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Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the away leg of the weekends back to back league games with the Coventry Blaze

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Off to find the hot water bottle

Texters JohnWildthing, Colin & KettDevil have made it to the Sky Dome

Whether they are watching the warmup or in the bar I will let you decide

We will let you know who is icing for Devils asap

The Gaming Hazard is going for a 5-3 win for Devils

Mark G calls is a tight 4-3 win for Devils

Mark also reminds us that there is a shirt retirement ceremony before the game as Adam Calder's #25 is retired

Gerald Doucet goes for a 4-2 win for the lads

Russky (who able stood in for me during my visit to the sun) just wants the 2 points which he feels will be a harder task in the absence of Tyson Marsh

Also thanks to Stephen for hosting as well

Warmup completed at Sky Dome

Blaze on ice for ceremony, Devils in dressing room

Hazel thinks Devils will win 7-5

Ceremony still going on

Ceremony has been going on for over 10 minutes already

Tony Smith would have claimed the 2 points by now

Devils come onto the ice

No Andrew Hotham & Tyson Marsh

No Mark Smith


Referee is Michael Hicks

Apologies my over zealous finger gave us a goal

Puck dropped

Chris Culligan starts on D

Leigh Salters crashes net @ 0:42

Ben Bowns glove save

Chris Jones on line with Joey Haddad & Tomas Kurka

Gametime 1:55

Ben Bowns saves from Cale Tanaka

Face off in the Devils zone

Zach Hervato has shot saved

Guillaume Doucet goes very close

Devils operating with 5 D

Gametime 3;44

Brian Stewart save

Brian Stewart saves from Tomas Kurka

Leigh Salters redirection saved @ 5:10

Josh Godfrey fires wide

JohnWildthing says its been pretty even but Blaze starting to exert pressaure

Fast opening to game

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for slashing @ 6:28


Devils forechecking stopping Blaze develop PP

1 minute killed

Carl Hudson clears zone and feeds Joey Martin

Devils Full strength

Easy kill by Devils

Ben Bowns save @ 9:49

Brett Robinson penalty for Blaze @ 10:06 2 minutes for


Gametime 10:58

Andrew Lord has chance

Tomas Kurka has shot blocked

Blaze penalty Boris Valabik 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 12:00

Its 5 on 3 for 6 secs

Now 5 on 4

Mark Richardson has shot saved @ 12:55

Lots of pressure from Devils


Leigh Salters with his 10th of the season

Great feed by Tomas Kurka @ 13:22

A PPG no less

2nd assist for Joey Haddad

Save Brian Stewart

Andrew Lord battling in the corner

Luke Piggott takes over the forechecking

Kevin Noble hits crossbar

Some great checks from Zach Hervato

Happy birthday Dommo aka Plexi Girl from Dan & Steph in Whistler, BC

Blaze goal

@ 17:30

Puck goes in off Josh Batch skate

Scored by Boris Valabik assists Cale Tanaka & Neil Trimm

Guillaume Doucet foiled by Brian Stewart save

Blaze penalty Drew Fisher 2 minutes for tripping @ 18:10

Guillaume Doucet shoots marginally wide

Save Brian Stewart @ 19:27

Andrew Lord wins FO

End of 1st period

Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

KettDevil's period report - Probably a fair reflection of play. Devils look more dangerous but Blaze are solid at back

Devils will have 11sec of PP at start of 2nd period

Clan 2 Pathers 0 after 1 period

Flyers 1 Steelers 1 after opener

Storm 1 Giants 2 after 32 minutes

I am freezing I should have stayed in Puerto de la Cruz

My mate who ghas 4 bars in the town wanted me to stay and help him out.

Following the troubles in Tunisia & Egypt Tenerife is attracting many more visitors especially from Northern Europe

SoG for 1st period Blaze 9 DEVILS 11

Devils back on ice

2nd period starts

Blaze Full strength

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze have started well

Gametime 21:44

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for interference @ 22:02


Ben Bowns save @ 23:29

Devils Full strength

Blaze penalty Neil Trimm 2 minutes for hooking @ 24:33

Chris Culligan impresssing KettDevils with his performance on D


Bullet shot from blueline @ 25:11

Leigh Salters with his 11th of the season

Assist Tomas Kurka

That was Leigh Salters 2nd PPG of the night

Ben Bowns spills puck but thankfully it was cleared

Jake Morissette clears zone

Leigh Salters causing havoc in front of net

Game has become low key as Blaze have dropped back

Gametime 27:55

KettDevil says nothing of note to report

Gametime 30:12

Russ Cowley has chance but Ben Bowns clears

Ben Bowns saves from David Clements

Gametime 31:39

Multiple shots from Blaze

Glove save Ben Bowns

Blaze pressure mounts at 33:44

Russ Cowley having a tantrum over an icing call

Jake Morissette retains puck whilst pressurised

Leigh Salters attempts wraparound @ 36:24

Ben Bowns save @ 37:13 from Drew Fisher

Ben Bowns save @ 38:36

Ashley Tait goes close

Face off in the Devils zone

final minute

Ben Bowns holds on

Devils have certainly sat back in this period after taking the lead

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

KettDevil thinks we need another goal to be safe

GB u20s beat Slovakia 3-2 in O/T, Callum Buglass gets assist on winning goal

Clan 3 Panthers 2 after 2 periods

Flyers 1 Steelers 3 also after 2 p

Storm 1 Giants 4 after 54 minutes

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 19 DEVILS 6 making it 28-17 after 2 periods

Rob Batch reminds us that 3rd periods have been problematic for Devils recently. He hopes the Devils maintains their workrate

MNL also send birthday wishes to Plexi Girl from nearer home than Dan & Steph in Whistler

Teams back on the ice

Come on U DEVILS

3rd periuod starts


Cale Tanaka shoots wide

Ashley Tait now shoots wide

Jim Jorgensen blocks shot

Brian Stewart saves from Joey Martin

Joey should have scored on that 3 on 1


Joey Haddad causing havoc

Devils penalty Mark Richardson 2 minutes for slashing @ 43:52


Tomas Kurka breakaway

Andrew Lord then has breakaway after one for Carl Lauzon

30 secs left on PK

Great block by Chris Jones

Devils Full strength

Gametime 46:15

Blaze pressure

Gametime 48:12

Guillaume Doucet denied @ 49:08

Come on U DEVILS Give us a goal - Now please

Neutral ice face off

Blaze Offside

Gone quiet from my texters

Leigh Salters goes close

Gametime 52:04

Blaze penalty

Ross Venus 2 minutes for hooking @ 52:28

Guillaume Doucet fires wide @ 53:21

Blaze Full strength

Final 4 minutes

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 56:24

Gametime 57:02

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone

Chris Jones has impressed in face offs

Ben Bowns skick save

Blaze shot blocked

Ben Bowns great save

Brian Stewart saves from Andrew Lord

Brian Stewart saves from Jake Morissette

Brian Stewart lifted

54 secs left

Time out Blaze

gAme restarts

Brian Stewart lifted

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for delay of game @ 59:37

10 secs left


Final score Blaze 1 DEVILS 2


Our thanks to KettDevil and JohnWildthing who gave us great coverage of a well worked Devils win

Join me tomorrow nifght from around 5:30 when we welcome the Blaze to the BBT