Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning Hockey folk. Well after the debacle of last night the Devils travel to Coventry with an opportunity to redeem themselves. Join Me (Russky) from 4;45pm for build up, latest scores and Match text commentary.

Please send any predictions and/ori comments to I will do my best to include them during Matchnight coverage.

Until then I bid you all an enjoyable day!

Welcome back. So Great Britain has won the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936. Well Done to them!

Waiting for my texters Simon and Claire to report in from the Skydome.

A great big THANK YOU and round of applause for them as without them there would be no MNL today.

It will be interesting to see how many Devils fans have made the trip upto Chav land as there is No RAT bus running a trip there this weekend.

I wll also be keeping tabs on all the other games happening today and bringing you the latest scores from those.

Mark of Caephilly and chief Blaze hater goes for a devils 5-2 win

Pat goes for a 4-2 win and wishes all the travelling Devils fans a safe journey home in this horrendous weather!

just checking on the other games happening today

texters arrived safe and sound and in their seats at the skydome

Today we have Belfast v Manchester at the SSE; Nottingham v Sheffield at NIC where its 1-1 at the moment!; Edinburgh v Dundee at Murrayfield Arena; and finally Braehead v Fife at Breahead

Latest scores Belfast 1 Manchester 1; Nottingham 1 Steelers 1

texters report an inflatable dragon being prepared for the team intros

At least Stef Hogarth isnt reffing our game tonight, he is in Belfast and Matt Thomson is in Nottingham, so who is in Coventry I wonder??

Sheffield are 2-1 up on Panthers!! I never thought I'd say this but we need Steelers to win that!!!!

texters estimate 100 Devils fans have made their own way up to the game! Devlls on the ice awaiting the entrance of the Blaze.

Dean Smith is in Coventry!! Horay!!!!

we should get a fair game then with him reffing, He may have his haters but I think Dean is one of the best refs in UK hockey.

He lets the game flow and calls what he has to!

Intros and Anthems done

puck dropped and we are underway!

Hazel goes for a 4-2 win

Bownsy in the Net for the Devils

seems Devils only scratches are Walton and Mark Smith

Hudson shoots over the bar

Blaze net off its mooring, there's a surprise!!!!

Blaze Pen Valabic 2 minutes for Holding @ 2:21

Blaze playing very physical and plenty of stray elbows!

Blaze Breakaway thwarted by Bowns

Devils respond will attack on Blaze net but to no avail.

Noble hits on Culligan, respnse by Hendrikx to sort him out

Devils Pen Hendrikx 2 Roughing +10 unsportsmanlike conduct


Devils clear their zone then Bownsy Saves them again.

Devils FS

Another save from Bowns

Batch saves Devils with a big hit in the nick of time

Morrisette goes close but foiled by last gasp clearance.

Bobbling puck in front of Stewart but he recovers and covers it!

Batch and Noble introduce themselves to each other!

Penalty shot for Culligan


Smith is icing in place of Salters

Lord with a big hit on Valabik

Devils icing at 10:29

CORRECTION: Hendrikx had a game misconduct!

according to game sheet

Devils offside at 12:27

Apologies. scoreboard throwing a wobbly, just corrected it!

Bownsy is keeping the Devils in this game ! Blaze putting devils under intense pressure

Blaze Quesnele continually whinging to Ref

Hervato having a blinder as per usual

Blaze pen Robinson 2 minutes for interference @ 15:26

Haddad then Kurka go close

Devils offside at 17:21

Blaze back to FS

Tanaka hits Hudson then Stewart Saves from Morrisette

Gamesheet is wrong, Texters say Hendo had 2+10. maybe wishful thinking by Blaze LOL

And thats a wrap for the first period!

It sounds like a typical Blaze v Devils game: very feisty!!!

Culligans Penalty shot came from a slashing call against Quesnele

Texters say Devils are having to work hard but the Blaze D are very good at clearing their zone. Devils allowing themselves to be bullied by a more physical Blaze unit.

Great second period for Sheffield at Nottingham leaving them 4-1 up at the end of the 2nd; Nottingham just pulled a goal back early in third to make it 4-2

Manchester 2-1 up over Belfast at Odyssey. sorry SSE arena.

Edinburgh 2-1 up over Dundee; Braehead v Fife just facing off

Dundee just equalised against Edinburgh! 2-2 now

Got to say Steve did a great job hosting MNL last night under great difficulty of haywire texts from me!!!

Sounds wildly exciting during the period break at the Skydome: a dancing troupe have taken to the ice. Come back Torvill and Dean all is forgiven for Lillehammer!!

Whatever happened to them??

Teams back on the ice for the 2nd period

Officials having a chat with the Blaze bench about something.

2nd underway

Another Save by Bownsy

Devils fans quiet! thats not like them!!!

Steelers 5-2 up with 7 mins left at NIC


Hervato and Quesnele

both will get 5 minutes for fighting

consequential pens so still 5 on 5 hockey

Valabik charges at Jake then Culligan, but we have no one to respond.

Bowns saves from Lauzon

Blaze goal scored by Trimm assist Jorgensen @24:27

Blaze pen 2 minutes for elbowing Valabik @24:56

Sheffield beat Nottingham 6-4

Devils PP unit not firing on all cyinders

Hudson shoots from blue line only to hit bodies in the way

Blaze back to FS

Devils Face off. Applying more pressure now!

Blaze pen Robinson 2 minutes for high sticks @ 27:13

Hervato and Quesnele released from the naughty step!

Blaze back to FS

Blaze getting away with cheap shots

Another Bownsy save

Hendo has a clean mid ice check on Tanaka

Lauzon slashing missed by ref

7 mins left in second

Kevan Batch with a late and hopeful prediction of 4-2 to Devils

Blaze defence holding firm even if they are resorting to spoiling play

it seems we are lucky to be only 1-0 down

Devils are trying to exert more pressure but are being 'held' by Blaze D unit

Bownsy saves from Lauzon again

Hudson shoots high again

Josh tries to put Noble in his place but Ref sees it and calls it.

Lord and Valabik exchanging views

Devils Pen Batch 2 minutes for charging @ 37:18

Blaze shoot wide

Final minute of 2nd

Devils back to FS

that it for the 2nd!

Devils hanging on by their finger nails

Mark smith dumps Tanaka on the Ice before the end of the 2nd

Manchester defeat Belfast 3-1 at SSE

Great game at Edinburgh against Dundee 5-5 at the moment!

Braehead 2-0 up against Fife.

now Edinburgh 7 Dundee 5!!! who said hockey was boring?? Not me

Got to say a great shout out to my texters who are doing a fantastic job in Coventry, without them we wouldnt be able to follow tonights game! Well done to Simon and Claire.

Cenwyn reports in that the Devils havent turned up yet but the Blaze are not unbeatable.

Teams back on the ice for the 3rd

The third has started. time for a Devils trademark barnstorming period

Blaze pen Stewart 2 minutes for slashing

come on Devils give us a PPG

Stewarts pen served by Brett Robinson

Lord goes close

Valabik sniping at Lord

Doucet shot saved by Stewart

Blaze back to FS

Blaze goal

scored by Drew Fisher assists Lauzon and Valabik @43:01

oh no!!!! this time scored by Lauzon Assists Tanaka and Trimm @ 43:51

disaster 2 goals in 50 seconds

Blaze pen Venus2 minutes for tripping

1 min left on PP

Come on Devils give us a goal!!!

Kurka shoots high

Blaze back to FS

Scramble infront of Stewart but the Devils still cant put the biscuit in the Basket

10 mins left in game

Hervato goes close

Blaze icing 52:30

Blaze pen Noble 2 minutes for 2 minutes for holding @ 53@17

Poor Rachel Jones is cold and bored at skydome

Hervato shot saved by Stewart

Devils PP unit blunted by Blaze defence

Blaze FS

Hervato plants a big hit on Noble

Blaze icing at 56:43

Texters reckon the two quick goals by Blaze killed off any chance of a Devils comeback

texters cant hear who scored for Devils

Haddad scored 57:37

assisted by Doucet and Martin

TIme out Devils Bowns pulled

texters say Hotham had a bad game

Game over Devils lost! Lets put this weekend to bed and forget about it. Look forward to the scottish triple header next weekend.

ENG for Blaze in the last minute killed us.

ENG scored by Cowley assisted by Valabik


Texters say Devils were out muscled in a very physical game. Some players showed up while others didnt for Devils.

Awaiting anouncement of Blaze MOM

Blaze MOM Noble

Wishing all the travelling members of the Devils support a very safe journey home.

Once again Many Many thanks for great text updates from our texters tonight Simon and Claire who did a fantastic job of keeping me updated!! Well done guys and safe journey home!!!

Unbelievable game in Edinburgh!!! Currently Edinburgh 9 Dundee 11 (eleven)

Braehead 3 Fife 0 just about in the 3rd there

Dont forget to join me (Russky) from 7pm on Friday when we will be covering the 1st part of the triple header in Edinburgh.

until then, as OJ would say: Nos Da Pawb!