Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 5 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Good Day to you all. Final leg of the triple header. Well after last nights excellent result at Braehead, Join me (Russky) for the usual build up latest scores and Match text commentary from 6pm.

Feel free to send your predictions and/or comments to and i will post them in due course.

Until then, Hope you enjoy your day!!!

Hi there. and welcome back. Still waiting on confirmation from one of my texters tonight. Gerald has kindly said he will follow the Devils and waiting on my other texter who will hopefully cover Dundee.

if anyone who is at the game in Dundee can step in and help please text me on 07746271233.

or anybody who is viewing the webcast can text me that would be good too.

Manchester are 1-0 over Coventry in Altrincham and Sheffield are 2-0 up over Fife on home ice.

MNL calling Spaceman, come in Spaceman!!! if you are there and able to text me updates. Please let me know by text to aforementioned number.

We have a few predictions in: Fraser goes for a Devils win 4-2; Clive Barton has the Devils to win on a shootout and Mike in Cwmbran has the Devils to win 3-2

Rab Cowan is the ref tonight

It will be interesting to see how much energy the Devils will have left after the two previous games, both of which went to overtime!

Tony Temme predicts a Dougie Clarkson goal

Both teams are on the ice

Gerald is doing a great job as our lone texter tonight. I had hoped to have one other but several people have had to cry off with bona fide reasons.

Maria has stepped into the breach too! Well done to our Devis fan from sunny doncaster

and we are off and skating!!!

Spaceman has reported in too!

Heravato wiith an early chance but misses

Bowens glove save then Dundee shoot high and wide.

Dolan having a go at Doucet after the whistle

Cornwall Taffy predicts a Devils win

Stars Pen

Turon 2 minutes for tripping @6:31



Joey Martin scores a PPG


Culligan shoots but its saved

Devils all over Dundee like a rash

10 mins gone in first already

rare Stars shot routinely saved by Bownsy

Stars icing @11:46

Devils offside @ 12:48

Stars Breakaway breaks down.

Stars goal

ex Devil Brad Plumton scores @14:09

Devils pen Hervato 2 minutes for boarding @14:27

correction Lidhammer not Plumpton scores for Stars assists to Switzer and Moore

Devils back to FS

Hudson 1 timer just goes wide.

Doucet offside 18:11

Bowns foils Switzer breakaway

Doucet shot padded away by Lakosi

Haddad offide at 19:44

End of 1st 1-1

Been asked by Red Army Travel to say that they are taking bookings for the Away game in Coventry next saturday 12th Dec. 33 quid cost to Adults 19 quid cost to children. Price includes game tickets

wow what a period that was!!!!!

Latest scores: Braehead 2 Edinburgh 1; Manchester 2 Coventry 0 and finally Sheffield 3 Fife 1

late predictions coming in: Hazel says 4-3 to Devils in OT

Philip Egan predicts a tired Devils winning by 3

Cornwall Taffy reckons the Devils will win in regulation 4-2

At least its more lively than fridays game

cant be long to start of second period

2nd period started

Report from one my texter states that the welsh anthem was sung loud and proud by the Red Army



goal announced as Hotham but RAT pack know it was Salters



assist to Hervato

Devils Pen Piggott 2 minutes

dont know what for yet

apologies scoreboard playing up corrected now!

Bownsy with a glove save @31 :57 Devils now FS

Additional assist on Devils 3rd goal to Haddad

Bowns save from Blight. wonder what had happened to him!

Spaceman reckons that the Stars have improved in the 2nd

Bownsy saves again.

2:13 left in the 2nd

Haddad shoots but just too high

38 secs remaining Face off in the Devils zone

End of second 1-3

Devils working hard and Bownsy making some good saves

Latest scores:Braehead 2 Edinburgh 1; Sheffield 3 Fife 1 Result: Manchester 2 Coventry 1

Spaceman reckons that barring a miracle for the Stars, that the Devils have this in the bag. But I say after fridays game, never count one's chickens!!!

Got to say thanx to G Doucet who was texting me updates whilst watching the webcast!!

please let me know if the scoreboard misbehaves again.

cant be long before 3rd starts

Chuck a puck just finished.

teams out for the 3rd

puck dropped to start 3rd

stars shoot one over the bar Face off in the Devils zone

puck out now behind Bownsy

Hudson one timer goes wide

Bowns holds on to the puck at 42:47

Another glove save from Bowns


Scored by Hervato, from Salters and Batch @ 44:02

Stars Goal

scored by Chaumont @ 45:36

Devils pen Hendrix delay of game 47:58

Devils pen Hendrix delay of game 47:58

Stars goal @ 48:32

Devils time out

stars goal scored by Faryna

what is happening to the Devils

another stars goal


scored by Dickenson.

Martin offside at 50:27

7 :27 left Face off in the Devils zone

Face off in the Stars zone

end to end stuff

Stars pen Gray 2 minutes for boarding @ 53:07

Devils pen Lordo 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 53:40

4 on 4 for 80 seconds


Hudson from Marsh

@ 54:10

Bownsy saves with 5:07 remaining

Stars FS @ 4:51 remaining

Bowns saves from Dickenson

just as devils go FS

Chaumont scoring this time

3:55 remaining

its kicking off!!! Salters and Lidhammer

awaiting pens as ref and linos debate the calls

Salters Lidhammer and Faryna in sin bin

Salters gets 2+2 roughing Lidhammer 2 interference

last two mins

35 secs left Face off in the Devils zone

Faryna got 2 for roughing

end of regulation!!! OT here we come AGAIN!

4 points so far lets make it 5

Haddad's shot saved

stars offside at 61:22


by Richie!!!!!!


5 pts out of 6 is a great haul from a road trip!!!!!!

Devils MOM Hervato

Stars MOM Chaumont

Many thanks to our band of texters tonight: Gerald and Maria Andy and Spaceman.

not forgetting of course Mr G Doucet.

Results Braehead beat Edinburgh 2-1; Sheffeld beat Fife 3-1

Wishing a safe journey home to all the travelling members of the Devils fanbase. OJ should be back on hosting duties next saturday as the Devils travel to Coventry to face the Blaze!!

until then as OJ would say: Nos Da Pawb!!!!

Thank you all for tuning in!

phew what a game!