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Sheffield Steelers 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Croeso, welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils league encounter with the Steelers in Rusty City

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Maria is making her way from Doncaster and Steelers fan Kelly is helping us out as usual.

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Brian Parker predicts Devils by 3 goals

HaveHope35 has promisedt let us know whats happenning

Jon says Devils to win 5-2

Devils fan Maria has made it to Ice Sheffield

Devilhawks12 also promised to help us out

Warmup done & dusted

With 2 home wins each so far thi season its up to U DEVILS to get your nose in front

Hazel says devils will win 5-4 in O/T

Russky also predicts a Devils win in O/T

Steelers take to the ice first

Kelly has reported in

Its unusual for Steelers to come out first


Puck dropped

A sizeable RED ARMY contingent in Sheffield

Good save Bowns

gametime 3:24

Steelers offside

Mike (HaveHop35) is undating us as well

Ref is Tom Pering

Ben Bowns save @ 7:19

Tentative start by both teams

Steelers go close

Lots of Steelers pressure, Ben Bowns having to make big saves

Gametime 9:10

Devils do break out well but cannot convert

Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns covers

Devils icing @ 11:29

Scored by Jonathan Phillips

Assist Cullen Eddy

Jonathan Phillips deflects a shot from Cullen Eddy

Come on U DEVILS

Mark G prediction of 5-3 to Devils can still be right


Give us a goal U DEVILS

Glynne says Devils are not in this game

Gone quiet from Ice Sheffield

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for tripping @ 16:32


Devils FS

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 + 10 for Check to head @ 18:57

Very silly penalty to take

End of 1st period - Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

Maria's period report - Steelers definately edged that period and pushed the Devils more that Devils pushed them. Steelers seem to give more support to Pinc in net than they did last weekend

Teams back on ice

SoG for 1st period Steelers 13 DEVILS 4

2nd period starts

Devils Full strength

Glynne says Devils have to raise their game and play like they can

Quite an open game with both teams having chances

Gametime 44:55

Kelly says its end to end

1st whistle of period at 26:12

That indicates what type of game it is

Pinc save @ 27:17

Pinc has pulled off some cracking saves as Devils get into game

Gametime 28:47

Gametime 29:09

Steelers penalty @ 30:43

Nasty hit on Lord

He was checked from behind and gone off bleeding

Zack Fitzgerald gets 5 + Game for check from behind

Andrew Lord got up right away and skated off unassisted but bleeding

Penalty corrected to 5 + MATCH

Glynne HaveHope35 did that look bad, Fitz got away with it last weekend but this time is in deep trouble

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Joey Haddad is back

Zack Fitzgerald will miss Saturdays game unless Tony Smith has another Joker card to play

Devils exerting pressure whilst on PP

Gametime 34:25

Come U DEVILS lets have a PPG - now yes now

Steelers Full strength

It appears Andrew Lord cut by visor when he crashed into boards after being hit from behind - a nasty hit by all accounts

Steelers goal

@ 37:00

Scored by Levi Nelson assist Ben O'Connor

Devils have gone quiet again, struggling to break into Steelers zone

HaveHope35 says Devils have to get more physical especially as Zack Fitzgerald beeing ejected

Devils penalty called and there are afters

Hendikx and Nelso having some handbags, Leigh Salters joins in

Muliple penalties @ 38:42

Marsh, Hervato & Salters for Devils: Nelson for Steelers

Taking time to work out what has been called

Thomson shoting at his own players

Levi Nelson gets 2 minutes for roughing + 5 + Game for charging

Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for hooking Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing Leigh Salters 2 minutes for roughing

Final minute

End of 2nd period - Steelers 2 DEVILS 0

Maria says you would have thought that the Devils in top form Steelers in low form playing on small would have benifited Devils. Just hope we can make it happen in 3rd

Sheffield will have a 4 on 3 for 43 secs at start of 3rd period

Then Devils will have a 3 minute pp

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 5 DEVILS 11 making it 18-15 after 2 periods

Teams back

3rd period starts

Steelers fans not happy with referee

Devils Full strength


1:29 left on Devils PP

Steelers Full strength

Gametime 43:56

Come U DEVILS a storming 3rd period is needed

Those of you going to Scotland with RED ARMY TRAVEL are reminded that 75 is due for breakfast & Game tickets - payable by 28th November

Enjoys your time in Scotland I shall be off to Tenerife after this coming weekends games

Its gone very quiet

Gametime 48:44

Maria cannot see the Devils scoring as Steelers are defending well

Glove save Ben Bowns from Jonathan Phillips

Maria doesnt think the Devils have been particularly bad but neither the Steelers have been particularly good

Teams have cancelled each other out but Steelers have taken their chances better

Puck out of play @ 51:17

Glynne agrees with Maria's take on the game

So lets prove hem wrong and bag at leat 2 quick goals U DEVILS

Zach thats your speciality

Devils have had their chances but don't seem to be able to bury the biscuit

Gametime 54:28

Steelers D have been excellent

Ben Bowns has made some great saves without which the Devils would have sunk without trace

Gametime 55:40

Its all Devils at the moment but they cannot finish

Steelers penalty Mathieu Roy 2 minutes for delay of game @ 55:55

Come U DEVILS you can do it

Steelers Full strength

Just over 2 minutes left

Save Pinc @ 57:58


Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns pulled


@ 58:03

Carl Hudson with his 6th of the season

Assists Guillaume Doucet & Andrew Hotham

Ben Bowns back between the pipes

Ben Bowns pulled again

gametime 58:42

Final minute

Final score Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Our thanks to Steelers fan Kelly and our own Maria

Also thanks to HaveHope35 for his updates and to Glynne for sharing with us his thoughts

Devils Mom - ANDREW LORD

Steelers MoM - MAREK PINC

Join me on sturday when the Devils get a quick chance for revenge as the Steelers visit the BBT