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Cardiff Devils 6 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Croeso - welcome to MNL as the Devils seek revenge for that 2-1 defeat in Rusty City on Wednesday

Join me (OJ) from ariund 6;30 as we bring you MNL unique coverage

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Texters allocated their duties for this eagerly await return clash

Warmup nearing its conclusion

Kevan Batch is confident we will bounce back and the Devils will win 3-2

Russky predicts a few fights and a Devils win by 2 goals

Pat calls it 5-3 to Devils

A sell out at the BBT i am told

At least a full house will keep evryone warm on this bitterly cold November night

RED ARMY TRAVEL want us to remind those partaking of breakfast and game tickets on Scottish trip that 75 is due by Sat 28 Nov

Mark Smith handlng out clappers at the door

Vamboni chasing its tail at BBT

Panthers losing 3-0 in Edinburgh after 35 minutes

Storm 2-0 against Clan after 4 minutes

Tom Pering who was referee on Wednesday is doing the Storm v Clan game

Ice is ready, BBT filling up fast

Matthew M goes for 3-1 scoreline in favour of Devils

Anyone following MNL in some exotic location (not Barry or Treherbert) let us now

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

There must be MNL in sunnier places than Cardiff.

I am back to Tenerife next week to enjoy the sunshine, rioja, tapas and cerveza

Jimmy S ilssays 4-2 Dev

Matthew M says its sunny in Cathays, its bl***y freezing in Whitchurch

Anthem time

Suspended Joey Haddaand & Brent Walton scratches for Devils

Brian Parker has Devils winning 5-2

Tom Darnell, bless him is the referee

Puck dropped

Mathieu Roy shot goes high

Ben Bowns called upon to make 2 saves

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns save after rare Andrew Hotham slip

Nothing for Pinc in Steelers to do so far

Frantic start by Steelers

Steelers icing

Gametime 3:21

Steelers pressing hard

Leigh Salters shoots high

Steelers trying to beat Devils on the outside

We need Trevor Hendrikx to show them thats a bad idea

Nice play by Chris Culligan but Tomas Kurka shoots wide

Mathieu Roy looks interested tonight so watch him

Gametime 5:46

Ben Bowns glove save from Fredrik Vestberg

Pind denies Andrew Hotham

Steelers icing

Jon says he has never seen so many players falling over at BBT - bring on the gritter I say

Chris Lawrence seeing a lot of ice time so far


Mark Richardson with his 2nd of the season @ 8:09

Assist Joey Martin

2nd assist for Andrew Lord

great one time finish by Mark Richardson beats Pinc over right shoulder

Big hit by Zach Hervato

Game time 10:24 as Steelers icing

Great poke check by Luke Piggott to break up Steelers attack

Pinc covers

Joey Martin goes close

Steelers icing

Another Steelers icing

@ 12:29

Chris Jones takes out the referee, well done that man

Pinc saves from Josh Batch

Devils having an excellent spell

Pinc saves from Trevor Hendrikx

Jonathan Phillips has a decent effort but Ben Bowns up to the task


Leigh Salters his 8th

@ 16:03

Assist Carl Hudson

Pinc beaten high once again

Guillaume Doucet shoots just wide

Tomas Kurka shot saved


Lawrence v Hendrikx

Trevor Hendrikx gives him a hiding

@ 18:17

Chants of chicken going round the BBT

Referee is talking to captains

Lawrence gets 2 minutes for charging + 2 minutes for roughing

Trevor Hendrikx 2 + 2 for roughing

Ben Bowns save

Not a fighgt as Lawrence chickened out and didn't drop gloves

Last minute

Long shot by Leigh Salters held by Pinc

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Steelers 0

Jon says - Excellent period for Devils;lots of pressure; plenty of shots. Looking solid at the back, crowd lively as well

Josh warns us that the Steelers haven't clicked yet and Devils need to up their game another gear abd by wary of a Steelers backlash

Jon J saysa - 1st goal from Mark Richardson was superb, fluid passing and first time finishing. Salters goal was all about placement, Pinc is a small netminder so above his shoulder is a good spot, great finish but lots of credit to Zach Hervato for dispossessing Roy to start trhe buildup

Sog for 1st period DEVILS 9 Steelers 12

Hazel normally in Southend is in the BBT and predicts a 5-3 win for Devils

1st COME ON U DEVILS of the night

We might as wel;l have a LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO as well

Teams back on ice

2nd period underway

Early save by Ben Bowns

Great glove save by Ben Bowns

Steelers goal

Wicked deflection off Tyson Marsh skate

Goal credited to Fredrik Vestberg assist Robert Dowd

Ben Bowns save

Come on U DEVILS lets get that 2 goal lead back

Great block by Joey Martin

Steelers goal timed @ 21:14

Devils exerting pressure

Lawrence & Trevor Hendrikx return

Puck out of play

Pinc save

Tomas Kurka shoots marginally high

Chris Culligan putting in some great shifts according to Josh

Josh Batch goes coaast to coast to no avail

Carl Hudson hits post

Panthers lose 5-3 in Edinburgh

Come on U DEVILS

Devils penalty Leigh Salters 2 minutes for interference


Mark Richardson clears zone

PPenalty shot Devils - Chris Jones

Big moment for him

Saved by Pinc

Good effort by CJ

Steelers Jeff Legue 2 minutes for hooking

Tyson Marsh goes close

Salters penalty was @ 26:07

Jeff Legue penalty @ 27:14


Joey Martin his 13th

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Zach Hervato

Devils on PP

Steelers Full strength

Gametime 30:12

Steelers offside

I think the time credited for Devils goal is incorrect 32:02

Chris Culligan leaves ice, took puck to the face we think


Guillaume Doucet his 14th @ 31:40

Penalty coming

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Hotham

Steelers penalty Cullen Eddy 2 minutes for tripping

Correction it was interference

It was Andrew Lord who got the 2nd assist not Andrew Hotham


Guillaume Doucet with his 15th and 2nd of the game

Pinc could not hold bullet of a shot anf Guillaume Doucet pounched

Steelers hit post

Assists for Jake Morissette & Andrew Hotham on Devils 5th

Devils offside

Gametime 35:03

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for hooking


@ 35:23


Great save Ben Bowns

Apologies for not getting all the times but its alkl happening at BBT

Joey Martin shorthanded break foiled by Pinc

Good PP from Steelers by Ben Bowns & D Corps standing strong

Tyler Mosienko complaining to referee, RED ARMY gives him the bird

Devils Full strength

Chris Culligan back on ice

Luke Piggott goes close

Andrew Hotham blocks then clears whilst on his knee

Ben Bowns save


Jason Hewitt appears to take Tyson Marsh down behind the play

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Steelers 1

Great period for Devils says Jon J

The Hervato family have joined us on MNL

Josh says - That was what was needed, weathered the Steelers storm then came charging back with a few goals. Thinks Tomas Kurka having a quiet game tonight

SoG for 2nd period 12 by each team making it 21-24 after 2 periods

Ice ready waaiting teams

Both teams return to the ice

3rd period starts

Josh Batch takes a puck to the leg OUCH

Puck out of play @ 40:30

Guillaume Doucet shot deflected out of play by Pinc

Sean & Lynn H have joined us from Tenerife where they are on holiday

I will be there after tomorrows game so don't drink all the beer

Leigh Salters feeds Chris Jones from behind net, Pinc saves

Another save by Ben Bowns

Cullen Eddy gets away with a blatant elbow

Steelers Goal by Colton Fretter

Solo effort, lifted puck opver Ben to score

Assists Jace Coyle & Russ Moyer

Chris Jones getting plenty of ice time

We now have 3 Devils in the Top 6 EIHL scorers


Joey Martin his 14th

Assist Andrew Lord @ 47:59

2nd assist for Guillaume Doucet


Well handbags really

Leigh Salters in the middle of it

Steelers Cullen Eddy 2 minutes for roughing @ 48:58

Devils on PP

Guillaume Doucet drew that penalty brilliantly hooked Cullen Eddy good and proper

Ben Bowns glove save

Ben Bowns saves again

Fredrik Vestberg shoots high

Steelers Full strength

Zach Hervato has shot saved by Pinc

Tyson Marsh & Mathieu Roy penalised both get 2 minutes for roughing

In fact they were penalised for delay of game - ie dancing not roughing

Leigh Salters goes close

Penalties were called @ 31:15

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for interference

@ 53:50


Might have been cross-checking - who cares

Run the clock down lads

Devils Full strength

Ben Bowns save

Huge scramble in front of Ben Bowns

Checking video for a goal apparently

No Goal

Andrew Hotham fires a bullet just wide

Pinc never saw it

Didn't ask for a video replay

Russ Moyer tries to land a big hit on Guillaume Doucet, misses falls on the ice much to the delight of Doucet


Trevor Hendrikx v Chris Lawrence

Good fight a win for Hendo

Trevor Hendrikx ejected @ 57:39

Lawrence 5 minutes for fighting

Trevor Hendrikx gets 2+5+10

Jon says Hendo will miss the start of Match of the Day

I assume he got 5 minutes for fighting 2 minutes for instigator + a ten minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct

Final minute

45 secs left

RED ARMY in 7th Heaven

Final score DEVILS 6 Steelers 2

Hendo gor 2 minutes for roughing; 5 minutes for fighting + a ten minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct

Plus 2 minute instigator penalty - they had beeter record Match of the Day for him

Steelers MoM - Colton Fretter

Steelers leave the ice before Devils MoM


A big thank you to our texters tonight Jon J, Josh, TinkyAdrian And Jon who did a brilliant job of covering a great game for the Devils

Jon J says there were lots of good performances for Devils tonight

With a bit of luck the moaners on the Forum will lay off the team this weekend

Join me tomorrow night as the Devils travel to Dundee seeking 2 more valuable league points

MNL will be on air from around 6pm