Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 3 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Giants at the BBT

Score predictions as usual to along with any printable comments

Join me OJ from around 6:30

Coverage of Sundays game against the STORM is in doubt as we haven't yet found any texters making the trip up north

If you can help or know of someone who can please let us know

Tonights texters Jon (yet another to join Jon J and JohnWildthing) and Josh have reported in

A total sellout at BBT tonight, there were ony 2 seats and 8 standing tickets left at 5:50

MNL will be running on Sunday as Gerald, Olivia, Colin & Paul are making the trip

Its a 5pm FO so join me from 4:30

RED ARMY TRAVEL news - Scottish trip breakfast & tickets payments due 70

RED ARMY TRAVEL have space on bus for Sundays trip to Manchester 38 (including match ticket) Travel times 11:00 Bay: 11:30 Llanishen: 12 noon Coldra

Warmup underway

I hope the fans arrive soon as the BBT in rocking in the gale force winds

Michael Hicks is down to referee this game

Kev & Sue Batch in Essex go for a 4-3 win for Devils

Hazel has DEvils bagging the points 5-4 in O/T

Pat gives it to Devils 5-2

After hearing from Kevan & Sue it reminded me that we haven't had contact with players families this season

If you are out there following MNL let us know -

Michael M has Devils winning 3-1 and hopes the devils will mark the terrible attrocities in Paris with a minute silence

Warm up completed

Devils winning in O/T is populat tonight as Bluey and also Russky go for that result

Its like the end of the World out there tonight - cold, miserable and blowing a gale

In just over a week I am off to Tenerife for some sun, cervesa and Rioja

Russ & Stephen B will look after you

Brian Parker is more confident tonight not his usual Devils by 2 goals but Devils winning by THREE

Viv & Blaine are in the PLume & Feathers, Barlaston, both predict a Devils win 5-3 for Blaine 3-2 for Viv

My budies Phil & George in Puerto de La Cruz warn me to bring enough eurors as they say I owe them a pint or two

Enough of this rubbish - at least typing kept my fingers warm

Zamboni has done its chores BBT is packed and rocking


Robert T calls it 5-4 Devils

James McShane loves MNL but hopes for a Giants victory

We shall see James, but its going to be a CRACKER

Giants come onto the ice

No Mark Smith or Brent Walton for Devils

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Players intro

People in Somerset have rang the BBT asking for fans to tone down the noise

Chris Culligan is icing

Minute silence for Paris

Anthem time

FO delayed Hicks is cleaning the glass by Giants bench

Maybe he is a window cleaner when not impersonating a referee

They are still looking at plexiglass by Giants bench

Probably too direct to give reflections

New post now bing fitted - Ice DIY live on Premier Sports

Here we go at last

Devils Offside @ 1:27

Joey Martin shot saved

Giants shot saved

Joey Haddad shot saved by Murphy

Giants Offside @ 2:45

Giants penalty Kris Beech 2 minutes for slashing @ 3:30

Zach Hervato shot saved as Devils exert pressure

Carl Hudson shot saved by Murphy

Come on U DEVILS


Andrew Hotham @ 4:54 his 7th

A PPG no less

Assist Jake Morissette

A missile from the blueline

Giants icing

Apologies Matt

Fistycuffs Mitch Ganzak & Joey Haddad

Joey Haddad had shot saved then both get 2 minutes for roughing

orrection Joey Haddad got 2 minutes for slashing

@ 6:26

Lets go Devils!!! (Russky)

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for slashing

@ 7:59

Giants have 4 on 3

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for cross-checking

Harsh call says Josh @ 8:20

Ben Bowns saves from Mike Wilson

Now 5 on 4

Apologies its 5 on 3

Devils clear zone

Tomas Kurka returns

Excellent PK by Devils as they return to FS

I don't know why people are telling me to update the score is DEVILS 1 Giants 0

Refresh should get it right for you

Side netting from Andrew Hotham

Tomas Kurka shoots wide

Devils penalty Joey Haddad @ 13:50 kneeing


Devils clear zone

Zach Hervato breakaway shoots wide

Giants Goal

Mike Wilson

PPG @ 16:26

Assists James Desmarais & Kris Beech

Clear elbow on Chris Culligan missed

Giants Goal @ 15:27

Mike Radja, assists Derrick Walser & Brendon Benedict

Breakaway goal

Come on U DEVILS get that equaliser

Giants have an extra spring in their skating tonight

Devils offside

Final minute

Joey Haddad lays big hit on Matt Nickerson

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 2

Josh's end of period report - Devils started like a house on fire, but thinks the PK tired them out. Second to everything in the last 10 minutes excellent shot sblocking by Tyson Marsh & Joey Martin> Devils haven't offered much in attack yet

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 7 Giants 14

Ice ready

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Long range shot from Josh Batch saved by Murphy

Come on U DEVILS give us a Goal - please

Giants shot hit TV in Block 10

Slight off target I would say


Joey Martin scores his 11th of the season

Unassisted, Giants passed the puck to him from behind their net

Correction Andrew Lord given assist

Andrew Lord has shot saved

Correction Andrew Lord given assist

Josh Batch smashes Adam Keefe by Giants bench

Loud cheers from RED ARMY

Trevor Hendrikx tries toi create a new door using Jonathan Boxill

Devils 2nd goal timed at 22:23

Giants penalty Colin Shields 2 minutes for tripping @ 25:20


Giants penalty Matt Nickerson 2 minutes for slashing

Devils have 5 on 3

only a couple of seconds betwewen the calls


PPG @ 26:22 by Joey Martin (his 12th)

Assists Carl Hudson & Andrew Hotham

Devils still on PP

Giants FS

Joey Haddad splatters Johan Ejdepalm

Puck out of play @ 29:42


Tomas Kurka (His 6th) assis Chris Culligan

Josh Batch shot produces glove save from Murphy

2nd assist for Trevor Hendrikx on Devils 4th goal

Leigh Salters goes close, then Murphy covers

Blatant cross-check on Joey Haddad missed

Giants offside @ 30:54

Giants too many men missed

Officials have mare

Murphy ices puck

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants penalty Craig Peacock 2 minutes for cross-checking

@ 32:26

Lets have abnother PPG U DEVILS

Mitch Ganzak takes a puck in face - nasty

Giants Full strength

Mitch Ganzak gone to see Doc

NO sympathy from RED ARMY

Carl Hudson having a great game according to Jon

Joey Haddad floors Jonathan Boxill

Trevor Hendrikx shot saved by Murphy

Luke Piggott clears Devils zone

Andrew Lord shoots wide

Giants icing @ 37:53

Excellent forechecking by Devils - led as usual by Joey Martin


Tomas Kurka scores his 7th of the season @ 38:05

Matt Nickerson happy, snaps his stick and having a go at Hicks

Assist for Carl Hudson on that last goal

Last minute

Zach Hervato hit on Craig Peacock

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Giants 2

A few toys coming out of the Giants pram as period ended

Hi Russky here with the latest scores in the other games: Braehead 6 Steelers 5; Dundee 1 Edinburgh 1; Fife 1 Manchester 2; Nottingham 3 Coventry 0

Apologies to Trevor Hendrikx we missed his 100th PIM in the first period

Josh reports - Dominant period from Devils with some clinical finishing

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Giants 3 making it 19-17 after 2 periods

Trying to find out what happenned to Ganzak after he went to see Doctor

Don't stich him Doc send him to A&E at UHW, with a bit of luck he will be out by Xmas

Teams back on ice

Well done to Devils u13 who beat Invicta 2-1 on the road

BBT is buzzing

3rd period underway

Late hit by Adam Keefe no call

Adam Keefe punches Joey Haddad in the back of the head - still no call

Mitch Ganzak back on the ice

Mark Richardson shot tipped by Andrew Lord just wide

Chris Culligan breakaway feeds Tomas Kurka whose shot is saved by Murphy

Adam Keefe pushing & shoving and complaining the Devils are nasty to him

Giants Goal

@ 43:51

Mike Radja the scorer assists Benedict & Forney

Ben Bowns covers

Devils icing @ 47:02

Face off in the Giants zone

Rink getting foggy

Joey Haddad dances around Matt Nickerson

Giants getting away with a lot

Andrew Hotham attempted wraparound saved by Murphy

Fog getting worse, resembles Pirates of the Caribbean says Jon

Giants penalty Derrick Walser 2 minutes for boarding

@ 51:07

Brilliant save by Stephen Murphy from Joey Martin


Joey Haddad assists Leigh Salters & Joey Martin @ 52:07

That PPG was Joey Haddad's 6th of the season

Game stopped to clear fog

Puck out of play @ 52:13

For those of you interesrted texter Josh didn't win SOHB

Face off in the Giants zone

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone @ 55:27

Matt Nickerson attacks from ddep. Skates with agility of a gazelle, a very ol;d and unwell gazelle

Ben Bowns covers @ 56:17

Adam Keefe down much to the enjoyment of the RED ARMY

Giants icing @ 57:37

Adam Keefe lays a dirty hit on Trevor Hendrikx and hursts himself - RED ARMY loves it

RED ARMY chant "Top of the League - you're having a laugh"

Final minute

Puck out of play @ 59:19

BBT at fever pitch

Lock them in Todd for next weekend

Ben Bowns makes 2 saves

Devils icing with 13 secs remaining

Standing ovation for the DEVILS - well deserved

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham

We don't care so long as its a minor penalty

Final score DEVILS 6 Giants 3

Giants MoM - Mike Radja

Big thanks to texters Jon & Josh who did a brillant job of reporting on what was a great game


Jon Jones - game report - Tight first period Devils should probably been ahead Devils dominated 2nd period and beat off a Giants comeback in 3rd

incredible game at Braehead where the Clan lead Steelers 8-7 with 7 mins still to go

Panthers shut out Blaze 4-0

Jopin me tomoorow from around 4:30 as MNL brings you the next episode in the Devils march of history

Dundee come from behind to steal the points against Edinburgh 3-2


Sheffield beat Braehead in overtime 9-8; game still going on!!! Manchester beat Fife 3-1

goodnight all!