Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 0 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me Steve tonight for coverage of your Cardiff Devils taken on the Braehead Clan in the second leg of the Scottish triple header, hopefully tonight we will have no problems with the scoreboard here this week, don't forget to get your predictions/comments in at

first prediction of the night from Laura is a 5-3 win for the Clan

Pat says we need a win tonight and to keep playing until the final whistle thinks we will win 4-2, also hopes everyone has a safe journey

Clive Barton says a 5-1 win to the Clan

Cornwall Taffy still loving life in Lanzarote says he is not optimistic but must believe Devils to win 4-3 after O/T and penalty shots

Russky says he would like to see a Devils win but wouldn't mind an O/T game to go either way

Phil Bean Egan is praying for a Devils win 5-2

Anthony Lewis says unfortunately Clan to win 6-3

James says Devils to get beat 5-3 as we are carrying too many coasters at mo

texters have checked in thank god!!!

not many texters mind all still drinking I guess

lights are down at arena Clan being introduced

Devils take to ice mid clan intros and the noise in deafening

Anthem time the Welsh First

sung by the red army

C'mon Devils let's do this

the puck is dropped

Hotham shoots wide

Clan offside

shot from blue line from kurka saved

high tempo start good save holt from hendrikx

Devils looking sharp

now Bowns covers 2:54 gone

Clan go close net off moorings

Salters looking up for it 3:50 gone

end to end at mo

save by bowns from keith who Hudson then jumps on must be nice after shave

icing---- very good game so far

6:01 Bowns covers

Devils penalty Salters 2 minutes for cross-checking

Bowns savew from Fritsch

puck out devils end 1 min of pk left

OJ hopes for devils win or he may have to give up rioja and sun as we have not won since he has been away

bowns net off again

Devils full strength

11:41 to go in first

Bowns saves again from Keith

Bowns net off again clan fans booing

Bowns saves again

Bowns covers

another Bowns save

Awesome saves apparantly

Clan icing 11:22

Devils shoot wide

Cwmbran mike says devils to win 5-3

Puck out of play Devils end 13:37

Hudson goes close Holt saves 14:14

Holt covers after good work from Lord and Batch

Martin gets 2 minutes for hooking @15:20

Clan just edging game so far

scramble in front of bowns then Lord shoots high on 3 man breakaway wasted

Devils full strength

Hervato offside

17:59 gone

Final Minute

Clan penalty coming up

Keith 2 minutes for tripping

buzzer goes

end of very entertaining period

Julie says a hello to a good friend junior Devil Charlotte Harris who played in California last summer wither son Aiden also hellos to Geraint,mel,kelly and Jason Coles

Carl in Llanpumsaint says devils to win 5-3

Rob Batch says Devils to win 5-1

Kev Batch says 3-2 to Devils

Alan says Devils to win 3-1

shots for first period 19 on Bowns 5 on Holt

Teams returning

2nd gets underway

Clan full strength

Hudson goes close

Ben Davies gets floored Hudson gets 2 minutes for interference

Huge Hit by Tyson Marsh

glove save Bowns

Devils back to full strength

kurka offside

Matt says a devils win would be nice regardless of score

Haywood takes a tumble into Bowns and knocks net off

Bowns saves 24:19

save Holt from Martin blue liner

Marsh runs Ben Davies over lol

Devils icing 28.52

Hotham and Brooks exchange slashes behind play

Keith misses target from in front

Pitt is scratch for clan

Martin goes coast to coast and


Hervato shot saved 7:48 left

brooks loose pass picked up by devils then double save by Holt scrimmage ensues

Clan delay of game served by Aarsson

Clan clear

and again

Lord misses in front

Penalty over

Holt saves from Doucet

35:37 gone

Salters tries to tip one past Holt

3:50 left

Harpers first shift of night for Clan falls straight on his arse

Mckenzie drives the net Bowns saves point blank

Holt save from Doucet

2:17 left

Brown flattened all hell breaks loose

multiple fights

refs trying to break up Hotham and Bruton

could be few big pens

Doucet in bin

all pens will be 38:10

Bowns was taken out and Hotham stepped in fairplay

arguments still on going about pens

its 5 on 4 anyway

Hotham gets 2 minutes for cross-checking 2 + 2 for roughing doucet gets 2 minutes for slashing griffin gets 2 + 2 for roughing


Leavitt also got 2 minutes for boarding

long break this one !!!

refs out for third

Teams return to the ice

I hope a mistake doesn't lose a team this game

all ready for the third

and off we go

glove save Holt

Devils full strength

Haddad shoots straight at Holt

More penalties coming up 42:13

Josh Batch 2 minutes for cross-checking Keith 2 minutes for charging 4 on 4

Bowns saves from Leavitt

one minute killed

scramble in front of Holt

Ref ignoring everything Clan

all Devils on this 4 on 4

both teams full strength

Davies goes coast to coast leg save by bowns

Hotham back

big save Holt from Doucet

46:15 bowns covers

Nesbitt shoots over from slot

wonder save from Bowns from Davies

12:43 gone in third all clan both minders outstanding

Bowns glove save

hotham gets 2 minutes for high sticks

Bowns covers again attendance 3007

Clan offside 48.34

1 minute killed

Devils blocking lots

Clan icing

Pen Killed

icing Devils


Leavitt tries wrap around

Bowns saves from Davies

Richardson saves a certain goal

Mckenzie gets 2 minutes for holding the stick Hotham (again) gets 2 minutes for holding

1 min killed

Huge save again from Bowns

Hudson shot saved by Holt

both back to full strength

Bowns saves again from Nesbitt

ref is Cowan well he is known as other names not broadcastable

Bowns save 56:19

Holt covers

Julie clan fan says if Bowns doesn't get MOM she is calling DOPS

Clan OFFSIDE 57:25

Final 2 mins

Devils go close

and again final minute

Cowan reffing tomorrow too

Devils fans very loud

Devils pressing

Buzzer goes overtime here we come end of regulation Devils 0 Clan 0


Haddad shot saved

Holt saves

I've never seen a nil nil

excellent save Bowns

end to end




yes it was Doucet I love him well perhaps not love like

Devils MOM bOWNS

Clan MOM Holt

that's it folks why not come back tomorrow and join Russky when Devils try to make it 5 point weekend

night all