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Dundee Stars 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome - Croeso to MNL as we cover the Devils league encounter with the Stars at Dundee

As you can imagine very few Devils fans if any have made the long triup to Dundee so we hope to rely on Stars fans to keep us informed of events

Luckily KettDevil (Peter) has made the long trip from Bedford and having soaked up the winter sunshine in Edinburgh will shortly set off for Dundee.

if you can help us out or know of some who can email us at or you can text the MNL line 07527 625206

KettDevil has repoted in from Dundee as has Stars fan Spaceman who regularly helps us out

Its a long trip to Dundee but will be a much more pleasant return journey if there a 2 ponts in the bag.

Matthew M predicts a comfortable 6-2 win for Devils

Pat K thinks that after last nights great win it will be very close with the Devils winning by the odd goal in five.

Mar G also thinks it will be tough but thinks Devils will win through by 5-2

Russ sees a 4 point weekend and Devils ending on top of the League (Panthers no playing tonight)

Warmup is nearing completion

Ice being prepared

Neve J thinks Devils will win 6-3

Brian Parker says Devils by 4

Thats Calgary taken care of, where else are you following MNL tonight

Elliot B says it will be 5-3 to Devils

With no webcast tonight MNL is the only place to be

It looks as if next Saturdays game against the Panthers will be a sell out

A reminder from RED ARMY TRAVEL your breakfast & game ticket money is due by next Sat 28th NOV - 75

there will be a 10 minute delay in Face Off - Fire Brigade have been at rink for some reason

Kevan Batch calls it 2-1 to Devils

Kevan also applauds the ownership for their commitment to the team who flew to Scotland today

Hazel is back in Southernd have enjoyed the Devils outstanding performance last night, she predicts a 4-2 win for the lads

Jimmy S calls it 5-2 to Devils

Cornwall Taffy in Lanzarote calls it 4-2 to Devils

What other exotic places have we got after Calgary, Lanzarote & Southend

Jon (our texter from last night) predicts a 4-1 win for Devils, Adelina says it will be 8-0

Devils on the ice

No Jon Bedwas is not exotic

Stars also on ice


Rab Cowan is the referee

Walton & Haddad only scratches for Devils

And no Mark Smith

Puck dropped

devils start with forward line Luke Piggot Chris Jones Leigh Salters


@ 0:36

Big hit from Faryna

Penalties Tyson Marsh & ???

Faryna was the Star both gor 2 minutes for delay of game @ 0:36

Scrappy start to game

Gametime 2:02

Breakaway goal for Stars

@ 2:23 Chaumont the scorer

Assist Leinweber

2nd assist to McCluskey

Devils yet to get into this game

Gametime 4:20

Tomas Kurka has 1st Devils shot @ 4:40

Spaceman says Devils are struggling to get any offense going

Puck in Devils net, Stars player gloved it and threw it into net

Chris Jones battling hard to get shot away @ 5;41

Stars penalty @ 6:18 Wetmore 2 minutes for hooking

Guillaume Doucet tests Stars netminder Lakosil on pp

Devils PP gets into gear

Andrew Hotham shot saved

Stars Full strength

Dan in Weston super Mare calls it 4-1, no its not exotic enough

Too many donkeys

Gametime 8:59

Tomas Kurka attempted coast to coast saved

Face off in the Stars zone

Devils slowly getting control says KettDevil

Devils icing @ 10:10

Sean & Lyn in Tenerife calls it 6-3 to Devils

Zach Hervato breakaway foiled by Moore @ 10:53

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Stars sitting back and absorbing Devils pressuire @ 12:30

big shot from blue line by Trevor Hendrikx save Lakosil

Zach Hervato florred by Leinweber

Luke Piggott forces save

Leigh Salters wraparound saved

Stars trapped in their zone

Nice save Lakosil from Joey Martin

Zach Hervato & Tomas Kurka combine well - Lakosil saves yet again

Another missile from Trevor Hendrikx saved @ 15:36


Guillaume Doucet with his 16th of the season

@ 17:24

Referee reviwing

Guillaume Doucet was boarded after he scored

Goal awarded


It appears after a 1 on 1 with netminder Guillaume Doucet momewntum caused him to crash into the boards

Lakosil saves from Joey Martin

Gametime 18:35

Final minute

Face off in the Devils zone

Stars had their first shot for about 15 minutes

End of 1st period Stars 1 DEVILS 1

Big difference in opinion between KettDevil & Spaceman on that period.

KettDevils says Devils dominated after first 5 minutes

Spaceman says Stars had better chances and Devils lucky to equalise

SoG will be interesting!!!!

SoG Stars 6 DEVILS 13

Andrew Hotham gets assist on Devils goal

Latest scores: Belfast 3 Fife 2; Coventry 2 Manchester 5; Sheffield 0 Braehead 1

Scott B-S following MNL in Dubai thinks Devils will win 5-3

Ice ready

Teams back

2nd period starts

Stars Goal

@ 21:01

Dickenson the scorer

Infact it was Liebenwehher with assists for Dickenson & Gray

Wake up Devils - when the puck drops you start playing not when you fell like it

Terrible start to period just like the opener

Devils are coasting

Devils net off again @ 24:22

Stars have started forechecking and Devils have not adapted to change of tactics

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for tripping @ 24:48


Face off in the Devils zone

Goal Stars

PPG scored by Faryna @ 26:18 assists Gray & Turon

stars creating a lot of chances

Ben Bowns needs to be sharp as Devils D is like the Red Sea

Jim T in Abu Dhabi calls it 5-3 Devils - I hope you are right

Stars are reverting to their defensive mode

Guillaume Doucet fires over at 29:00

He's Ok for those who asked


Jake Morissette his 10th

@ 29:22

assist for Tomas Kurka

Handbags Josh Batch & Mikael Lidhammer

Josh Batch 2 minutes for roughing @ 30:33


Devils struggling to clear zone

Devils Full strength

Mark Richardson penalty 2 minutes for tripping @ 33:02

Correction penalty was @ 32:45


Good PK by Devils

PPG Stars


Clarkson & Salters having words

Assists for Gray & Fatyna

Stars penalty Wetmore 2 minutes for hooking @ 35:44

Devils penalty Jake Morissette 2 minutes for high sticks

Correction it was interference

And it was Guillaume Doucet not Jake Morissette

It was Jake after all

Stars FS

Stars have 30 sec pp

Devils Full strength

Zach Hervato foiled on breakaway @ 38:24

Last minute

end of 2nd period Stars 4 DEVILS 2

at the buzzer Josh Batch put Dolan & Clarkson on their asses

Andrew Lord gets 2nd assist on Devils 2nd goal

Results: Belfast 3 Fife 2; Coventry 3 Manchester 5

Latest Score: Sheffield 0 Braehead 2

A storming 3rd period like the Devils of old is called for

SoG for 2nd period Stars 10 Devils 13 making it 16-25 after 2 periods

Gamesheet indicates that the delay in FO was due to late arrival of Devils

Teams back on ice

Come on U DEVILS bit effort from when the puck drops this time

3rd period starts

Clarkson misses a glorious chane

Good check by Tyson Marsh @ 41:05


Devils penalty coming

Josh Batch 2 minutes for boarding @ 42:10


KettDevils says next goal is crucial

Devils hanging on there in this PK

Devils Full strength

Scrappy period so far

Lets have a goal U DEVILS

Chris Culligan goes close @ 45:52

Giants beat Flyers 3-2

Ben Bowns saves @ 46:10

Zach Hervato breakaway breakaway Lakosil saves by rebound poked in @ 46:50

Goal given to Zach Hervato assist Guillaume Doucet

Texters think it should be the other way round

Now Zach Hervato hits post @ 47:55

Tyson Marsh fires a bullet - glove save Lakosil

Steelers lose 2-1 at home to Clan

Crowd has woken up as game becomes interesting

Gametime 50:24

Spaceman says Stars out of sorts for a spell there as Devils dominate

Lets have aniother goal U DEVILS


Tyson Marsh with his 2nd of the season

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Lord

@ 52:25

Lidhammer floors Andrew Lord

Joey Martin chance saved @ 53:13

Ben Bowns saves

Devils are now 2nd, 3rd & 4th in EIHL scorers

Goalmouth scramble - Lakosil covers

Stars goal

@ 54:34

Wetmore backhander roofed

Big save Lakosil

Assist for Doug Clarkson on Stars 5th goal

Devils camped in Stars zone

Spaceman admits Stars scored against the run of play

Come U DEVILS give us a Goal now

Gametime 56:21

gametime 56:30

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 57:33


Final 2 minutes

Stars camped in Devils zone

Devils clear zone

Final minute

Ben Bowns lifted

8 secs left

Time out Devils

Face off in the Stars zone

Ben Bowns pulled

Final score Stars 5 DEVILS 4

Big thanks to Sars fan Spaceman and our own travelling Devils fan KettDevils for brilliant coverage

KetDevil says Stars just deserved that

waiting for MoM

Devils MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Thats my lot for a few weeks, I leave you in the capable hands of Russ & Stephen.

Join Stephen next Saturday as the Panthers come to Cardiff Bay

Stars MoM - Bobby Chaumont