Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Manchester Storm

Hello Hope you are having a good day. Please join me (Russky) from 6:30pm this evening for the Pre match build up, score updates from the other games going on tonight and Live Match text updates as our own beloved Cardiff Devils take on the Manchester Storm for the league match at the BBT this evening.

If you have any predictions or constructive comments please email them to and I will do my best to include them in the MNL coverage this evening.

Until then I bid you all a relaxing day and look forward to hearing from you with your predictions from 6:30 onwards.

Welcome folks! to tonights coverage of your Cardiff Devils facing off against Manchester Storm. Good News as Chris Culligan ices for the Devils. Joey Martin is suspended for tonights game following the DOPS review.

Former Devil player Devin Didiomete signed for the Storm this week but he wont be icing as his international clearance hasnt come through yet

Thanks tonight to my texters Jon J, Gerald, Claire and Adrian who are providing me with updates.

An early prediction comes floodng in from Mark Gough who reckons the Devils will win by 2

Corwall Taffy in France predicts a 5-2 Devils win.

Kevin and Donna in Tenerife predicting a 5-1 Devils win

The other games tonight are Panthers V Giants; Fife V Endinburgh, Steelers V Dundee and Finally Braehead V Coventry

Awaiting news on identity of Officials.

Brent Walton is a scratch for the Devils!

its going to be a noisy night at the BBT as the crowd are in fine voice.

Lights out at BBT ahead of Intros

Minute silence as its Rememberance weekend!

Anthem Done.

Ref is Not Hicks but Hogarth

Hervato 2 minutes for boarding after 40s seconds

Devils FS


BAtch scores assist Hudson and Haddad


Bowns saves from Scarsella

Devils pressing forcing saves from Kalemba

Storm Icing at 6:50

Storm offiside @8:01

Bowns great Save again from Salazaar

Piggot pings the pipes of the Storm netminder

Storm Pen Davies 2 minutes for tripping @9:06

Correction it was the Netminder who was deemed to have tripped Storm's Matt davies serving penalty for him

Bowns saves from Caria with his legs.

Hotham shot saved by Kalemba

Storm FS

Bowns saves from Paton

Storm goal scored by Salazar


5 mins left in the first.

puck out of play in Devils end

Haddad goes close after being fed by Salters

Bowns covers puck

3:58 left in first

Phillips unwisely checks Haddad

Kurka now goes close having fashioned a chance from nothing

Storm offside

in Final minute of the first

Kurka goes close again after approach play by Cullen

thats the end of the Period 1-1

Latest scores: Braehead 1 Coventry 1; Panthers 0 Giants 0; Fife 0 Edinburgh 0; Steelers 2 Dundee 1

second period started now

Both Haddad and Hervato go close in quick succession

storms net falls off, that makes a change!!! its usually the Devils net!

morrisette now goes close

All devils at moment creating pressure on Storm D area

Hervato shoots high and wide

scramble in front of Storm net but still no goal

Bowns foils Storm breakaway with a fine save

puck out of play

Kurka shoots wide

8:08 gone in second period

Devils are pressing hard but to no avail

Devils Pen Haddad 2 minutes for holding


Devils FS

11:22 gone in second

Storm offside again

Bownsy saves again

Storm pushing Devils wide all the time

Culligan getting game fitness back

Lord goes as close as you can without actually scoring

Doucet goes close

followed by some handbags

Storm Pen 2 minutes for boarding #43

Hervato high sticked and cut

Sisca 2 + 2 for high sticks


Devils 5 on 3


Awaiting goal details

Lord scored Storm back to full Strength

Lord assisted by haddad and Culligan

Devils goal by Kurka waived off as goal was displaced

17:07 gone in second


assisted by Hotham and Morrisette @ 38:08

FIGHT Devils Jones and Storm's Bizinzky

Storm players losing discipline

Storm Pen Phillips 2 minutes for iilegal equipmemt



Doucet from Morrisette and Kurka


and thats the end of the 2nd Period!!! 4-1

Latest scores: Braehead 5 Coventry 0; Fife 5 Edinburgh 2; Nottingham 2 Belfast 3 and finally Sheffield 3 Dundee 2

Wow what a period that was!!!!! In the midst of the texts I was getting I may have overlooked a Hotham penalty for 2 minutes

cant be long to start of third period

3rd underway!!! and batch intercepts a storm goalbound effort

Marsh sends Scarsella into next week

with a big hit

Marsh shoots wide! well he is a D man usually!

and again close with another effort from Marsh

Storm getting Mesmerised by Kurka

Storm score from Davies at 44:52

Correction scored by Scarsella assists Philips and Davies

Salazar2 minutes for hooking


Devils Pen Haddad 2 minutes for tripping

@ 6:42 game time 46:42

Omar Pacha shoots wide

Storm back to FS

i think Storm on PP

Devils now FS

Devils major Pen for Hendrikx

confirmed Hendrikx 5+game for Boarding


game now resumed after clearing blood from ice

Hotham pen 2 mins not sure what for though! looking at the ref in a funny way, my texters are saying

Devils clear a near miss

puck slides along bownsy's goal line but stays out

no goal given as puck goes in and back out again

Devils killing a 5 on 3

BBT is rocking

and a riot of noise

Hothams pen killed but still 1:55 left on Hendrikx 5 min

Storm Pen 2 mins tripping for Toulmin

Storm call time out

Hotham not Toulmin called for Tripping! Strange calls by Hogarth

Penalties successfully killed Devils back to FS

3 mins left of regulation time

BBT in full voice carrying the Devils home

ole ole ole Devils ringing out around the BBT

sounds like a great atmosphere

final 2 mins

Bownsy Saves again

Storm nettie pulled

Pacha interceps Kurka's ENG attempt


We're gonna win rings out around the BBT

ENG by Salters @ 59:29

Game over Devils WIN!!!!! Wooooo hoooooo

Storm MOM Zac Kalemba

Devils MOM Andrew Lord

Thanks to my great texters tonight Jon J Gerald and Claire you all did a great job.

Join me (Russky) again tomorrow from 4:30pm as the Devils travel to Coventry for the 5:15 Face off and the final game of their Challenge Cup Group

Until then I wish you all a goodnight!!

Nos Da Pawb as OJ would say!

Almost forgot the Final scores in the other games: Braehead 6 Coventry 0; Fife 8 Edinburgh 3; Nottingham 4 Belfast 3 and Finally Sheffield 4 Dundee 2

Thank you for joining us for the coverage tonight