 53:03

Both team Full strength

Gametime 55:22

Clan icing

Its now or never U DEVILS

Andrew Hotham hits side netting

Chris Holt covers @ 56:09

Clan penalty Matt Keith 2 minutes for illegal equipment @56:51


Devils time out

Ben Bowns pulled

Final 2 minutes

Andrew Lord onetimer saved 9 secs left on PP

Excellent pressure from Devils but the biscuit will not go in

Clan Full strength

Excellent pressure from Devils but the biscuit will not go in

Chris Holt covers

Final minute

Some sort of delay referee goes to time keepers

Play resumes

FIGHT Leigh Salters v Clan team

Leigh Salters not happy about something

Leigh Salters pushed by Brendan Brooks into Holt, gets up throws a punch or two and get jumped by the whole Clan line

Leigh Salters & Marcus Gtz ejected @ 59:15

Will ref Hogarth deal with the 3rd man in - we ask

Probably didn't see the other 4 that got involved

Play resumes

Final score DEVILS 1 Clan 3

I think Leigh Salters got 2 + 2 for roughing + 2 + 10 for instigator

Gatz also got 2 + 2 for roughing + Game gor illegal equipment

Well that what I was told

Clan MoM - Chris Holt


Thanks again to texters - Gerald,Tinkyadrian, Josh & Nigel who did better than the team did

Thats all from me, join me on Wednesday for coverage of the Devils game in Belfast (Texters permitting)