Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning Hockey Fans. Just waiting final confirmation on my Red Army match texters ahead of today's match up at the Skydome Arena, Face off at 5:15. Join me (Russky) for build up, predictions and Latest scores from other games from 4:30pm. If you want to send your prediction, please do so by emailing it to

until then, have a good day and I will see you all at 4:30pm.

Hello again folks!

we have just over 40 mins to face off at the skydome and no doubt members of the Red Army are filing into the building in eager anticipation of tonights duel.

I have been forewarned that the phone reception at the Dome is poor so it may take a little time for the updates to get through to me.

just trying to contact my two texters for tonight, namely John Widthing, who's birthday it is ! Happy Birthday John and Colin, who have travelled up with the Red Army Posse!!!!

There are 3 other games occurrin' tonight: Belfast are at Altrincham, Steelers are in Edinburgh and Dundee face off against Fife, on home ice.

I am sure the Red Army will make it a birthday to remember for John Wildthing!!!!

After last nights heavy defeat at Braehead I am sure the Blaze will be smarting and looking to restore some professional pride, so tonights game might be a bit tougher for the Devils than previously expected. Joey Martin should be back tonight having served his one game suspension. No news on whether Walton will ice so lets wait and see.

just been informed Walton is a scratch for the Devils and could be absent from the bench for a while.

only had two predictions thus far: Brian Parker is going for a Devils win by 2

Hazel is going for a Devls 5-3 win.

Pat opts for a 3-2 OT win for the Devils

Mark G in Caerphilly goes for a 4-3 Devils win.

Jan James in Treharris reckons on a 4-2 Devils win

Belfast and Manchester have faced off at Altrincham.

lights down and the Intro has started before a small crowd, so the Red Army will be in fine voice to make it sound a bigger crowd.

Anthem time

Ref is Hogarth, so we had better expect the unexected from him

And we are underway

opening exchanges are unremarkable

seems a bit of a lacklustre game, no updates yet Well it is the Blaze's last outing in the Challenge Cup and the Devils have already qualified for the next phase, the Devils need the points more!

Apparrently Mark Smith is being 'rested' by the Blaze

I have been informed that Devils are set to play Dundee in the Quarters of the Cup

Very quiet on the updates front

Blaze score

@ 4:38 Lukachevic

Having problems getting text updates at moment

Profuse apologies for delay in posting.

Blaze Pen Petruis 2 minutes for illegal equipment


@ at 16:13 assists to Martin and Richardson

Seeking clarification on if Mark Smith has rejoined the Devils as injury cover

17:56 now gone

End of first period. 1-1!

Just received confirmation that Mark Smith has Rejoined the Devils to the end of the season

as injury Cover. Brent Walton is apparrently having surgery soon and is a long term injury

Latest scores elsewhere:Manchester 1 Belfast 0; Edinburgh 2 Sheffield 0

Dundee and Fife face off at 6:30pm

wow what a period that was.

Culligan and Salters are also not playing tonight.

dont know if they are just being 'rested'

latest scores: Storm 1 Giants 1; Capitals 3 Steelers 2

2nd Started.

Ranby replaces Stewart in Blaze net


@21:59 Doucet from Lord



Assists Morrisette and Hendrikx

Blaze pen Fisher 2 minutes for Goalie Interference


@26:29 Doucet with his second of the game

Blaze score through Robinson at 26:36

Blaze FS

this period is crazy!

texter says this is like a practice for the Devils. game time 29:24

still no ice time for Smith though

Smithy now on his first shift!

Blaze goal Lauzon @32:49

Blaze goal Lauzon again @ 33:35!!!

puck out of play at Blaze end

Game getting a bit 'Chippy' now as my texter reports

Stewart back in Blaze net

Devils pen 2 minutes for roughing for Batch @ 35:43

CJ and Tanaka Fight CJ wins


two fights this weekend for CJ!!

Tanaka 5 minutes for fighting 2 minutes for roughing; CJ 5 minutes for fighting ; Richardson 2 minutes for roughing

those were co-incidental pens at 36:52

game time 39:26

end of second period 6 goals & 1 fight

Latest score Storm 1 Giants 1 Caps 5 Steelers 2; Stars 0 Flyers 1 (in 1st period)

After that period cant wait for the 3rd.

both teams back out for the 3rd.

puck drops to start the third

Backup nettie in for Blaze again

gametime 43:03

Devils Pen Haddad 2 minutes for tripping @43:33

my texter reports that Hudson playing as a forward

Haddad and Godfrey engage in a bit of shoving

Tanaka thrown out for abuse of officials



Hotham from Lord and Morrisette

that was a PPG at 48:59


from Doucet and Hotham @49:34

wow 2 goals in quick succession

Mike Will replaces Bowns I think. wasnt told he was in from start

Will Covers puck @51:54

Game time 53:54

just been informed Will has been in net since start of game

5 mins left of regulation

final 2 mins of game

Marr pulled by Blaze

Devils Pen Kurka2 minutes for boarding


Blaze call time out

44 seconds left to play

Game over Devils win!!! wooo hooo

Devils MOM is Doucet

Thanks to our texters: Birthday Boy John Wildthing, and Colin Knight, Not forgetting Gerald who stepped in for John when his phone failed. Thankyou to all three. Without them there would be no MNL!!! Great job guys

Blaze MOM Pietrus

before I go the latest scores: Belfast Defeat Manchester thanks to a shootout after it finished 1-1 at after regulation; Result:Edinburgh 7 Steelers 5 and finally Dundee 4 Fife 1 ( in 2nd Period)

Thats it from me for tonight. Apologies for the delay in bringing latest scores tonight. OJ should be back on hosting duty next weekend. Safe Journey home all the Red Army, I am sure they will help John Wildthing celebrate what remains of his birthday!

Goodnight all! Good wishes for the week ahead.