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Manchester Storm 2 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils go for a 4 poiunt weekend with a visit to the Manchester Storm

Join me (OJ) from around 4:30 for MNL unique coverage of Devils ice hockey

After the high of last night at the packed BBT a workmanlike on the road performance is called for.

Texters making they way to Manchester from all corners- RAT crew winging their way up the motorway, KettDevil (Peter) en route from Bedford

Score predictions plus comments to

Texters have reported in so its all systems go

Warmup in progress

Tom predicts a 6-2 win for Devils

Mark G calls it 5-2

Brian Parke predicts a high scoring game with the Devils winning by 2 goals

Russky also has Devils winning by 2

Neve J thinks Devils will win 4-3

Nathan & Ewan call it 7-3 and 4 points weekend

Jason M says 6-3 to RED ARMY

Jason also says Storm will score 1st goal

My information Anthony is that Mark Smith is not icing

Ice almost ready

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RAT has space available for the trip to Coventry on 29th Nov - Aduts 33 Kids 19

I should have said the prices for Covenrty include game tickets

Support the Devils on the road as it is much appreciated by the guys

The RED ARMY can out shout most home fans

Waiting for the teams

Liptrott is the referee tonight

Jonny to his friens - do referees have friends or parents for that matter

Where is Tom Darnell these days - modelling I suppose

Gone very quiet

Russky here : Mr Darnell is in Sheffield tonight reffing the game between the Steelers and Panthers

Kevan Batch calls it 4-2 to Devils

Hazel says Devils by 3

Darren M is very confident and goes for a 7-2 win

There is water on the ice hence delay in face off

Pat wishes the lads good luck and predicts a 4-1 win

Apparently there is a delay due to a large queue at box office

Devils come onto the ice

Kirsty F calls it 7-3 to the lads from Cardiff Bay

RED ARMY estimated as 120 strong and are already making lots of noise

Storm finally appear


Devils have 14 skaters, Storm just 14

1 minute silence

Matt Moore calls it Storm 2 DEVILS 4

Storm mascot (a man in an overside yellow costume) being taunted "You have jaundice"

Good touch Marseillese played as well

rink less than half full

Puck is dropped

Zach Hervato takes early shot

Storm player down

Guillaume Doucet shoots wide

Matthew Paton shoots wide of Ben Bowns

Andrew Hotham offside @ 2:33

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Mathew Sisca shot saved by Ben Bowns

Shots from Carl Hudson & Guillaume Doucet saved by Zane Kalemba

Gametime 3:14 - its all Devils

Joey Haddad shot saved

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx

2 minutes for interference


Gametime 5:14

Josh Batch flattens Grant Toulmin in corner

Storm offside @ 5:49

Devils Full strength

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Gametime 6:45

Give us a goal U DEVILS

Very fast game

Ben Bowns gloves puck @ 7:58

Patrik Valcak who got hit early on is back on the ice

Matthew Paton shoots high and wide Puck out of play

Just realise i didnt post Trevor Hendrikx penalty time it was 4:05

Another giveaway by Devils Matthew Davies goes close

Puck out of play Face off in the Storm zone @ 10:06

Grant Toulmin denied by Ben Bowns @ 11:19


@12:05 scored by Joey Haddad assist Zach Hervato

That was Joey Haddad 7th of the season

Omar Pacha goes coast to coast saved Ben Bowns @ 13:58

Guillaume Doucet almost succeeds with wrap around @ 14:25

Zane Kalemba saves fron Joey Haddad slap shot

Devils bossing this says KettDevil

2nd assist on goal for Leigh Salters

Storm are still a threat as they break very quick

Luke Piggott getting a wekll earned shift

Final 2 minutes of opener

Tyson Marsh forces save on Devilks 3 on 1 break :@ 18:11

Matt Caria exchanging shoves with Tyson Marsh & Trevor Hendrikx

Handbags follows

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for delay of game


Hudson moved net to stop a goal - clever lad

End of 1st period Storm 0 DEVILS 1

Latest scores: Belfast 2 Dundee 0; Coventry 2 Braehead 0; Sheffield 0 Nottingham 2

Latest scores: Belfast 2 Dundee 0; Coventry 2 Braehead 0; Sheffield 0 Nottingham 2

SoG for 1st period Storm 9 DEVILS 11

Ryan said Devils will win 5-2 with a hattrick from Andrew Lord

Jan in Treharris predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Ben Bowns save @ 20:07

Devils Full strength


Just ONE

Scored by Andrew Lord assist Joey Martin & Trevor Hendrikx

Coach's 7th of the season

Goal times @ 21:03

Gerald says lovely backhand chip from Lord

Joey Haddad marginally wide @ 23:53

Mark Richardson blocks shot by Matt Caria

Chris Culligan drives to the net save Zane Kalemba @ 24:55

Who hasn't been mentioned yet - Chris Jones & Jake Morissette

Another Zane Kalemba save @ 25:21


Guillaume Doucet scores tipping a Mark Richardson shot

2nd assist for Joey Martin

That was Guillaume Doucet 12th of the season


Goal was @ 25:34

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 25:49


Chris Culligan clears

Mathew Sisca shoots over @ 27:04

Puck out of play with 47 secs left in devils PK

Huge save by Ben Bowns

@ 27:29

Devils breakaway foiled

Devils Full strength

Ole hockey from Devils as they retain possession

At 30:00 KettDevil says this is as good as Devils have played all season


Fight even Andrew Lord v Patrik Valcak

Andrew Lord mugged @ 30:32

5 minutes for fighting for both, Andrew Lord also gets 2 minutes for slashing


No mention for Tomas Kurka yet

Andrew Hotham clears zone


GOOD PK so far

SHG for DEVILS @ 32:22

Tyson Marsh the scorer assists Zach Hervato

That was the Captains 1st goal of the season

Devils FS

Go and have a cup of tea Lordo we don't need you

Big glove save by Ben Bowns @ 34:19

The assist on Marsh's goal might have been Chris Culligan not Zach Hervato

Or even Trevor Hendrikx

Texters having trouble with PA, RED ARMY too loud by half

KettDevil says great atmosphere, party in away block. Very good hockey from every Devil

Gametime 34:55

last nights texter Jon says Panthers leading 4-0 at Sheffield

Call it off and credit Panthers with a 5-0 win I say

Its shot after shot from Devils

Gametime 36:48

Chris Jones wanders Offside @ 37:31

Tony (2 point) Smith has awarded Steelers 4 goals so its now 4-4 an MNL listener told me

Tomas Kurka (Horay) just fails to finish a 10 pass seeping move @ 38:45

Andrew Lord returns as Josh Batch gets 2 minutes for elbowing @ 39;18


end of 2nd period Storm 0 DEVILS 4

KettDevil reports - Just superb from Devils, storm aren't bad but Devils are playing great hockey

Its not me getting over excited by Devils performance but the texters on duty tonight have been following the Devils for years especially on the road and its them who are in raptures over the Devils performance

Just 1 more period of steady hockey no silly penalties and stay injury free as next two games are against those rusty Steelers who I am sure with get the EIHL heirachy to help them in some way or other

SoG for 2nd period Storm 11 DEVILS 15 making it 20-26 after 2 periods

Latest scores: Belfast 2 Dundee 1; Coventry 4 Braehead 2; Edinburgh 2 Fife 0; Steelers 0 Nottingham 4

Lets go DEVILS run that clock down hop on the bus and get home with those points

Teams back on ice

3rd starts


Full strength

Gametime 42:44

Storm have started this period with intent

Leigh Salters brought downwhen driving to net - NO CALL

Storm goal @ 42:23

Correction 43:33

Matthew Paton scores assist Grant Toulmin

Storm Goal

Phillips @ 43:54

Tomas Kurka goes close at other end

Come on U DEVILS wake up

Luke Piggott goes close

Game has come alive

Gametime 45:14

Matthew Paton goes close

Ben Bowns save

Yes Mark I believe Storm Rink is similar to BBT

All out attack from Storm leaves them vulnerable

So LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO and get us a goal

Referee having words with Zane Kalemba for reatedly kicking his net off

Mathew Sisca goes coast to coast Ben Bowns saves

Time OUT Devils @ 4^;)1

Storm offside

assist for Ricards Birzinsh on Storm 2nd goal

Storm penalty @ 47:03 2 minutes for roughing Birzinsh

Tomas Kurka offside

Puck out of play ' 47:55

Omar Pacha & Carl Hudson penalised @ 48:25


Tomas Kurka the screr @ 48:40 PPG

assists Jake Morissette & Andrew Lord

Storm penalty @ 49:18 Jamie Chilcott 2 minutes for hooking


A fantastic goal by Tomas Kurka

In fact it was Guillaume Doucet who scored Devils 6th

Kurka's goal was worth the entry fee all on its own according to Gerald

Storm icing @ 51:28

Guillaume Doucet goal (Devils 6th) was a PPG @ 49:23 unassisted

Great block by Joey Haddad @ 53:36

Joey Haddad then has a shot up the other end

Chris Jones hits post @ 54:27

Chris Jones hits post @ 54:27

Joey Martin gets tripped @ 55:00

Gametime 37:04

Finally the pace of the gane drops

Joey Martin fires over @ 57:19

Final 2 minutes

Remember your payment for breakfast + tickets (Scottish trip) due by 28 Nov 75

Devils Bench penalty @ 58:10 2 minutes for too many men


Storm penalty 2 minutes for interference @ 58:54 - Birzinsh the culprit

Final minute

Places available for RAT to Coventry Sunday 29th Nov 33 Adults 19 kids - includes ticket

Ben Bowns saves

Final score Storm 2 DEVILS 6

Devils MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Andrew Lord had KettDevil's vote

Big thank you to Olivia, Gerald & KettDEvil for their excellent coverage

Join me on Wednesday when the Devils travel to the City of Tin to take on the EIHL

It looks as if Tyler Mosienko will not be playing Wednesday as he got a MATCH penalty tonight, but you never know what owner Tony Smith can pull out of the EIHL favours bag

some results: Dundee beat Belfast on shootout. Steelers lost to Nottingham 1-4