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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as the Devils aim to pocket another brace of points at the expense of the Coventry Blaze.

A big crowd in the BBT tonight as the Devils strive to consoliodate their position as LEAGUE LEADERS

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MNL despite having webcasts for most games is more p[opular this season than ever and is on track to record its highest number of viewers over a whole season exceeding the previous record by a distance.

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Texters Gerald, Jon J and Tony T all set up.

Many thanks to the regular texters )Adrian Tinky & Josh) who again volunteered their services at the last minute

John M calls it 5-2 to the Devils with the Devikls being denied more goals because Brian Stewart will regularly kick off his goal net

Pat calls for another win tonight after last nights great result - he predicts a close game though 3-2

Dominique (recovered from her birthgday celebrations of yesterday) predicts a Devils win and like most of us doesn't care about the score so long as its a win for the Devils

Russky echoes that and just goes for a Devils win

Warmup completed at BBT

Devils back to full strength tonight as Tyson Marsh & Andrew Hotham return after their 2 and 1 game suspensions respectively

Dean Smith is scheduled to ref tonight - awaiting confirmation

I am keeping an eye on the league scoring race with Ryan Hayes of the Capitals on 43 points and our own Joey Martin on 42 points

Teddy toss at Murrayfield as Capitals score against Clan

Ryan Hayes gets an assist, now on 44 two ahead of Joey

GB lose 9-3 to Poland in World u20s

Callum Buglass picks up an assist on GB 1st goal

Jon in Cardiff predicts a 5-1 thrashing for the Blaze

Rob Barch calls it 4-1 to Devils

Hazel in Southend thinks Devils will win 3-2

Pete in Southend is more confident and sees the Devils winning 4-1

Rob Batch even

Teams finally take to the ice in what appears to be a sell out at the BBT

Brian Parker goes for a 6-3 win for RED ARMY


Crown was especially loud before anthem

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Puck dropped

Early shot from Andrew Lord

Big save by Brian Stewart

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for ????

Devils clear zone

2 minutes for slashing @ 1:23


Puck out of play

44 secs left on PP

Blaze icing

@ 2:54

Devils breakaway unlucky not to score - Hudson

Devils Full strength

Gametime 4:41

Chris Culligan foreces save from Brian Stewart after being set up by Joey Haddad

Jim Jorgensen impressing for Blaze

Good save Ben Bowns

Puck out of play @ 6:15

Brian Stewart hit on mask game stopped

Andrew in Cowbridge predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Blaze penalty David Clements

Andrew Hotham forces save from Brian Stewart

Guillaume Doucet snaps stick on slap shot

David Clements penalty was 2 minutes for hooking @ 8:25

Tomas Kurka shot saved by Brian Stewart and gets roughed up by Boris Valabik

Leigh Salters shorts that out

Carl Hudson fires just wide

Blaze Full strength

Blaze goal @ 10:38

scored by Brett Robinson

Completely against the run of play says Jon J

Assist for David Clements

Blaze penalty Carl Lauzon 2 minutes for interference @ 11:24

Lets go DEVILS Lets go

Leigh Salters looks pumped up tonight

Devils camped in Blaze zone

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Blaze full strength

Decent PP, not enough shots taken

Brian Stewart standing firm in Blaze net

Tyson Marsh forces a save by Brian Stewart

Gametime 13:57

Andrew Hotham has shot saved

Now Stewart saves from Andrew Lord

Brian Stewart saves from Chris Jones

@ 14:38


Tomas Kurka with his 10th of the season

He puts away a Josh Batch rebound

@ 15:07 assists Josh Batch & Chris Culligan

Crowd listed as 2,182

Blaze penalty Ashley Tait 2 minutes for tripping @ 15:53

Correction it was cross-checking

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Brian Stewart glove save from Leigh Salters

Andrew Hotham backhand shot saved

Jake Morissette goes close twice

Blaze Full strength

Neil Trimm narrowly avoids Trevor Hendrikx

Ben Bowns glove save

Blaze offside

Final minute

Michael Quesnele takes down Guillaume Doucet

Andrew Lord roughs him up

Tony T says Leigh Salters looking menacing just like last night, taking the body

@ 19:59

Brian Stewart skates off in a tantrum

awaiting for confirmation of scorer it was eith Jake Morissette or Zach Hervato

Goal scored by Zach Hervato (his 8th) assists Leigh Salters & Andrew Hotham

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blazer 1

according to Gerald (who is keeping his distance) Brian Stewart leaves the ice in a major strop, chucked his stick and water bottle, ranting and raving as he heads for dressingroom

RED ARMY will taunt him when he reappears

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 14 Blaze 6

Clan leading 6-1 at Murrayfied after 30 minutes

Steelers 1 Giants 0 after 2 periods

Told Brian Stewart tantrum continued inside the visitors dressing room

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Boris Valabik wipes Jake Morissette out


Great save by Ben Bowns

Blaze have upped their game

The restart caught me unawares - trying to find some winners for Ffos Las tomorrow - You have to pay fror Christmas

Devils spending lots of time in Blaze zone

Puck out of play @ 23:27


Puck out of play again

@ 24:28

Carl Hudson gets away with a X-Check on Carl Lauzon

Puck out of play yet again

Thats what happens when they are made of rubber - they bounce out

Gametime 26:25

Blaze whistled down for a hand pass @ 26:41

Joey Haddad & Tomas Kurka 2 man forecheck seems to be working a treat

Its end to end at the moment

Lets have that next goal U DEVILS

hi there, Russky here with an important latest score: Fife 1 Panthers 0. C'mon Fife, you can do it!

Mark Richardson shot pushed up and over

Kevin Noble returns to the bench from dressing room - either loat an edge or had to clear up Stewart's mess


All players on ice involved

Guillaume Doucet gets jumped by Boris Valabik

Boris Valabik sprays fans with water bottle

awaiting penalty calls

Trouble at penalty box

Boris Valabik source of trouble

He been chucked, refuses to leave

He now shouting at fans

This will take some sorting out

Boris Valabik thrown out for certain

Referee reviewing footage we think - is that allowed???

Trevor Hendrikx may have left bench

Trevor Hendrikx action applaued by fans

Trevor Hendrikx ejected

Jon J predicts DOPS will be busy reviewing this

Penalties coming

Boris Valabik 5 minutes for fighting + Game plus MATCH for abuse of official

Trevor Hendrikx 2 + 2 for roughing Plua GAME for leaving the bench

Guillaume Doucet 5 minutes for kneeing + Game

4 on 4 for 2 minutes then Devils have 3 minutes PP

I think that is all

Although I doubt we have that 100% correct

Tony thionks the officials have messed up those calls big time

I think Blaze will have PP not Devils


Gametime 30:31

Its frantic end to end at BBT

Brian Stewart makes series of saves

Unconfirmed reports that Boris Valabik spat at referee

Devils Full strength

Gametime 32:05

All those penalties were at 27:39

All I am sure of is DEVILS are winning 2-1

Its now 5 on 5

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Blaze penalty Brett Robinson 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 33:29

Tomas Kurka goes close

Thanks Stephen I will have a look at your tip

Ross Venus limps off ice

Blaze Full strength

Blaze Offside @ 36:03

Josh Batch flattens Cale Tanaka

You bully Josh, Cale Tanaka is height challenged as they say

Devils are mixing up the lines a lot

Brian Stewart saves from Tomas Kurka

Gametime 38:11

Last 30 secs of period


Leigh Salters scores his 12th of the season @ 39:46

Don't upset Brian Stewart again the structure of the BBT cannot take it

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

Assists for Jake Morissette & Andrew Hotham on Devils 3rd goal

Do I have to tell you that Stewart leaves the ice in a huff again

After 44 mins Capitals 2 Clan 9 no more points for Hayes but he got a GAME for 3rd man in

Latest from Fife: 2-2 in the second

Steelers beat Giants 3-1

now 10-2 in Edinburgh

and a close game in Dundee with Stars up 3-2 against Manchester approaching end of 2nd

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Blaze 6 making it 26-12 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Rumours at BBT re Boris Valabik spitting at both referee and fans

I only report what is reported to me

Come U DEVILS get another goal quickly

Tomas Kurka & Joey Martin go close

Ben Bowns saves from Drew Fisher

Kevin Noble makes a big block but seems to have injured himself

He will not get any sympathy from RED ARMY

Gametime 45:22

Noble none the worse and returns to the ice

Leigh Salters bumps Kevin Noble as a welcome back gesture

Noble shoves Salters who asks him to dance, Noble declines

Great glove save by Ben Bowns

TAZ takes the RED ARMY into overdrive

To say its noisy is the understatement of the century

Blaze penalty Carl Lauzon 2 minutes for hooking @ 47:54

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

No B***s Noble is the RED ARMY chant

At least a bit of respite for Brian Stewart

Jake Morissette creating havoc in Blaze zone

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze Full strength

No sign of Ross Venus since he limped off

Good save Ben Bowns

Devils icing

Jon J says Leigh Salters playing well tonight again

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for tripping @ 52:28

Another great save by Ben Bowns

Blaze offside


Panthers losing 3-2 ar Fife

Brian Stewart save from Joey Haddad

A lot of Blaze pressure at the moment

Ben Bowns save

Gametime 56:40

Blaze offside

What odds do William Hill give for a Devils goal in final minute?

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY loud & proud

Latest score: Fife 4 Nottingham 2

Brian Stewart lifted


Tomas Kurka with his 11th of the season @ 58:44

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Lord

30 secs left

Final score DEVILS 4 Blaze 1

Blaze MoM - Brian Stewart

Big thank you to texters Gerald, Jon J and making his return after shoulder injury Tony T


Fife winning 5-2 with a minute to go!

Join us on MNL next Saturday when the Devils travel to the Lace City for a top of the table clash with the Panthers