Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Nottingham with the iontent of widening their advantage over the Panthers at the top of the EIHL

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for this crucial game which is only covered by MNL as Nottingham in their wisdom do not webcast their games

Score predictions plus those printable biased comments always welcomed -

Warmup in progress @ NIC

After struggling to find texters all day they are like Cardiff buses now with volunteer texters appearing all at once

Pat has Devils winning 3-2

Russky like the majority of us just wants a Devils win by any score

Mark G thinks it will be a 4 point weekend for the Devils

Jon thinks its the biggest game of the season so far and thinks Devils will edge it

Unknown texter calls it 3-2 to Devils with Tyson Marsh getting the better of Janssen

Nobody has thanked me for bring this mild weather back from Tenerife

Not quite Tenerife weather but warmer than last weekend

No changes for the Devils tonight

Warmup completed

Lewis D call;s it 2-1 Devils and Janssen being well and truly sorted

Darren M goes for a single goal Devils win

Our texter tonight are regular on the road texter KettDevil and BBT texter TinkyAdrian

In addition Gareth B & Liam have jumped into the breach to help out

A big thank you to them

We will attempt to give you a text webcast of this eagerly awaited clash

An away win would do nicely - it would be the 4th consecutive road win

Not quite matching my other team the Utica Comets in the AHL who registered their 7th striaght road win las night at Springfield (7-4)

My usual Panthers texters have gone to their works partiesinstead of NIC

Panthers fan Scott has areeed to text us his view of the game albeit clouded by too many sherberts

Where is Hazel from Southend or Brian Parker from Calgary

Both teams on the ice

Rob Batch calls it 4-2 Devils

Wilkman in net for Panthers, Ben Bowns for Devils

Rob Scott says its the biggest crowd in NIC for a non Steelers game for years


Janssen on Panthers starting line

Puck dropped

Ben Bowns saves from Schmidt @ 0:33

Brisk start to game

Both teams wary of each other

Myers fails with attempted check on Tyson Marsh

Panthers offside

Tyson Marsh getting the bird from the Panties

Tyson Marsh being targetted no doubt

Cagey game being played in neutral ice


Janssen v Marsh

Big win for Janssen

@ 3:12

Tyson Marsh was beaten heavily by Janssen hes helped to dressing room

Cheers from Panties

This could become nasty

Both got 5 minutes for fighting

Ling goes close

Gametime 4:57

Huge hit by Carl Hudson on Bohmbach

All Panthers at the moment

gametime 6;30

Roger thinks Devils will win after a big battle

Panthers Penalty Schmidt 2 minutes for slashing @ 7:34

Come on U DEVILS silence that NIC crowd


Tomas Kurka PPG his 12th

Assists for Zach Hervato & Leigh Salters



Chris Culligan the scorer his 2nd of the season

@ 9:09

Assists Joey Haddad & Trevor Hendrikx

Panthers goal

Kolnik @ 9:51

Assist Hardy

Leigh Salters shot saved

Wiikman save @ 11:02

Josh Batch flattens Chris Lawrence

KettDevils says game feels like a play off game

Gametime 12:28

Robert Farmer niggling as usual

Ben Bowns save

Tane shot from Kilnik @ 14:16

Zach Hervato shot partially saved almost trickled over line @ 15:24

Cracking save by Wiikman @ 15:57

Bohmbach denied at close range

Panthers offside

Panthers icing

Panthers camped in Devils zone

Final minute

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 2

Rob S says its a very fast paced game

KettDevil's period report - Intense game where the difference between the teams is down to the netminders, strangely the fight seemed to hurt Panthers they switched off , thinking Devils might crumble but they didn't and capitalised. Overall Panthers edge it in chances, devils need to test Wiikman more

SoG for 1st period Panthers 12 DEVILS 12

It would appear that Devils 2nd goal has been given ti Josh Batch not Chris Culligan

It would be Josh's 2nd of the season

Assists for Joey Haddad & Chris Culligan

Latest Scores: Braehead 1 Sheffield 3; Coventry 1 Dundee 1; Fife 1 Manchester 0 Result Edinburgh 2 Belfast 7

Brian Parker calls it 3-1 for Devils

teams return to the ice

No Tyson Marsh on Devils bench

2nd period starts

Joey Martin backhand shot saved

Panthers go close

Gametime 21:34

Devils hit post

Ben Bowns save

David Clarke causing a few problems for Devils

Good save Ben Bowns @ 22:34

Devils Offside

Robert Farmer & Joey Haddad have words

gametime 23:05

BohmBach breakaway foiled

Huge save Ben Bowns

Kolnik goes close

Panthers camped in Devils zone but Devils hold firm

RED ARMY getting louder supporting the lads in their hour of need

Ben Bowns denies Panthers again and again

Devils icing


steven Lee hits post

Culligan chance goes nowhere

Great feed from Marin to Doucet


Guillaume Doucet his 19th of the season

Assist Joey Martin

Ben Bowns save

Panthers goal

Wiikman yanked Dan Green now in net

Assists Chris Lawrence & MacMillan

Panthers 2nd goal was @ 27:20

Texters having difficulties in understading PA at NIC as usual

@ 28:55 scored by Mosey

Time out Devils

Dinmen hits post

Panthers all over Devils

Zach Hervato misses chance

Panthers offside

Still 3-3

Ben Bowns is facing too many shots

Hardy goes coast to coast but Ben Bowns saves @ 32:32

Mark Richardson shoots mm wide

Panthers icing @ 34:37

Chris Culligan has been playing on D

Game thankfully has calmed down

tame shot by Hardy @ 35:34

Liam says Devils look like the team looking to win despite Panthers pressure

Zach Hervato shoots high


Zach Hervato with his 9th

Tipped in a Carl Hudson slap shot @ 37:08

Now then DEVILS do not concede a goal

Bohmbach does well to avoid Trevor Hendrikx hip check

FIGHT FIGHT Josh Batch v Robert Farmer

Good fight

@ 39:24


Bad penalty as we lose another D for 5 minutes

Both given 5 minutes for fighting

End of 2nd period Panthers 3 DEVILS 4

Gareth says both teams looking lively game could go either way but hes backing Devils to hold lead and extend it maybe

Panthers almost put the puck in their own net as buzzer went

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 12 DEVILS 8 making it 24-20 after 2 periods

Latest Scores: Braehead 1 Sheffield 5; Coventry 2 Dundee 2; Fife 2 Manchester 1

Sorry got kicked off then

KettDevils 2nd period report - Fan scinating game, Panthers cominating but over committing time and time again and Devils hitting them on break. Depends on Ben keeping us in the game

Teams return to ice

3rd period starts

Dan Green saves from Guillaume Doucet

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for tripping




Big block by Mark Richardson

Ben Bowns save

Ben Bowns saves again

Penalty was at 40:54

Devils Full strength

Gametime 43:12

Andrew Hotham down - hit in the face we think

High stick no call

Hes helpoed of ice to bench

Panties fans boo when an opposition player is hurt, they certainly havn't changed of the years

It was a hostile environment in my days

Zach Hervato shoots wide

Andrew Hotham back on ice

Ben Bowns saves from David Clarke

Gametime 45:06

Clarke & Myers having a go at Joey Martin

gametime 46:40

Panthers icing

Devils icing

Big block from Andrew Lord

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Rob S says its still a good intense game of hockey

attern of the game hasn't changed - Devils absorbing pressure and breaking fast when given a chance


Tomas Kurka with his 2nd of the night 13th of the season

@ 49:00 assist Joey Haddad

Rob says Panthers have been on top all game but Devils better at both ends of rink - netminder & finishing

2nd assist on Devils 5th goal to Chris Culligan

Puck out of play @ 50:34

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 + 2 for high sticks @ 50:54


Brilliant save Ben Bowns


Gametime 51:59

Ben Bowns save : 52:17


Devils penalty Andrew Hotham @ 53:28

Panthers have 5 on 3 for1:26

Andrew Lord clears zone

Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils Full strength

Gametime 55:34


Gametime 56:17

Devils playing keepie puck

Gametime 57:20

Devils now have a bit of control

Panthers Offside

Green lifted

Guillaume Doucet misses empty net

Devils miss empty net 3 times

Final minute

30 secs

10 secs left

Final score Panthers 3 DEVILS 5

What a win U DEVILS

Panthers fans now throwing beer ar RED ARMY - what a waste


Our thanks to Rob Scott (Panthers) who took the defeat well, he ewas mightly impressed by Bern Bowns and Devils marksment

Thanks to Peter (KettDevil) and TinkyAdrian (Adrian) Liam and Gareth for great coverage of a great Devils victory

Join me tomorrow night when the Braehead Clan come to Cardiff Bay to a sell out BBT

Clan have lost 5-2 at home to Steelers