Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 7 Nottingham Panthers

Good Evening a bit blustery to say the least, so settle down get a drink and a bag of crisps and join me for biased coverage of your Cardiff Devils taking on Nottingham Panthers. get your predictions in now at

predictions coming in Adelina says Devils 4-2

Jon (one of our texters) says Devils 3-0 Hendrikx 2 Jansenn 1, work it out yourselves !!

Warm up underway

Russky says a regulation win for Devils

O.J. who wanted to get the prediction in before the Rioja kicks in says Devils to win by 3

Internet playing up here at M.N.L. towers (fairwater) so may be bit slow

O.J desperately looking for a corkscrew

Jon had to take evasive action in block 8 as a stray puck it the back wall and landed between his feet, lets hope that's an omen for the panthers shooting skills

Neve Jones thinks the Devils will win 3-2

oh hang on she also thinks it will be in overtime

Hope its not overtime Im a celebrity is on !!!!

I wonder if the bar is full down the BBT?

Another texter has just checked in and says its filling up nicely thank you Josh

Pat says another win for the mighty Devils 3-1 I trust you Pat

I think Klitschko will knock out Fury later text me your predictions

can you tell i'm filling in time ??

both teams on the ice

scratches for panthers are Schultz and Macmillan

Brian Parker says 4-2 to his Cardiff Devils

Hazel Devils to win 5-4 in overtime LET'S GO DEVILS

Its Anthem time

Game starts

Panthers goal Clarke slapshot

Refs are discussing net off moorings

goal disallowed phew

Panthers go offside

scoreboard on here has a mind of its own

Panthers icing

not a lot happening apparently

save by keeper face of Panthers end

panthers keeper is wilkman

lots of pressure from Devils 3 good chances for Kurka

BIG HIT Hendrikx on Betteridge


Hendrikx and Jansseen just as Jon predicted

Hendo slipped no real punches thrown refs piled in round 2 later,

Hendrikx and Jansenn both get 5 minutes for fighting and Culligan gets 2 minutes for high sticks

Panthers hit the post on powerplay

Devils back to full strength

great save by Bowns from Lachowicz

Landry has shot deflected wide

hate it when it goes quiet

Panthers icing 10:00 to go

both teams full strength


Andrew Lord

assist to Joey Martin

Devils shot pushed on top of net goal now off moorings

Stephen Lee shoots from centre line---- idiot

time of Devils goal 13:29

late prediction from cornwall Taffy in Tenerife 4-2 to devils with E.N.G. goal

Devils mess up 4 on 1 break

Panthers swindlehurst gets 2 minutes for using broken stick to play puck schoolboy error

90 secs left in 1st

end of first Devils start 2nd with powerplay of 33 seconds

good opening period from both teams, scoreline reflecting game Devils on top but guilty of overplaying at times

Beer tasting lovely this end

long break this isn't it

Teams back on the ice

Devils start with Richie,hudson,martins, salters and hervato

Panthers FS

Hervato hits the pipes

big save from Bowns

Doucet gets 2 minutes for delay of game

Bowns saves from Myers

Farmer sent flying and stays down aww shame

Devils full strength good pk

the BBT is rocking and not just from the wind

Jansenn tries to kill joey Martin and misses by miles hopeless

great chance in front for Morissette saved

Mark Richardson has shot saved

Panthers score Myers hd to be didn't it

goal scored 25:31

game has got scrappy

Stephen says whoever put Farmer on his arse buy him a pint and send the bill on to him

Joey Martin with some incredible moves sets up lord and he fluffs it

clear elbow on Jake Morissette nothing called

Panthers piling on pressure as Robert Lachowicz goes close

Marsh blocks one and stands tall like a man

Big Hit Haddad on Betteridge

Russky says D looking weak

Swindleh urst handbags with Lord both get 2 minutes for roughing

Lord is fuming

that's more like it

My Mistake it was JANSENN not Swindlehurst

shot from Martin saved

Full strength

Hervato and Lachowicz having a chat

7:28 left in period come on Devils lets get another

Beautiful glove save by Bowns

Hudson taken out with what looked like a knee nothing given

Panthers icing Farmer arguing...............someone hit him


Andrew (Marv)Hotham

Farmer attacks advertising board, Farmer gets beat

assists on goal to Martin and Doucet

Kurka with great chance from face off

goal timed at 36:18

panthers minder tries one handed catch and misses completely like an England cricketer

Haddad gets 2 minutes for cross-checking

soft call

Panthers powerplay goal

scored by Ling Bowns on blocker side

assist Hogarth lol

End of second 2-2

let's PICK IT UP Devils

REPORTS SAY Devils looked tired that period don't know why

it's a very open game

BBT falling apart roof is leaking

Ice is a mess piles of Ice everywhere

Brent Pope is in hospitality question is WHY

problem with Zamboni looks like delay

lots of activity by Zamboni in the pits

Big cheers as Zamboni comes back on ice with 3 blokes on board one could be Farmer !

Todd confirms 5 minute delay

Nigel says Hogarth is showing he is out of his depth as Haddad has been whacked, cross checked and hooked, he;s bottling everything

about 4 minds before period

Zamboni not doing its job

teams are back

3rd period underway

Panthers score

mistake from Bowns Farmer scores

good chance for Salters Wiikman with big save

Panthers penalty Waugh 2 minutes for cross-checking

again I apologize for scoreboard but it has a mind of its own tonight

Panthers score shorthanded

waiting on scorer

Moran gets goal

we can still do this

high hit on marsh no call

Bowns getting abuse from Panthers fans

Devils icing 15:51 left

Myers gets 2 minutes for tripping need pp goal

Hogarth finally calls pen against Panthers

not very good powerplay

11:03 left come on Devils

cant string 2 passes on pp Panthers back to full strength

Devils don't look like scoring,, under 10 mins left

shot caught by Bowns

9 mins left

great save by Bowns

Devils look done in

might as well start fighting lol


Morrissette out of nowhere fires a bullet past wiikman


Assists to Martin and hervato

end to end now we have woken up

great double save by Wiikman

BBT is cleared for take off it is beyond rocking

Panthers on the ropes another wiikman save

Panthers score breakaway goal

Bowns looks either devastated or injured

Ling scores assist Myers

4 mins left


Marsh lays out Waugh

3:27 remaining

Marsh and Waugh both get 5 minutes for fighting

Panthers just running down clock

Waugh got extra 10 for instigator and marsh got match for check to head

Doucet gets 2 minutes for holding the stick

Panthers goal

scored by Kolnic, Will comes on for Bowns

another Panthers goal straight through Will

Evan Mosey the scorer

game over devils 3 panthers 7

Panthers MOM Ling

Devils mom joey martin

goodnight everyone and thank you for putting up with scoreboard