Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 4 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL for tonights big game - OJ here in the MNL studio

Score predictions as usual to before the puck is dropped for the first time

Texters en-route and will be reporting in shortly

Both Gareth and Tom call it 2-1 Devils, Tom goes as far as naming the Devils scorers - Prpich & Elich

Gareth thinks Giants will score first

David (in Belfast I assume) justs think it will be an entertaining game just like the first leg earlier this week

Ross thinks it will be 4-2 to the Giants with their markers coming from Deniset, Martins (2) & Shields

We will have to do our utmost to prove him wrong

I am sure it will be an entertaining game and considerable more so than the 5th Test in Trinidad

OK England are scoring lots but the WI players don't look interested

David in Belfast now calls it 3-2 Giants AOT

My texters didn't catch a glimpse of Rushton warming up although he might have left the ice before they arrived.

Tom confirms that Rushton did not take part in warm-up

Ross does think we will prove him wrong, well he had better get used to it as the Welsh will also beat Ireland in two weeks time as well.

Still awaiting news on crowd, referee and team news

Still awaiting news on crowd, referee and team news

Referee will not be Dean Smith since he is at Basingstoke

Zamboni coming to the end of its stint

Michael Hicks is the man in charge, does the man only do games in Belfast or Cardiff

According to Belfast Dave Rushton is scratched as the Giants have a full roster of imports

Without Rushton some bigs hits are called for

COME ON U DEVILS all Wales expects

Shaun Edwards in the dressingroom to give one of his pep talks would have been useful tonight

The Tent is filling up

Giants to win 5-2 says Anthony

Giants take to the ice

No Rushton confirmed

Steve Lyle in net for the Giants

Steve Lyle in net for the Giants

Every chance of a sell out as rink is still filling up

Welcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Good crowd tonight

Come on Hull - they are down 1-2 to Manchester after 2 periods

Devils a minute of applause in memory of Owen Grant & Dave Paige who both died recently

Technically not a sell out by all accounts but a very good crowd

Starting for the Devils Latulippe, Hill & Voth

The puck is dropped

Maciver & Jarvis start on D

Voth floors Johnson after 30 seconds

Giants penalty @ 1:01 Robins - boarding

Devils offside @ 1:17


Devils 1st goal scored by Prpich assist Latulippe @ 1:33 ppg

Prpich goal from a rebound that went through Lyle's legs

Robins boarding penalty was a nasty hit on Silverthorn

Giants icing @ 2:32

Lets build on this good start Devils

Giant shot goes high @ 3:21

Silverthorn none the worse for that hit hits the pipes

Now Jarvis floors Hohnson on blueline

Share it out Devils

Devils penalty @ 4:54 Davies - tripping

Giants offside @ 5:20

Giants goal @ 6:28 ppg

Giants 1st goal scored by Shields un-assisted

Stone passed puck to Shields in front of Cardiff net when trying to clear zone

Devils penalty @ 7:22 Maciver - x-checking

Lets kill this one Devils

Giants 2nd ppg @ 7:50

Giants 2nd ppg @ 7:50

When will they learn?

2nd Giants goal scored by Shields assist Martin

Giants 2nd goal was also on a delayed penalty

Lyle save @ 8:02

Giants still on pp for 1:20

Aubry save @ 9:22

Devils are back to full strength

Another Aubry save @ 9:51

Its end to end at the Tent

10 minutes gone and Devils are under pressure


Correction Giants goal @ 11:08

Giants 3rd goal @ 11:08 scored by Burgoyne

Devils Timeout

Devils icing @ 10:43

Giants 3rd goal was a comedy


On the Giants 3rd goal puck hit the netting Maciver pulled it out of the air and dropped it behing Aubry and it went in

Devils hit pipes

Aubry save @ 13:54

Devils battling back with some big hits

Giants had Aubry beaten but thankfully hit pipes

Aubry save @ 15:12

Nerve wrecking game according to Chris Stone

Lets get one back before the interval

Hill deposits Lyle in the back of his net but not the puck

Hill deposits Lyle in the back of his net but not the puck

Good shot by Elich saved by Lyle @ 16:35

Stone shot5 from the blueline deeflected high @ 17:03

Devils penalty @ 18:13 Adams - hooking

Lets kill this one or it is Good Night Eileen

Aubry save @ 18:24

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 3

Devils will have 13 seconds penalty kill to start 2nd

Stupid penalties and defending gifted the Giants their 3-1 advantage

Back to the old ways, the Devils don't seem to be able to put up period after period of consistency. Well the type of consistency we want to see from them.

SoG for first period Devils 14 Giants 15

Both teams back on the ice for 2nd period

Bit of a delay waiting for on ice officials

We are off for 2nd period

Devils kill penalty

Repairs to ice needed

SILENCE from the Tent

22 minutes gone Devils woeful passes going astray all the time

Devils all over the place at 23:22

MNL calls it as it is reported to us, I know some fans through that MNL calling the Devils PP pants last week was unjust

Puck goes out of play @ 23:49

Devils have only managed to carry the puck over the Giants blueline twice so far this period

Handbags after Voth is pushed into Lyle @ 25:04

Devils penalty

Devils penalty @ 25:04 Voth - interference

Jury out on that one

Hicks reluctant to call penalties on Giants in that last incident

Giants shot goes out of play @ 26:52

Aubry save @ 26:58

Devils kill penalty and Voth returns


Aubry save @ 28:34

2nd period not as hectic as 1st

Devils seem to have stirred from their slumber

I was led to believe that it was the Giant who was asleep

Devils penalty @ 29:26 Jarvis - tripping

Aubry save @ 29:26

Aubry save @ 29:26

30 minutes gone

Fantastic save from Aubry @ 30:52

Devils kill penalty

Isn't time for a Devils pp Mr Hicks, its 5-1 in favour of Giants at the moment

Lyle save @ 33:11 followed by minor handbags

Giants hit pipes

Giants icing @ 34:57

This gives Devils slight relief as they are still under pressure from the Giants

Another Giants icing @ 35:35

Devils are not creating chances

Giants have called a time-out @ 35:35

That's an odd use of the time-out

Maybe they need to decide which club they are going to at the end of the game

Giants are all over the Devils

Giants net off its moorings @ 37:22

38 minutes gone

Giants are much quicker than Devils in all aspects of the game

Mr Gatland can we borrow Mr Edwards for five minutes

Last minute of 2nd period

Aubry save @ 39:09

Elich floors Cheverie

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Giants 3

Devils we have 20 minutes to rescue this game and probably our season

Too many penalties and forgotten how to pass thats one texters opinion

I just hope our texters keep going under trying conditions, I am getting texts out of sequence one just arrived telling me the Giants have called a time-out after a text from the same texter that the 2nd period had ended

SoG for 2nd period Devils 4 Giants 8

Teams return to the ice

Here we go for the 3rd period

Aubry save @ 40:45

Aubry looked as if he was hurt but now back on his feet (skates)

Puck out of play @ 42:48

Devils hit pipes

Well that is an improvement!!

Aubry keeps Devils in game with a fantastic save @ 43:24 to foil a 2 on 0

Devils offside @ 44:04

Devils fans out there cross your fingers, stoke the black cat etc they need your help

Aubry deflects puck out of play @ 44:12

It will have to be Hockey Night in Canada for some excitement tonight

Puck out of play again @ 45:03

Giants are getting away with loads

Devils revert old ways - dump & chase

Well some are chasing

47 minutes gone

The sand is running fast in the egg timer

Giants hit pipes on another 2 on 0 chance @ 48:30

Frustration is the name of the game at the Tent for Devils fans tonight

Penaltiesw @ 48:41 Latulippe (D) - holding; Deniset (G) - high sticks

Giants penalty @ 49:07 Howells - delay of game

Lets make this pp work Devils

50 minutes gone

Devils cannot capitalise on 4 on 3 chances

Latulippe & Deniset return

All penalties killed

Devils offside @ 51:24

"Its now or never" if we are to win in regulation

Dump & Chase game is playing into the hands of the Giants as they are too quick for the Devils

Giants icing @ 52:49

Voth misses target by miles @ 52:58

Aubry save @ 53:18

Devils don't look like scoring

What a disappointment for the biggest crowd of the season

Devils offside @ 54:28

three goals in 5 minutes we need

Devils offside again just 10 seconds later

55 minutes gone and fans are leaving

Aubry save @ 55:25

Giants icing @ 55:41

Lift the goalie now

Puck out of play @ 55:56

Gareth I agree with you people watching hockey for the first time tonight will not return

57 minutes gone

Yes Sharlene Devils do need a miracle

58 minutes gone

Aubry is pulled

Aubry left his net @ 58:17 to late in my view

Silverthorn saves at 58:49

Aubry returns

Aubry lifted again


Voth throws a massive hit on Howells @ 59:02

Giants penalty @ 59:02 Martin Macwilliam - roughing

Devils penalty Voth - charging @ 59:02

Giants icing @ 59:28

Aubry was lifted @ 59:02

Lyle save @ 59:33

Then Latulippe & Howels compare handbags

Another Lyle save @ 59:39

Empty net goal @ 59:53 scored by Deniset assist Burgoyne

Devils team booed at buzzer

Final score DEVILS 1 Giants 4

Giants win semi-final 7-4 on aggregate



At least this is tomorrow to look forward to

Thats all from me OJ, thanks to our texters tonight especially Chris and Sharlene. Until the next one - TOMORROW